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Diana Ross (born March 26, 1944) is an American singer, actress, and record producer. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Ross rose to fame as the lead singer of the vocal group The Supremes, who during the 1960s became Motown's most successful act, and are the best-charting female group in US history, as well as one of the world's best-selling girl groups of all time. Ben Ross is a partner in the Los Angeles office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. He advises companies, private equity and venture capital firms, and high net-worth individuals in mergers and acquisitions, equity investments, joint ventures, restructuring transactions and general commercial agreements. Ben works with companies in a broad array of industries ranging from consumer […] Hillary Ross, J.D., managing partner and leader of WittKieffer’s Information Technology Practice, operates at the cross-section of disruptive technology and healthcare innovation. A frequent speaker at national events and thought leader in IT executive talent, Hillary is well connected nationally to visionary leaders, who are collectively ... M [email protected] Making-of Bilder OAuthException: (#200) Missing Permissions Autorisierter Händler. Unterstützer von. Supporter of. divider. Impressum Datenschutzerklärung. rosspartner GmbH. Adlerstraße 31. 70199 Stuttgart. Telefon: +49 (0)711 / 490 437-0. Senior Partner Ross Specter. Sep 2019 – Present 1 year 1 month. Seattle, Washington, United States. Of Counsel Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett LLP. Sep 2019 – Present 1 year 1 month. Ross Capital Partners is Delaware’s leading private lender and commercial real estate finance company. RCP offers short-term bridge loans and mezzanine financing as well as loan placement services. We specialize in structuring and securing financing for all types of commercial transactions. Ross Mathews and his partner of nearly 10 years have split. On Sunday, the television personality announced on Instagram that he and his longtime boyfriend, Salvador Camarena, have decided to go ... ADVANCED BROADCAST SOLUTIONS (A Division of Key Code Media) 270 S. Flower St , Burbank, California, 91502 United States Phone: (206) 870-0244 Website: Ross Final Managing Partner at Christopher Pallet Wendover Oxford, United Kingdom 500+ connections. Join to Connect. Christopher Pallet Wendover. Chesham High Grammar School. Report this profile; About. Passionate about estate agency and delivering the very best advice and service to anyone considering moving home.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

2010.03.10 10:53 brina-sabrina Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

As her 16th birthday nears, Sabrina must choose between the witch world of her family and the human world of her friends. Based on the Archie comic. Starring Kiernan Shipka, Ross Lynch, Lucy Davis, Michelle Gomez, and Miranda Otto. #CAOS

2008.04.18 10:33 Outwit, Outplay, Out-upvote

Information and discussion about the greatest show in television history: SURVIVOR!

2018.03.10 03:46 Jankinator American Survivor

Information and discussion about the greatest show in television history: Survivor!

2020.09.22 23:44 Mode2345 Five stages of break ups

Letting go of a bad relationship can be complicated. That’s because the end of a relationship is, in some ways, like experiencing a death. Even if you are the one that initiated the breakup—and even if you believe that the breakup is the best thing for all involved—letting go of a relationship follows the same process as mourning a death.
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D., in her groundbreaking book On Death and Dying (1969), outlined the phases of grieving experienced when one learns that they are dying. Her stages have since been aptly used to describe the process of grieving the death of a loved one.
A similar thing happens when grieving the end of a relationship. The following are Dr. Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief applied to a breakup. (The pronouns he and she can be used interchangeably.)
  1. Denial
In this phase, our heart—rather than our head—rules our belief system as we try to adjust to the idea of life without the person we’re losing. Even though we know the relationship is over, we really don’t believe it. Against the better judgment of everyone around us, we can’t help but entertain fantasies of things somehow working out. We see hidden glimmers of hope buried in clear indications that it’s over. (Unsurprisingly, this is the phase where we are most susceptible to late night texting.)
  1. Anger
Anger can manifest in many different ways—anger at your ex (“How could he do this to me? Why can’t she stop being selfish?”), anger at God or the universe (“Why can’t anything ever work out for me? Why am I cursed?”), anger at people or situations associated with the break-up (anger at the "other woman"; anger that your partner lost her job, because that is when she “changed”), and anger at other people who don’t agree or stand with your anger (“Can you believe George and Jane still want to be friends with him after what he did to me?”).
This is the phase where we think it’s a great idea to tell anyone and everyone how "crazy" or "psycho" our ex was. This is also when we think it’s crucial to send our ex hateful emails because we don’t want him thinking he got away with anything.
  1. Bargaining
Bargaining often goes hand in hand with denial. Bargaining can be looking for any possible way to make the relationship work through negotiation, threats, and/or magic—for example, telling your ex that you will change, or move, or go to therapy, or telling him he is hurting the children, his family, your family, and the dog by leaving.
And, of course, this phase is not only limited to bargaining with your ex. Many people bargain with The Powers That Be, promising to be a better person if only the ex will come back. During this stage, you may take a new interest in astrology, tarot cards or any type of voodoo that will forecast a reunion. This is also when we attempt to enlist all friends and family to “talk some sense” into him or her.
  1. Depression
Depression, like anger, also surfaces in many different forms, for example feeling tired all the time, not wanting to do anything but lay in bed, feeling disconnected from people even when you’re with them, being on the verge of tears most of the time, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, loss of appetite or overeating, increase in drug or alcohol use and—the big one—hopelessness.
Hopelessness is the most pervasive and debilitating; it is the thing that leads us to believe that nothing will ever be or feel different than it is right now. Hopelessness makes it feel like you will never move on and that nothing will ever work out for you in the future.
  1. Acceptance
Finally, this is the phase in which we are able to make peace with the loss. It doesn’t always come on suddenly; it often happens gradually, bit by little bit, interspersed with some of the other phases. Acceptance doesn’t always involve harmony and flowers—there is almost certain to be lingering sadness. Acceptance entails making peace with the loss, letting go of the relationship and slowly moving forward with your life. Sometimes it feels like this phase will never come, which usually means you’re still struggling in an earlier phase.
Knowing your phases of grief can help normalize your break-up experience. It’s also important to know that there are no time limits and no rushing the process. Grieving is like digestion: there is nothing you can do to hurry it along. It takes time and the only thing you can do is try to get through it. But take heart in the fact that this, like everything else, will eventually pass.
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2020.09.22 21:28 gentleman_bronco Dallas Stars Scouting Report (From a Stars Fan)

Ahoy Bolts fans! Stars fan here with the obligatory "coming in peace"! For real though, a really dope Bolts fan made a fantastic post on the Stars sub like this and I would like to return the favor because life is too rough right now to keep adding negativity to our lives.
First off: Congrats on making it to the Stanley Cup!!
As mentioned, u/emotoaster (bro) made a cool post breaking down Tampa's roster on something of a scouting report because like most fan bases, you don't know as much as you probably should about your opposing team and what better way than to get it from an opposing fan!? I really apprecaited the post and he did a great job (and I'll try to keep with the same format that they used over on the other side). I am going to try to return the favor here but I admittedly am not a pro-fan and I don't know all the details that some other super-fans will know but I'm going to do my best to be a self-appointed ambassador for the green dudes y'all are playing against.
Overall System/Style of Play
We are a defensive club in and out. Yes, there are some dudes who have histories of great goal scoring and high point seasons but pushing the pace on offense leaves for an open defense. Our system is to shut down from the back end and push the opportunities forward. No need to score a bunch if 1 will do the trick.
We can have a very solid neutral zone trap when facing teams that rely on a north-south approach. It was very effective in game 1 of our series and against Vegas as well.
At our best, we will trap the neutral zone and then jump forward with a clean entry with some tick-tack-toe passing or crash the net. At our worst, we can't get the puck out of our defensive zone cleanly. Most of the time, we will have a mixture of both depending on the line combination and matchups and will revert to a chip & chase method which leads to some decent forechecking pressure in the corners. We have a few guys who do this really well and a couple that are still getting there. Like you, we got here because of our depth and un-sung heroes.
Head Coach
Rick "Bones" Bowness: Well, technically not even the head coach. He is the interim HC. He started the year working under the system of Jim Montgomery who was dismissed on 10 December 2019 for "unprofessional conduct". Since then Bowness was activated as the interim Head Coach. A legacy of sorts with a coaching career that goes back to 1982 where he was a player-coach with the Sherbrooke Jets of the AHL. Since then he's been up & down, in & out, all around the game of hockey in one capacity or another. A career assistant coach who enjoys development and working with individual players mostly, which has probably contributed to his checkered career as a head coach. Nevertheless, he put on the suit & tie in Dallas to become the oldest coach in the NHL after Monty's departure and it's been a rollercoaster. Some say that Bones doesn't want to stay on as HC next year, and others seem to think that he needs to. But that is for Bones & Jim Nill (Dallas GM) to figure out. Personally, I think he will want to go back to assistant and keep working on player's individual development. But that is just my homer opinion. "Losing sucks but losing to such a great person in Rick makes it a little bit easier." Nathan MacKinnon. Apparently Mac & Bones live on the same lake back in Nova Scotia. Other teams that he has been part of in the NHL as HC: Winnipeg, Boston, Ottawa, New York Islanders, & Phoenix. As Assistant: Vancouver & Tampa Bay (2013-2018).
General Stats:
Again, we are a defensive based team and this reflects in the statistics. Before the shutdown, 37-24-8 Record. We had a whopping 178 Goals For this past year (3rd lowest in the league) with a mere 174 Goals Against (Second lowest in the league behind Boston). This equates to a game average of 2.58 - 2.52 per game. It isn't good for your blood pressure to be a Stars fan. In case you didn't know...y'all are at a league high of 3.47-2.77. As far as Special Teams are concerned, we finished the abbreviated season with a (somewhat) rock hard PP of 21.1% conversion rate and a rather ugly PK of 79.7%, which I think you thoroughly enjoyed last night. For faceoffs, we've got a slight statistical superiority on the dot, finishing the season at 51.8% against your 50.5%.
Offense Lines:
(With Monty as HC, there was always fluctuations in lines. He would perpetually throw out different combinations and different looks, so this is the "traditional layout" if you were ask a casual Stars fan on a "usual game")
1st Line - Alexander Radulov - Tyler Seguin Point - Jamie Benn
The "big boys" (read: big contracts, lol). In reality Seggs usually is the "playmaker" of the group and will usually have a good FO%. Rads is the hustle of the group who can generate sloppy looking chances from a great forecheck. He often gets overly aggressive and takes thoughtless penalties. In the Monty days, he occasionally would be a healthy scratch if he was being a dumbass on the ice. And he would typically come back to net a Hatty. Benn is our C. He is a big dude who enjoys playing physically in front of the net. He has been the leader on and off the ice for Dallas for the past seven seasons. He is heavily criticized from all sides as not doing "enough" for the team but in reality the guy can be a monster. I really feel as if he missed his calling on a traditional checking line but his offensive skill is what pushed him to the top. He won the Art Ross in '14/'15 and a gold medal with Canada in '14.
2nd Line - Mattias Janmark - Joe Pavelski - Denis Gurianov
It's going to be tough to put the "traditional lines" up here because they jump around so much.
Janmark: Swedish. Scored on you last night. Janny has a great forecheck and will always be in the mix. He doesn't translate very well on the offensive scoresheet but man, does he hustle on the ice. He frequently is on the PK and doesn't get much praise in the Stars subreddit due to his "inability to finish". Frequently we joke that...Stars on a breakaway, fuck - it's Janny. I don't think it's a confidence thing or a drought thing. He's got a great game, just doesn't translate well to the system offensively. He's a UFA after this season and probably won't get resigned. Which sucks, because he's one of my favorites.
Joe Pavelski: Huge lottery win in the Free Agent Market got us Captain America. Great presence on the dot. Fantastic in front of the net. Unfortunately, we don't seem to put him there too often. He is leading our team in playoff goals right now and is #3 of all time for American born players in the playoffs. He is a real leader for the club and brings a ton of experience on the PP.
Denis Gurianov: Or Scorianov. Rooke. Leading goalscorer for the regular season (20). Wicked slapshot. Wicket wristshot. Wicked snapshot. Really fast skater and what has surprised most Stars fans this postseason is how physical he can play. He has been getting in the mix and throwing the body fairly well.
3rd Line - Andrew Cogliano - Radek Faska - Blake Comeau
Grind time! The FCC line was the complete jobber this entire season. We matched the Av's top line with this group in the last series. This is clearly my favorite offensive line. They don't generate much on the scoresheet but damnit if they earn their paychecks!
Cogliano: Veteran from around the league. He is the smallest dude on the bench at 5'11, 177. Has 1K+ games recorded and notched a 20 goal season once. The guy is always on the PK, always on the forecheck and always giving is best. He came over from Anaheim last year in a super rare one-for-one swap for Devin Shore. Cogs is a real ironman, which is ironic because it was a rare injury to him that made him a healthy scratch to give JFK a chance (we'll get to him later). Radek Faksa - Our top two-way center. He will be Dallas' Marian Hossa. He has a great presence on the ice and plays really good hockey. He is an RFA this season and I highly suspect Dallas will pay a pretty penny to keep him.
Blake Comeau: Fuck, he's probably my favorite forward. 34 year old veteran has been wearing the A recently and he owns it. Always giving his best and really playing his heart out. Is the best? Prettiest? Fastest? Hell no! Is he going to play in your face, throw the body all night and fire off some wild clapper from the top of the circle? Yup! He's got one year left on his contract and he'll probably hang 'em up afterwards (I hope as i don't think Dallas will resign a 36 year old third line grinder and I would never want him to wear another jersey).
4th Line - Corey Perry - Jason Dickinson - Roope Hintz
I guess this is the third line, or second...IDK.
Corey Perry: Y'all, Imma be up front with you. It's weird. He was the bane of so much. In your face. Pest. Pesky. All those reasons ~we~ you hate him. Ask any Stars fan and they'll tell you how weird it is cheering for him. But here is the skinny - He's wearing victory green. He's being a pest for us (not against us). Yeah, he's done some stupid shit (see his ~six seconds of winter classic ice time) but he signed for a bottom of the basement level contract ($1.5M) riddled with potential bonuses that don't hit the cap. Excellent signing for our GM. I doubt he'll resign in Dallas but this was his "rebound year".
Jason Dickskin er...Dickinson (Letterkenny fans?? I know it doesn't fit, but it's close enough for the drunk version of me on game night): Young kid on his first contract. He's an RFA next year and we'll want to keep him around. I believe management believes he could be the next version of Jamie Benn. Strong, scrappy forward who has a good net presence. He still has a lot of development to do but at 25 years old - he is gonna get there.
Roope Hintz - Fuck this kid can fly. 23 years old. He's 6'3, 220 (same exact measurements as Jamie Benn) and can sake like the fucking wind. Grinds out lots of minutes on the PK and has a bunch of development to do. He was given a chance last year on some injuries and earned the permanent spot in the lineup after firing off a few wicked slapshots. He's an RFA this year and I really hope we can resign him.
Others in the lineup:
Joel "Fucking" Kiviranta: So there has recently been a ton to say about this guy. The Finnish announcer calling his goal is delightful. He was a healthy scratch coming into the bubble as he is a solid two way wing. Depending how the series goes, you'll probably hear the usual anecdotes on him: "undrafted, recommended by Jere Lehtinen (who is now the Finnish team's GM) to the Stars organization as a solid two way forward with a good hockey IQ. But let me give you my anecdote. I went to the Stars' development camp before this season started. It was right after the draft and I got to watch everybody in the development pipeline practice, scrimmage, and just get to know each other. I remember Kivi out there. He wasn't the smallest guy (even though he's only 5'10, 180). He wasn't the fastest or had the best shot (Jason Robertson has the best shot in the pipeline BY FAR). But I wanted to pay attention to Kivi as he was the only Finn in the camp. The guy skated so much better laterally than anybody else. His stickhandling wasn't great but his passes were the speed of some other guys' slapshot. The sound when his pass connects was on another level. I like this kid. It's hard not to when his statement following a hatty in his first postseason game is: "I hope they play me again". Kivi came in with an unusual injury to Andrew Cogliano and has stayed in the lineup with the injury from Radek Faksa.
Jason Robertson - as mentioned earlier, JRob had the best shot in the Stars' development camp. I watched him shoot the shit with other guys at the top of the circle between drills. He casually rang post after post after post wrist shots from the top of the circle like a fucking sniper. He was so casual and so clean with his follow-through. The speed of each shot was phenomenal. The only reason I mention him is because I want to believe that he will probably be the next-one-up in the event Roope is out.
Justin Dowling - One year left on his contract until he is an UFA. He may be re-signed depending on the outlook. He is fairly ready for a permanent spot on the lineup but hasn't gotten much. He played in 29 games this season with the boys and registered 3 goals and 3 assists. He may get the callup if somebody is injured, depending on the need. He usually fits a one way winger role and not so much of a stick handling playmaker. The NHL is really pushing the "Baby in the bubble" story as a human interest piece. His family lives quite close to Edmonton his wife and newborn baby were the first to pass through quarantine to be reunited. Thankfully the baby looks nothing like Justin.
Transparency: I always played defense growing up and still do on rec teams. I love playing D and really love the Dallas blue liners. I think it is what drew me to be a Stars fan (was a Blackhawks/Habs fan as a kid).
1st Pair - Esa Lindell - Jon Klingberg
Lindell: The quietest unsung hero of the D-Core. He will most likely log the most minutes each game and will anchor a PK. Deceptively strong with a 6'3" Finnish frame (skinny) and has legs like a fucking Clydesdale horse. He is my favorite player as he seems to make very smart defensive moves, doesn't appear to chirp that much and has recently shown to make some smart offensive zone entries. My favorite part of Lindell? His contract. Very team friendly and will stay with Dallas (hopefully) through 2025.
Klingberg: When Klinger signed his contract in 2015 it was called "risky" as he wasn't nearly developed as he is today. He was always an offensively minded defenseman. And even now, his mind is faster than his ability. We will see him fumble and miss opportunities but he is 28 years old and will keep growing each year. He is slick and can dangle with the best of them. Watch out for him on PP1 at the blue line making a lane to fire off a wrist shot. It's essentially a floating pass to be tipped.
2nd Pair - Miro - Jamie Oleksiak
Miro: The "generational talent". Even if Dallas had the number 1 pick in 2018, they would have gone with Miro. He is such a smart defenseman with a great offensive ability. Deceptively strong Finnish frame who positions himself very well. He will be Dallas' franchise guy for the foreseeable future.
Oleksiak: Big Rig. He went back and forth with Dallas & Pittsburg (who seemed to fix him up well, thanks Pens!). He really came into his own this season. He was on the bubble all of last year and getting an occasional chance due to injury or ability. He is our biggest guy (6'7") and he has really matured this year in his role pairing with Miro.
3rd Pair - Andrej Skera - Roman Polak - Stephen Johns - Taylor Fedun - Joel Hanley
So this "pairing" is going to be the odds & ends as our 3rd was never really hammered out and I'm not too sure where to start.
Polak: He opted out of the bubble on his last year with the Stars. He won't be coming back. I liked Polak last year and when he played this year but apparently he was quite disgruntled how the season played out. He sustained a broken sternum on the first game of the season against the Bruins. After his return, he never got to his full potential. Bowness decided to alternate Polak & Skera with who was playing each night.
Skera: Another "rebound year" coming off a horrendous ACL injury for a basement ($1.5M) contract. The 34 year old veteran was frequently the butt of jokes on the Dallas GDT's. And I am just as guilty as anybody. But since the Flames series, he has been doing so much better. There are still the chances to fumble in the defensive zone and to have a target-less pass in front of our own goalies. But here is the reality: Sekera has never had a firm defensive partner. He is currently playing with his third partner since the re-start! Finaly with Fedun he seems to be getting some kind of trust and chemistry going. Knowing how to read each other's minds is so important on defense and Sekera really hasn't gotten much of a chance to do that, whether it was filling in for Polak, sitting out or having an AHL'r come up for a night or anythign else that would come up. But in the past few series (Avs & Vegas) he has been much better. But if your offense is going to pressure anybody into a mistake, it'll be Sekera.
Joel Hanley - currently in the lineup with a non-roster minor league contract. Scored his first goal ever against y'all in game 1. He has more maturity than the other D's who came with the team to the bubble and is the latest one up.
Taylor Fedun - Can be opted as a forward in a pinch but has been Unfit to play for a while.
Stephen Johns - Oh where to begin. He was our Masterton trophy nominee. He came to Dallas in the trade that also brought Patrick Sharp from Chicago. According to Stars Legend, the trade was always about Johns. He was assigned to the AHL affiliate for development. Big and physical defensemen with an incredible slapshot. His last game before this year was in the 2017/18 season. He suffered from Post-traumatic headaches and depression. He has since spoken openly regarding his mental health and recovery. Unfortuantely he has remained unfit to play since August 11th when he played for 10 minutes against the Flames. I really hope Johns is okay. He seems like such a good guy and his dog is really adorable (he occasionally posts on instagram).
Other in the bubble:
Thomas Harley - or is it Harley Thomas? LOL. He was our first round draft choice this past year and was in the OHL all season. If anybody else goes down, he'll be the next one in. He's a playmaking blue liner.
1A: Ben Bishop - Used to play for you. NBC only seems to know how tall he is but because he has been unfit to play for the majority of the playoffs, I seem to have forgotten...was it 6'7'' or 7'6''? Not sure what is going on, but I have a feeling that he has had a back injury all year stemming from some stuff in the playoffs last year. I remember seeing him take an awkward fall while covering up and was really slow to get back up. But anyway, he has been unfit to play for a while. He came to the coaching staff and was like "im good coach, put me in" and then he let 4 goals go by him in the first period of the Avs game. No good.
1B: Anton Khudobin - Dobby. The Kazak Scorpion. The track suit wearing, crawfish eating, journeyman backup turned 1B goaltender. He is a delight of a human being. His instagram is great. This past season he posted a 16-8 record with a 2.22 GAA & .930 SV%. This year, Dobby is a free elf and gets to choose where he goes. I hope he chooses to stay at Hogwarts to work in the kitchens as a free elf. But either way, I will ALWAYS cheer for Dobby (fuck, I hope fate doesn't make me do this), even if he ends up on the Blues.
Backup - Jake Oettinger. He will be our guy in the future. He's 21, and has won a bunch of medals with USA in the world Juniors. He got his first NHL saves on September 8th against Vegas in relief.
Goal song: Puck Off by Panera
Goal horn: Cool as fuck
Macot: Victor E Green - weird alien dude with a big belly. My seven year old daughter hates him.
Bolts & Stars connections: Not only Bowness, Bishop but also Dallas goaltending coach, Jeff Reese played in 19 games for y'all in 1995 posting a 7-7-1 record. After his retirement as a player, he joined the Tampa organization as a goalie coach during your Cup year in 2004!
TL;DR: We have two very different teams during a very different year. I am happy that we have this distraction. Finally, this post is intended to be about sportsmanship and shit like that. It's a game. We're fans. We cheer. We boo. We sulk. We chirp. And we both have fans that take it all a little too far. But at the end of the day, I hope we can have a good series and nobody hates each other afterwards. And most importantly nobody gets hurt. We've got a salt-free handshake thread over on our sub for post-series best wishes and congratulations and shit like that. Feel free to drop on by if you're in the mood.
Good luck Bolts Bros
Edit: holy smokes, thank you for the good bro!!
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2020.09.22 16:04 NewsPressInida How AIIMS doctors from across the world have joined forces to impact 1 Million lives in India during COVID-19

How AIIMS doctors from across the world have joined forces to impact 1 Million lives in India during COVID-19
Dr. Ashish Atreja leads digital health innovation at Mount Sinai, New York, where he helped outreach to 1 million New Yorkers during COVID crisis. Now, he is bringing same technology to India in partnership with Dr. Devashish Saini and Rx.Health supported Health AAJ network
On first look, the story of the two doctors quite similar. Both graduated from premier AIIMS institute and went to USA and got trained in medical informatics. Dr.Ashish Atreja stayed in US and now leads digital health innovation at Mount Sinai Health System, New York. He launched the world’s first digital platform where doctors could prescribe apps directly to millions of patients at once. During COVID crisis, Mount Sinai spinout, Rx.Health, led by Dr.Atreja helped outreach to around 1 million New Yorkers to support digital and virtual care.
Seeing the COVID crisis in New Delhi and India, Dr.Atreja and Dr.Saini have now partnered to help launch Health AAJ physician led care network where hospitals and physicians will be provided license-free access to Rx.Health platform to support video visits as well as digital care programs across all specialities. The goal for Health AAJ to help fight COVID-related misinformation communicated through WhatsApp and other channels and amplify the trusted voices of physicians through digital channels. Health AAJ has also partnered with pan-India non-profit Swasth app initiative to provide many of these digital programs for free.
“Our common goal is to bring the best digital health platform and digital monitoring across diseases to create first of its kind trusted virtual care physician network to deliver best possible care, to all those in need during this crisis. This network will also provide a unique public-private channel for physicians practicing abroad who have also been looking for best way to contribute to Indian ecosystem- whether it’s through contributing knowledge of different specialities, collaborative research or providing second opinion services from abroad.” – says Dr.Atreja.
“Ross Clinics mission is to make “friendly neighbourhood’ trusted family doctor available to everyone in India. By supporting our physicians with best available digital care we will now have ability to touch millions of patients’ lives and build a national most trustworthy collaborative care network. Last week alone, we prescribed Health AAJ preventive digital care plan to more than 10,000 patients in a day, something that seemed impossible till few months ago”- says Dr.Saini.
“Chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and cancer require continuous education, and connected care at home. By providing digital health platform that supports education, behavior modification and monitoring for thousands and millions of patients without consuming physicians time, Rx.HealthAaj network provides resources that most of Indian physicians currently lack.”- Says Dr. Kalra, Senior Consultant Bharti Hospital and President of Endocrinology Society of India.
Quote: The ability to digitally “bulk prescribe” most trusted and accurate health information along with resources to “chat” with physicians at the click of a button, is bringing “hospital to home” care across India through Health AAJ trusted care network
About Health AAJ
India lacks today a trusted care network as well as world class referral network for second opinion in US and abroad, which can provide care to longitudinal always-connected care in addition to episodic face to face or video visits. By providing digital care plans and remote monitoring across chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease or cancer, Health AAJ is creating one of a kind physicians led and owned fully virtual care ecosystem to bring the best digital health programs from across the world and deliver care through our partnership with top notch physicians and leading health systems. More information is available at
About Ross Clinic
Ross Clinics has been founded by Dr.Devashish Saini, an alumnus of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. It is a chain of Multi-Facility Health Clinics, open All 7 Days a Week with a vision to build an enduring institution aiming to transform primary health care in India, with more than 100 clinics across India by 2022. Ross Clinics mission is to Rejuvenate Primary Health care in India, delivering promotive, preventive and curative services, and making health care accessible and affordable for Indian families and communities. More information is available at
About Rx.Health
A spin-off from the Mount Sinai Health System, Rx.Health provides the first EHR-connected digital health prescription platform and formulary that enables care teams, pop health teams and health plans to prescribe evidence-based mobile health applications, multi-media education, wearables, and therapeutics to patients at the point of care. Information on Rx.Health is available at To submit interest or explore partnership, email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2020.09.22 12:29 Snoo-10033 90s sitcoms contraception

With Covid, myself and the wife have re watched friends, Seinfeld to name a few
One thing that has come up in a few episodes is the difficulty in characters needing to get condoms or whatever
Was this a big deal in the 90s? Did no one have access to the pill, or was this frowned upon in the US during the 90s
Just seemed really weird to us that no one would have one or the other, either a condom or the partner taking the pill.
Eg the friends episode where Monica is with Richard and Ross stays over, both Rachel and Monica fight over the last condom.
Like, why not just go and get one, or you know use the pill.
Anyway found the whole contraception thing really strange considering all my partners up to my wife used the pill and of course I would put the rubber on in the beginning of a relationship.
Was it the 90s and hard to get this stuff??
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2020.09.22 10:30 mediuqrepmes [OC] Comprehensive list of possible Chris Paul trades with every other team in the league

Here’s my overview of the universe of possible CP3 trades. I’ve gone through each team’s cap sheet and identified how a Chris Paul trade could be constructed. Wherever possible I’ve proposed one or more specific trades.
To trade for Chris Paul’s $41M salary for 2020-21, most teams will need to send at least $33M in outgoing salary to make the trade legal under the CBA’s salary matching rules. The exceptions are the handful of teams that have significant cap space.
I focused on what works cap-wise. For the most part I omitted specific draft picks. The list is comprehensive, so there are teams here for the sake of completeness that make no sense as CP3 trade partners. For every trade, Chris Paul is the only player OKC is sending out; including additional OKC players in the trade configurations would have made this writeup too long. Some players are so obviously unavailable (e.g., Doncic, Steph Curry, LeBron) that I omitted them from potential trade constructions.
Golden State:
Los Angeles Clippers:
Los Angeles Lakers:
New Orleans:
New York Knicks:
Orlando Magic:
San Antonio:
All numbers are courtesy of Spotrac and Bballref.
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2020.09.21 15:19 JustOneInABillion New to the world of nursing

Hi all,
So I'm into my second semester in my nursing diploma and I would like anyone reading this to comment down below the jobs you can do/or ones you got into once you finished your diploma/bachelomasters in nursing (whatever you have completed even specialisations) and where it has lead you! I wanna get inspired again as nursing school is really draining every living soul out of me :D I have very few ideas on where I would like to go specialise in i.e. cosmetic, paediatrics, mental health and would like to broaden that aspect to find a career I may have never even came across.
The reason I initially asked this question is because I was watching the episode in Friends where Ross goes with his ex-wife and her partner to a clinic where they practised breathing exercises etc. What's the lady who leads that class called specifically? Could I finish my diploma and then specialise in that area or would I have to complete my bachelors in nursing and midwifery to be able to do that job?
I'm sorry if I'm asking too many questions but I can't wait to find my place in the nursing world x
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2020.09.21 09:40 Puzzled-Inflation917 [email protected] LOVE SPELLS IN USA~!UK~!KUWAIT~SINGAPORE +27670546626
Email:[email protected]
Email:[email protected]
Email:[email protected]
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2020.09.20 20:47 stitches_dc [OC] A statistical look: Houssem Aouar

tldr: A statistical analysis of Houssem Aouar to try to get an objective perspective on his performance last season. Quick summary of my findings in the comments. tldr of the tldr: Don't kill me but Aouar may not be worth the high cost.
Since the end of last season, I've been working on data analysis on players we're interested in or good value names to provide some objective insights. After initially focusing on "creative" players, I've now started focusing on midfielders As such, this post is going to focus on Houssem Aouar, someone of great interest to this sub.
Past Analyses: Thomas Partey, Emi Buendia, Willian, Coutinho ,Luis Alberto, Ruslan Malinovskyi, Marcel Sabitzer, Christopher Nkunku, Raphinha, Mounir Chouiar
Quick disclaimer: stats are never the whole picture - they can be inaccurate, be made to be misleading, and are best used in conjunction with watching game tape. To the extent that I can, I will try to cover the stats in a holistic way.

Simply put, I compiled a database of all available statistics on players from the 5 big leagues (via fbref), then used the data to create a peer analysis. Once you determine your peer groups, you normalize each player's stats so that it's relative to the peer set. By doing that, I can see in what percentile a player is in relative to that data set by using the mean and standard deviation of that set.
The peer group: for Aouar, I'm comparing him to two peer groups - midfielders and "creative" players as, from what I've heard, he may fit either profile.

This specific ranking system is not supposed to be my main takeaway as it's a somewhat arbitrary way of combining stats, however, I include it as it provides a succinct way of getting my message across.
Taking the average percentile across MANY stat categories, Aouar ranked as:
Type Rank
"Creative" Player 259th out of 922 players
"Balanced" Mid 142nd out of 428 players
Deep Lying Playmaking (Mid) 229th out of 428 players
Defensive (Mid) 392nd out of 428 players
As there are many different midfield roles, I tried to determine how the midfielders I analyzed would perform relative to the different roles. This is tough to determine, as fbref doesn't parse midfielders into sub-categorizes, meaning I can only determine stat percentiles of all midfielders, not percentile per type of midfielder. To work around this, I took each player's individual stat percentiles and weighted them differently for each midfield role (you can find the weighting of each stat here). It's not really as applicable for Aouar since he's more of tweener between an attacking mid and creative, but I wanted to show it nonetheless to see maybe how good a fit he would be in a deeper role.
As you can see, these overall ranks are somewhat shocking given the reputation of the player. I understand if you're skeptical of these output, so from here on in my post, I will break down in details some of the metrics that went into the above rankings.
Key takeaways from the detailed breakdown:
- Aouar mostly occupies the middle to attacking 3rd areas.
- An aggressive dribbler when it comes to direct take-ons, his success rate is actually around net average. This differed from the impression others gave me on him - he's a good dribbler, but doesn't seem special. He also gets dispossessed a lot, average at best if looking at him on a per carry basis.
- Above average passing and creation ability, albeit not elite. Attempts a large number of passes and completes them at a strong rate. A very good progressor of the ball, while also providing average to slightly above average ability to deliver incisive passes. Depending on what lens you view him from, his assist metrics are average at worst and range up to being very good.
- Tough to determine exact goal scoring ability due the range of outputs from the peer groups - what I can say is that he attempts a decent number of shots, gets them on target more often than others, with the ability to covert some into goals at an average to above average level.
- Average at best as a defender, with the potential to be a liability if you play him too deep. Really bad at taking on dribblers directly and will often let them past him. Not a great presser either, below average both in terms of attempts and success rate. If you play him higher up the pitch, his negative aspects here won't look as bad, but like said, would look average at best.
- The stats also indicate pretty clearly that Lyon was better with Aouar off the pitch than on, but I take this with a grain of salt.

In this section, I want to look more closely at specific aspects of Aouar to breakdown strengths/weaknesses and see how the stats hold up to public perception.
Also, some asked me to include the data on Arsenal players from last season to help make the numbers I provide more relatable - I've provided data here. These are vs the midfield peer set.
Note #1: Read "94.0% (10)" as "in the 94th percentile for the stat, ranking him at 10th out of the x players in the data set" (x = 428 for mids, 922 for creatives).
Note #2: The lower the percentile, the worse it is. The smaller the rank, the better it is.
Note #3: Some percentiles have a bit of skew in the underlying data. If I refer to a stat with some skew, I include an * to flag it (typically ~5-10% variance in the percentile; rank unaffected).

"Creative" Midfielder
Touches p90* 87% (225) 56% (175)
% of Touches in Def Pen/ Def 3rd/ Mid 3rd/ Attacking 3rd/ Att Pen 38*/24/95/8/17% (762/684/145/536/477) 6/2/65/85/88% (412/424/142/67/43)
Dribbles Attempted p90* ; Dribble Success %: 84% (57) ; 67% (424) 98% (4) ; 33% (284)
Dispossessions p90* ; Disposs. per Carry* 18% (848) ; 61% (555) 2% (422) ; 8% (391)
What this tells me about Aouar:

Chance Creation / Passing:
"Creative" Midfielder
Assists p90* ; xA p90* 68% (225) ; 53% (303) 86% (68) ; 83% (73)
Passes Attempted p90* ; Completion % 86% (254) ; 94% (166) 49% (204) ; 70% (150)
Key Passes p90 44% (357) 72% (119)
Completed Passes Into Final 3rd p90 96% (105) 75% (96)
Completed Passes Into Penalty Area p90 51% (302) 77% (99)
Completed Crosses Into Penalty Area p90 2% (758) 9% (338)
Completed Progressive Passes p90 73% (241) 65% (152)
Passes While Pressured 75% (223) 58% (143)
What this tells me about Aouar:

"Creative" Midfielder
Shot Chance Creation p90 56% (250) 83% (67)
Goal Chance Creation p90* 72% (164) 89% (33)
The first stat documents the number of shots the player directly helps create through buildup play (by making a pass, dribbling past an opponent, drawing a foul, or trying to take a shot which ricocheted off someone and led to someone else getting a chance to shoot), where as the latter stat does the same but only tracks actions which actually resulted in goals (not "goal worthy" chances).
What this tells me about Aouar:

"Creative" Midfielder
Goals p90* ; xG p90* 37% (454) ; 36% (386) 85% (77) ; 90% (30)
Non-Penalty Goals p90* ; Non-Penalty xG* 46% (428) ; 40% (354) 87% (66) ; 93% (21)
Shots p90* / Shots on Target p90* 52% (315) ; 63% (273) 89% (33) ; 92% (18)
Shot on Target % 61% (296) 80% (64)
Goals per Shot on Target* 31% (508) 56% (141)
What this tells me about Aouar:

"Creative" Midfielder
Tackles Attempted p90 ; Success Rate 43% (577) ; 61% (350) 10% (390) ; 61% (160)
Dribbles Contested p90 ; Success Rate 31% (650) ; 5% (861) 4% (403) ; 1% (424)
Pressed Ballcarrier p90 ; Success Rate 39% (526) ; 44% (603) 29% (273) ; 24% (331)
Blocks p90* ; Interceptions p90* 18% (758) ; 49% (544) 3% (412) ; 9% (384)
Areal Duels Won p90 ; Success Rate NA 33% (322) ; 67% (155)
What this tells me about Aouar:

"Creative" Midfielder
Team Net Goals (+/-) While On Pitch p90* 65% (273) 67% (115)
Team Net Goals (+/-) While On Pitch vs Off p90 6% (865) 8% (396)
Team Net xG (+/-} While On Pitch p90* 67% (257) 70% (105)
Team Net xG (+/-) While On Pitch vs Off p90 17% (792) 17% (359)
What this tells me about Aouar:

Taking the main stats (percentiles, not raw) I made reference to, here are the players with the highest correlation to Aouar (on a scale of -1 to 1, where 1 is perfectly correlated and -1 is perfectly inversely correlated). Note, even bad players can have high correlation to Aouar. I understand high correlation in this case to mean that they have similar play style or overall strengths/weaknesses, but the quality of each strength and weakness can vary.

"Creative" Peer Group Midfielder Peer Group
Martin Ødegaard (Real) - 0.78 Martin Ødegaard (Real) - 0.91
Ross Barkley (Chelsea) - 0.68 Ross Barkley (Chelsea) - 0.85
Luis Alberto (Lazio) - 0.63 Florent Mollet (Montpellier) - 0.81
Isco (Real) - 0.59 Luis Alberto (Lazio) - 0.80
Julian Brandt (Dortmund) - 0.57 Seko Fofana (Udinese) - 0.77
Manuel Lanzini (West Ham) - 0.57 Piotr Zieliński (Napoli- 0.75
Jonathan Bamba (Lille) - 0.57 Mesut Özil (Arsenal) - 0.75

Since I started with my conclusion near the beginning of my post, I'll end by thanking you for reading all the way to the end!
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2020.09.19 12:04 finnagains US Wants To Steal Successful Chinese Technology - Trump bans TikTok and WeChat - A major intensification of internet censorship (r/Socialist_) 19 Sept 2020

In a major escalation of the anti-China campaign ahead of the election, the Trump administration announced on Friday that it was following through on its executive orders of August 6 and banning the social media apps TikTok and WeChat from being downloaded from US app stores on Sunday.
The move is a frontal assault on the freedom of expression and an effort to consolidate control of the internet by a handful of massive corporations working in partnership with the American government. TikTok is used by millions of people every day to connect with friends and family, share ideas and communicate, and has been used to organize social protests. WeChat is a major link of communication between the United States and China.
An official statement released by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said downloads and new versions of the two mobile apps would be prohibited on Apple and Android app stores as of September 20.
With regard to WeChat, the Commerce Department statement prohibits all electronic payments and funds transfers as well as the hosting, transferring internet traffic or “utilization of the mobile application’s constituent code” within the US. WeChat, “for all practical purposes… will be shut down in the US, but only in the US, as of midnight Monday,” Ross said.
TikTok faces a similar US ban on November 12, unless the Trump administration approves the proposal made last weekend by the American software giant Oracle Corporation to become a “trusted tech partner” with ByteDance, the Chinese company that currently owns it.
The transfer of TikTok to US ownership would be aimed at creating conditions in which it can be subject to the same type of government-backed censorship that has already been implemented by Google, Facebook, Twitter and other US-based social media companies.
TikTok is the tenth most popular social media platform in the world, with 500 million users, 100 million of which are in the US.
WeChat is the fifth largest social media platform in the world, with 1.06 billion users, of which 3.3 million are in the US. Described as China’s “app for everything,” WeChat is a multipurpose instant messaging, social media and mobile payment app owned by Tencent Holdings.
The impact of this shutdown was explained by the WeChat Users Alliance, a non-profit group founded by five Chinese-American lawyers after Trump’s executive order was announced: “WeChat is a messaging app most commonly used by several million Chinese Americans in the U.S. Many other non-Chinese Americans also use it to communicate with their friends, clients, or business partners whose first language is Chinese. The complete ban of WeChat will severely affect the lives and the work of millions of people in the U.S. They will have a difficult time talking to family, relatives and friends back in China.”
Michael Bien, a San Francisco attorney representing the organization, said that WeChat is the primary way for many of its US users to communicate, organize social groups, run businesses and engage in political activities. Bien said, “It is our contention that [the ban] violates the Constitution, as you cannot censor such a fundamental part of communication, especially when it affects an insular group that has historically been a minority that’s been subject to discrimination in the US, by law or by practice.”
The Trump administration’s actions against TikTok and WeChat are an attack on the ability of the working class to both express itself politically and to freely communicate in daily life.
Every worker and young person in the US must reject the Trump administration’s attempt to whip up reactionary anti-Chinese sentiments on the basis of unsubstantiated claims of “national security” threats.
Not one shred of evidence has been presented to back up US government claims that TikTok or WeChat have been engaged in a “malicious collection of American citizens’ personal data” and are active participants in “China’s civil-military fusion” in mandatory “cooperation with the intelligence services” of the Chinese Communist Party, as claimed by Ross.
Any objective assessment of the two apps thoroughly contradicts the Trump administration’s attacks on TikTok and WeChat and shows that the emergence of the China-based social media platforms is part of the globalization and integration of the world economy that has been accelerating over the last four decades.
Social media platforms—such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube—emerged as a consequence of the convergence of smartphones and tablets with wireless broadband Internet services internationally in the first decade of the twenty-first century. The initial years of this global development—Facebook was launched in 2004, fourth generation wireless Internet access (4G) was first available in 2006 and the first model of the Apple iPhone was released in 2007—were dominated by US companies.
The adoption of these technologies spread rapidly throughout the world over the next decade. For example, in 2007 only 1 percent of the population of the developing world had mobile broadband subscriptions. Today this number is approaching 85 percent.
During this period, the integration of the US and China in the development and production of these technologies expanded dramatically. The relationship of Apple to the Taiwanese Foxconn and Pegatron—which both have facilities in Shenzhen, China where hundreds of millions of iPhones have been assembled by highly exploited Chinese factory workers—is but one example of this process.
Globalization has integrated the US and China on many levels, economically, scientifically, academically and culturally. The number of Chinese immigrants in the US has grown seven-fold since 1980, reaching 2.5 million people in 2018. The effort by the Trump administration to demonize China by attacking the immensely popular social media apps expresses a level of reckless desperation within the administration.
Amidst growing social and political opposition within the US, accelerated by the disaster sparked by the coronavirus pandemic, the ruling class is seeking to divert tensions outward by provoking an international conflict with China.
The central target of the economic attacks on China is just as much the working class at home as it is the external “enemy.” As demonstrated by the ban on TikTok and WeChat, the US-China conflict has already become the occasion for major inroads on the freedom of speech, and the escalation of the conflict would create a pretext of further attacks on democratic rights.
No one should have illusions that the Democrats are opposed to Trump’s anti-Chinese aggression. They have fully embraced the framework spelled out by the White House and have claimed that Trump is “soft” on China.
As Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, told the Wall Street Journal on September 10, “Regardless of who wins, US policy toward China is going to be tougher over the next five years than the last five years. China has changed, and the US thinking on China has changed.”
Writing in the New York Times on Tuesday, economic historian Chris Miller wrote an op-ed column entitled “America Is Going to Decapitate Huawei,” where he warns that the US global lead in technology is waning. “Huawei’s digital decapitation is a shocking display of American power. At the whim of the American president, any other Chinese tech company could suffer such a fate. Imagine if a foreign power could do the same to Google or Amazon.”
The attacks on Huawei, TikTok and WeChat are all demonstrations of the criminality of American imperialism, but also ultimately an expression of the weakness and decline of the world hegemon that emerged after World War II. The US is using its geopolitical leverage to destroy the competitors to US-based social media companies.
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2020.09.19 02:24 sadgirlcommittee Promises and promises, but doesn’t deliver. How do I get through this?

Before I share my struggles, I want to say it is easy to assume you know all there is to know about a relationship based off a few words mentioned in a post. These are just some highlights over a rough patch.
I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 6 years. Things got rocky when year 4 hit and according to him we “took a break” (Ross & Rachel debate here) hence him being a guy and exploring what else was out there. I don’t want to know how many times or what exactly happened when he was out there exploring, but I know that it did a few times. After months and reasons I won’t mention here, we got back together and things between us have been good. Our friendship is good, our relationship is fun and we love each other very much. He has repeatedly reinforced how much he loves me and that I am his best friend.
Naturally, at the start of our relationship, we were very physically. He would go down on me constantly and in general there was a lot of sexual activity between us.
We got pregnant 1.5 years ago and it was the most exciting news— he was so happy as was I, but I unfortunately experienced a miscarriage at about 7 weeks. Awhile after it happened, we agreed we’d keep trying once I was ready. And for some time we did, kind of on and off, but eventually we stopped having sex altogether.
Over the past year, he’s been experiencing issues down there, where he basically can’t perform. I’ve been super understanding and continue to try to be, but it does get difficult from time to time. For months, I kept to myself whenever I was in the mood, being too embarrassed to express to him that I was in the mood and wanted to have sex. I used to be able to set things up for him to get in the mood, get dressed up, light up some candles, etc. but that doesn’t seem to work anymore. Over this past year, we’ve had sex 4 times. 4 times. And each of those times, I initiated it. When I’ve brought this up to him, he explains that he’s just not in the mood, his libio is down and that it basically doesn’t work. We talk about working on a solution and I try to communicate my needs as well, but it feels like it’s either he wants to and we will do something or nothing happens in the bedroom at all.
Meanwhile, outside of this, he is constantly teasing me and saying provocative things like, “I’m going to give it to you, I’m going to get you pregnant, I’m going to go down on you,” advises that I get myself ready, when he comes back he’s going to do it, blahblahblah. So, I get myself ready and follow accordingly (and if you’re a gal then you know there’s a lot of work that goes into getting ready lol)— but then NOTHING happens.
After a week of teasing me about how we were going to have sex and how he was going to go down on me, he advised I buy some whipped cream for when he did that (something that we tried once almost a year ago and wasn’t something previously required in the house for him to perform oral). Because of his issues down there, almost every night requires I give him a massage in his pelvic area (nothing sexual, just a partner caring for her man) to help release some tension. These massages end up being ~2 hours and I end up with a tight neck/shoulder area as I’ve got issues there, which he is supposed to then massage me after to help release my tension.
Well, yesterday he told me that he wanted to have sex with me, but he was too dehydrated so he was just going to give me oral. I did get that whipped cream he hinted at when I was at the store. I got ready, as he prompted. I massaged him in all the areas he requested. I then got tired/tight in my neck/shoulder area and told him I was done with his massage. He insisted I keep going and that he was going to go down on me. He repeated this throughout the night probably 5 times. And even advised I bring up the whipped cream to the bedroom while we watched TV, which I didn’t want to be the one to do, but ended up doing it discretely and embarrassingly anyway. He then. fell. asleep.
Now I can understand if this happened a couple of times, he was tired, I get it. But this similar promises and doesn’t deliver scenario has happened more than I can count on my own two hands. I’ve had conversations with him, expressed how frustrating and embarrassing it is, to get ready and wait for him to make a move. I’ve asked him to please stop making promises and teasing me, because he doesn’t keep them and I just end up feeling incredibly stupid. And that my mind plays tricks on me and wonders to the time we were on a “break” and how he had enough libido for that (which he claims it wasn’t as bad then). I’ve asked nicely for him to stop making promises if he’s too tired or not in the mood and to please not tease me, but he continues to do so.
I understand he may be just as frustrated or even more because it must be stressful to not be able to perform. I just don’t understand why he gets my hopes up. And when I try to communicate this frustration to him, he says nothing, that there isn’t anything to say and that when he’s in the mood, we’ll do stuff. There’s no apology, no making up for it, it either happens then and there (which is never) or it doesn’t happen ever. Not tomorrow night. Not the next day. Just whenever he brings it up and fails to deliver.
Writing this post was probably more therapeutic for me, so I apologize if it’s lengthy. I love him so much and I understand that he’s having issues down there. But when he is constantly playing with me and doesn’t do as he promises he is going to do, it is really frustrating. Before someone even thinks it, I would never cheat or think of being with someone else because I’m just not that type of person. I want to be with him. It’s not so much the act itself, but rather that I miss being intimate with him, something I can’t even initiate anymore, and is a concept that just doesn’t exist in our relationship at this time.
Am I being unreasonable? If you’ve been in my shoes, how do you cope or distract yourself from the needs that won’t be met? With the constant teasing? Any advise on how to keep it together would be greatly appreciated.
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2020.09.19 00:18 lonestarroad All these people need to be questioned, recruiters indicted, and those who knew charged

Les Wexner (Epstein's source of money)
Nicholas Davies (Robert Maxwell's Editor)
Ehud Barak(Former PM Israel)
Jean Luc Brenel (recruiter from France to Epstein and co owned Mc2 Modeling Agency)
Sergio Cordero (recruited prostitute/models from S. America and cocaine for Jean Luc)
Robert Meister (Introduced Epstein to Wexner)
Sara Junkerman (flew alone with JE to meet with US senators at Wexner's Foxcote estate in UK))
Celina Dubin (Original beneficiary of Epstein Trust)
Adam Koffler and Lisa Ann Heiden (share 2 addresses with GM)
Bella Klein (Accountant HBRK)
Michael Milken (Epstein assoc)
Shelly Lewis (Epstein girlfriend)
Sean Koo AKA Min Koo (Pilot)
Nadia Marcinko (recruiter and pilot)
Michelle Lynn Tatum and Sharon Healy (Shares 3 addresses w/Epstein)
Paula Heil Fisher (Epstein ex girlfriend)
Babi Christina Engelhardt (Epstein hired)
Lauren Kwitner (Legal Assist)
Karyna Shuliak (last GF)
Jennifer Kalin (JE forced her to marry Shuliak)
Mr Gita (real name Joseph Alvarez - Yoga guy friend of GM and recruiter)
Haley Robson (Recruiter)
Emmy Taylor (recruiter)
David Mullen (chef)
Florena Amored Rueda (worked for GM/Epstein)
Dana Lee Burns Perry (GM's right hand)
Sarah Lynelle Vickers AKA Sarah Kellen AKA Sara Bonk AKA Sara Kennsington (Recruiter)
Cimberly Ann Espinoza (RECRUITER)
Janusz J Banasiak(Property Manager)
Larry Vicoski (PILOT)
Larry E Morrison (PILOT)
Maren O and Lance Calloway(General Mgr and Chef of Island)
Lucianna Fontenella (71st. House Manager)
Oains Carla Oaida (Shows El Brillo address in FL)
David Richard Mullen (Chef)
Brent Timothy Tindall (Chef)
Deidre Stratton (HousekeepeRecruiter)
Mark C Tafoya(Chef)
Igor Zinoviev (Epstein bodyguard)
Juan Alessi (Houseman/GM driver)
Zenny (chef)
Adriana Ross, Leslie Groff (recruiters)
Babi Christina Englehardt (assistant?)
Ace Greenberg and James Cayne (hired him at Bear Stearns)
Steve Hoffenberg (business assoc)
Linda Wachner and David Rockefeller (supposed early clients)
Michael Stroll (Investor)
Bob Fitrakis (assisted with WexneEpstein finances)
Paula Heil Fisher (Previously dated Epstein)
Amanda Ellison (Co. secretary for Ghislaine Corp)
Cathy and Miles Alexander (Housekeepers)
Ivana Trump (in car w/GM when recruiting girls)
Donald and Melania Trump (Associate)
Bill Clinton (Associate)
Daniel Zwirn (Assoc. of JE/Dubin)
Janice Ahern (on Zorro inc docs)
Maritza Vasquez (bookkeeper for mC2)
Haley Robson (recruiter)
Mort Zuckerman (Owned Radar magazine w/JE)
David Grosot (consultant)
Jonathan Farkas (Business partner of JE in VI)
Roger Schank (possibly blackmailed by JE)
Erika Kellerhals (company secretary/treasurer)
Susan Hamblin (recruiter)
Svetlana Lana Pozhidaeva (recruiter)
R. Couri Hay (Epstein hired as publicist)
John and Jody Arnold (COUQ Foundation?)
Christina Galbraith (employee)
Cecile de Jongh (director)
Peter Mandleson (assoc)
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2020.09.18 14:31 Brothanogood Trump to block U.S. downloads of TikTok, WeChat on Sunday

The Commerce Department announced Friday morning that it would ban U.S. business transactions with Chinese-owned social apps WeChat and TikTok on Sunday.
The announcement comes ahead of an expected statement Friday by President Donald Trump on whether or not the government will approve a deal for Oracle to take a minority stake in TikTok and become a “trusted technology partner” for the company in the U.S.
It’s unclear if the Commerce Department’s announcement means there’s no possibility of a deal going through before the Sunday deadline, and it could be an aggressive move from the Trump Administration to push for its original intention for TikTok to be fully owned by a U.S. company.
“At the President’s direction, we have taken significant action to combat China’s malicious collection of American citizens’ personal data, while promoting our national values, democratic rules-based norms, and aggressive enforcement of U.S. laws and regulations.” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement Friday.
Friday’s announcement from the Commerce Department is an enforcement of Trump’s original executive order from August 6 that gave TikTok 45 days to sell its U.S. business to a U.S. company or face a ban in the U.S. WeChat, which is one of the most popular social messaging apps in the world, is owned by the Chinese company Tencent. TikTok’s parent company is the Chinese company ByteDance. Trump’s executive order cited national security concerns over the Chinese government’s access to user data in those apps to justify the potential ban.
The Commerce Department’s statement on Friday said that starting Sept. 20, U.S. companies would be banned from distributing WeChat and TikTok, meaning the two major mobile app stores run by Apple and Google would have to remove the apps from their libraries. The statement also blocks U.S. companies from providing services through WeChat “for the purpose of transferring funds or processing payments within the U.S.”
WeChat is a popular marketing and sales tool for U.S. companies primarily in China, but around the world as well. With U.S. social apps like Facebook and Instagram banned in China, WeChat is the primary app people use for social networking and e-commerce. It’s also a popular app used by people in the U.S. to communicate with people in China, since U.S. apps are banned in China.
The Commerce Department’s announcement also lays out a separate time frame specific to TikTok, which take affect on Nov. 12. The rules that start Nov. 12 include provisions that block U.S. companies from providing internet hosting and services for TikTok. This could be directed at the deal being negotiated between TikTok and Oracle, which would provide cloud services for TikTok if Trump approves, and could give TikTok and Oracle more time to hammer out a deal that Trump will approve.
Representatives for Tencent, TikTok, WeChat, Apple and Google were not immediately available to comment.
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2020.09.17 19:53 Competitive_Bid7071 Am I the only one who notices the similarities between William Aston and David banner from the 2003 hulk movie?

Think about it:
-They both had a son that grew up to hate them.
-they both killed lots of people and killed someone who was close to Michael/Bruce.
-they did something that nearly killed them but turned them into mutated/undead monsters.
-they both had a partner who wants to kill them Henry/general Ross.
-and they both go by other names /springtrap/absorbing man.
Did you ever see these similarities and do you think hulk 2003 influenced Scott’s writing?
Also you haft to admit it you would love to see a scene were springtrap and micheal fight each other with this music playing:
Update: also the mutated dogs/Funtime animatronics are rather similar plus both Micheal/Bruce end up changing different skin colors.
Edit: William Afton
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2020.09.17 18:10 suplexdemon 23[F4M] Nor Cal/Anywhere: Guess it’s bout time to find my other human

Hello humans(or aliens in disguise),
Just your average 23year old, full time college/depressed/anxiety ridden personfinger guns hope your day is going tip-top and you remember to take a break once in awhile. Fun fact, never been in a relationship so that’s what I’m looking for in my partner, let’s ride through this hectic journey together(don’t worry I’ll bring snacks). And someone who’s also struggled with mental problems would be nice so we could understand where the other comes from during hard times.
A little about me, professional procrastinator, history junkie, politics lover, huge animal person, have no idea what I really want out of life, a bit obsessed with OG Bob Ross(he’s relaxing), and I smell good(was that too random??) I do indulge in video games, mostly RPG types because I love a good story, I like baking just don’t do a lot of it because I’ve been eating a lot better.
Some thing I won’t budge on - If you don’t want kids then I don’t think it’ll work - Accepting of tattoos and piercings - I HAVE DARK HUMOR(please take jokes or it definitely won’t work) - 420 friendly - Has to have a healthy lifestyle(like I said I’ve been eating better and losing weight) - Love the outdoors - BE HONEST(I do everything I can to be so all I ask is the same in return) - I don’t plan on staying in CA forever so it’s likely I’ll move - if I see you don’t really offer anything when conversing(I won’t carry the convo) then I’ll assume you don’t care and I’ll stop replying
Ok physical aspect, my pics on my profile so you can see me there, I’m tiny 5’ nothing and 145 pounds(a little thick). Oh and I’m not very liberal but Im more conservative politically speaking(I’m atheist so yeah....) anyway that’s a little about me. Please if you decide to reply I would like a little about you and what we might have in common, a pic if possible because mines up, a physical description(as detailed as mine was), and if you could live in any fantasy world, which would it be, and why????
Hope to hear from you and have a great day!
EDIT: Age range 18-27
EDIT: WOW got a lot more responses than I originally thought so thank you to any and all who reached out(I know it’s not easy) I’ll try to get through them all but there’s a lot more than anticipated.
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2020.09.17 12:25 TimDrakeTheRed Mcu in an alternative universe

1:- Star spangled man :- First 5 min onto past then direct on present day cap is found.Through out the film he searches for true meaning of Captain America .Sharon and shield on supporting part.Villain is winter soldier who gets brutally killed by Captain America by his shield then steve cries.Also a destructive battle in new York between winter soldier and steve (With helicarrier and bunch of winter soldiers being with bucky)
2:- Iron Man vs Captain America :-Dawn of avenge =Tony stark who is Iron man for 20 years protecting new york witness the destructive battle of captain america in this process one of his tower get destroyed.He vows to defeat captain america
Villain is Norman Osborn Jr (Played by Michael cera ) . Natasha also appears in the party of Norman Osborn where she sends tony a bunch of avengers files from oscorp website (Cameo of Hulk Thor Spider-Man ) also a knightmare of tony where a post apocalyptic world is ruled by Captain America (Ala thanos slave) with chitauri from there a future spiderman warns tony saying Sharon is the key.Then in the epic battle Tony nearly defeats Steve but steve says "Save Sharon I don't want to loose her like James" It is revealed Tony's deceased best friend name is James so they patch up.In the climax Norman Osborn brings back Bucky by the body of ablomination .Cap dies Norman sent onto raft where he mumbles "He is coming tin tin tin ".In the end Tony and Natasha plans to put up a team together to fight with thanos.
Thunderbolts :- Members are Lady deadpool , Bullseye ,Glenn tablot ,diablo , venom ,lizard , gladiator a bunch of supervillains formed by general thunderbolt ross in the awake of death of Captain America gladiator dies in the film early. Spider-Man and iron man has a cameo on the film.This film heavily marketed as a lady Deadpool and Carnage love story but Cletus has only 5 min of screen time .Villain is Johnny blaze aka ghost rider.In the end tony receives avengers files from thunderbolt ross. Carnage actor Jared Leto was so disappointed to see that his role was chopped down and he vowed to never reprise his role again in mceu with moving to DC and playing man bat in the solo man bat film.
Black widow :-One of the First film to be critically received praise from critics set in 1980s Soviet Union despite a horrible cgied villain .Red guardian appears as her love interest .
Avengers :-Russo brothers had to left the film in the midway which then went to zack snyders hand (Who was that time scheduled to direct a solo pepper pott film )Upon releasing it was review bombed in everywhere so a big box office bomb with horrible ebony maw cgi villain, a cgi moustache Chris evans , Horrible scenes and dialogues like Spider-Man falling into the tits of Black widow.Fans demanded the Russo cut and started to abuse disney zack snyder marvel everywhere.#ReleaseTheRussoCut became a thing.End credit norman osborn jr breaks out of prison by taskmaster and they discuss about forming their own avengers
Thor :-Set after events of avengers villain is loki and surtur .
Captain marvel:-Another nice film from mceu featuring kamala Khan with dr octopus as villain a nice comedy film and kamala is a huge Captain America fan.A faceless Captain America appears in the end
Carnage:-Set in alternative universe in the gritty 80s of new york where a guy name Cletus kassady rejected by the society went to become a deadly villain called carnage . Howard stark appears with a little tony stark it is hinted in the film that he could be the bastard son of Howard stark.Jim Carrey gets an Oscar for the portrayal.
Xmen and the fantabulous adventures of lady Deadpool :- Features lady Deadpool mockingbird jean grey misty knight and jubilee (who looks nothing like comics ) going against kingpin (played by Hayden Christine) who wants to get a stolen diamond with jigsaw aka billy russo as his partner.Upon releasing it was critically and commercially flopped at the box office .
Upcoming films 1:Iron man :-Played by Zac Efron in this reboot set in a dark gritty new york villain is whiplash. It was suppose to be the film of rdj but he left due to playing Iron Man was effecting him and he replaced by Efron .
2:-Spiderman into the spider verse :-With rdj coming back again to play iron man and Tobey McGuire is returning as raimiverse Spidey which will retcon as canon in mceu.
3:-Ronan:-A solo film where Ronan is played by Vin Diesel Rumor is that howling commandos and wolverine will show up in the film
4:-Thunderbolts 2:-Directed by David ayer instead of James gunn David ayer who was temporarily fired by wb for offensive tweets for green lantern 3 film was roped by Disney to make the sequel.
5:-Black widow 1994:-Take place in 1994 villain is Yelena Belova
6:-Avengers russo cut featuring thanos and rumour is that brie larson Captain marvel would appear even she said she only prefer to play Harley Quinn
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2020.09.17 07:39 Snow_KMTH I Keep Dreaming that I am in a relationship when I am single for 3 times within the span of this month. (First time posting)

Disclaimer: I don't remember too much about the first 2 dreams anymore except for my partner in the dream so sorry.
Background: I am a 23(F) and I am single but I have been having dreams recently with the 3rd one today about me going on adventures and being in a relationship with guys that I know irl.
Dream 1: I am with my closest guy friend. (IRL we've known each other and played together since we were kid due to our dads being best friends but we've only gotten to a close friend level when we started in the same class together in high school). So this is my first partner in my dream. In this dream, he wasn't there as my close friend, but as my boyfriend. I felt weird out for the whole day after I woke up from that dream. (Sorry I don't remember much about this dream because it's been some time now and I didn't write it down because I thought it would just be a one-time thing)
Dream 2: The second partner in this dream is with a colleague that I have respected since I've known him since I was an intern at that company. So, I see him as an older brother and a mentor. I also felt weirded out after waking up from that dream too. But since I dreamed this just yesterday I still remember some bits and pieces of that dream.
I was on a company retreat and we were having fun at the beach. It was all fun and games and I was really having fun there. I don't remember what happens next but the next thing I remember I was already in a relationship the said colleague. In the dream, I was very clingy and we were in a really "loving" relationship. (It feels weird to even write about it) I was all cuddling up to him and was feeling happy. And that's all I remembered about the second dream.
Dream 3: This one I is still clear in my head because I dreamt it this morning. Tho I've already graduated and is already working, it took place in my university. The parter in this dream is not one of my uni friends. It's another guy that I've known since we were kids. We knew each other just like the same way as the guys from Dream 1. My dad is best friends with his dad too so we've played together when we were kids. But the difference is that we never got to a close friend level. We only meet when our dads would have a gathering where they would bring their whole families and have a massive gathering dinner (don't worry not during COVIT) so we did not become a close as the guy from Dream 1.
So back to the dream. I was on a university field trip and I found myself in an art class. I was asked to paint and follow one of bob ross's paintings. I followed bob ross's tutorials and made a masterpiece. The art teacher there even praises me by saying that my work looks even better than bob ross's original (like that's ever going to happen IRL). And weirdly, the art teacher told me to take a picture of my painting because this will be the only copy of my art that I'll ever have because I can't take the physical work with me. I didn't think much about it and continue on with my day. But when I got back to the uni and was looking at the display wall of artworks I saw my work being labelled as the art teacher's work. I was so pissed and angry. And all of a sudden the "partner" came up to me and kissed my neck and then my cheek while hugging me from behind. IDK what happened to me but for a moment I was thinking why the hell is this dude kissing me and the next thing I know I was in love with him. He helped me talked to the school admin that that artwork was stolen but I find many difficulties with it. During this process, we end up going on an adventure with him for me to claim back the painting that was rightfully mine. I don't remember the adventure anymore but it was so bazzar and I don't even know how I would put it in words if I remember the adventure. But in the end, I was able to prove that that artwork was mine by using the picture that the art teacher told me to take. We went on a romantic date in a 5-star hotel restaurant and that's when I woke up.
So in general, I'm pretty weird out by these dreams and it would be nice to have a second opinion on what these dreams could mean. Or that there is no meaning behind this dream and that I've just been single for too long.
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2020.09.16 20:28 TimDrakeTheRed If mcu was constructed like dceu or more like what if wb peoples ran marvel (For fun)

If mcu was like dceu 1:- Star spangled man :- First 5 min onto past then direct on present day cap is found.Through out the film he searches for true meaning of Captain America .Sharon and shield on supporting part.Villain is winter soldier who gets brutally killed by Captain America by his shield then steve cries.Also a destructive battle in new York between winter soldier and steve (With helicarrier and bunch of winter soldiers being with bucky)
2:- Iron Man vs Captain America :-Dawn of avenge =Tony stark who is Iron man for 20 years protecting new york witness the destructive battle of captain america in this process one of his tower get destroyed.He vows to defeat captain america
Villain is Norman Osborn Jr (Played by Michael cera ) . Natasha also appears in the party of Norman Osborn where she sends tony a bunch of avengers files from oscorp website (Cameo of Hulk Thor Spider-Man ) also a knightmare of tony where a post apocalyptic world is ruled by Captain America (Ala thanos slave) with chitauri from there a future spiderman warns tony saying Sharon is the key.Then in the epic battle Tony nearly defeats Steve but steve says "Save Sharon I don't want to loose her like James" It is revealed Tony's deceased best friend name is James so they patch up.In the climax Norman Osborn brings back Bucky by the body of ablomination .Cap dies Norman sent onto raft where he mumbles "He is coming tin tin tin ".In the end Tony and Natasha plans to put up a team together to fight with thanos.
Thunderbolts :- Members are Lady deadpool , Bullseye ,Glenn tablot ,diablo , venom ,lizard , gladiator a bunch of supervillains formed by general thunderbolt ross in the awake of death of Captain America gladiator dies in the film early. Spider-Man and iron man has a cameo on the film.This film heavily marketed as a lady Deadpool and Carnage love story but Cletus has only 5 min of screen time .Villain is Johnny blaze aka ghost rider.In the end tony receives avengers files from thunderbolt ross. Carnage actor Jared Leto was so disappointed to see that his role was chopped down and he vowed to never reprise his role again in mceu with moving to DC and playing man bat in the solo man bat film.
Black widow :-One of the First film to be critically received praise from critics set in 1980s Soviet Union despite a horrible cgied villain .Red guardian appears as her love interest .
Avengers :-Russo brothers had to left the film in the midway which then went to zack snyders hand (Who was that time scheduled to direct a solo pepper pott film )Upon releasing it was review bombed in everywhere so a big box office bomb with horrible ebony maw cgi villain, a cgi moustache Chris evans , Horrible scenes and dialogues like Spider-Man falling into the tits of Black widow.Fans demanded the Russo cut and started to abuse disney zack snyder marvel everywhere.#ReleaseTheRussoCut became a thing.End credit norman osborn jr breaks out of prison by taskmaster and they discuss about forming their own avengers
Thor :-Set after events of avengers villain is loki and surtur .
Captain marvel:-Another nice film from mceu featuring kamala Khan with dr octopus as villain a nice comedy film and kamala is a huge Captain America fan.A faceless Captain America appears in the end
Carnage:-Set in alternative universe in the gritty 80s of new york where a guy name Cletus kassady rejected by the society went to become a deadly villain called carnage . Howard stark appears with a little tony stark it is hinted in the film that he could be the bastard son of Howard stark.Jim Carrey gets an Oscar for the portrayal.
Xmen and the fantabulous adventures of lady Deadpool :- Features lady Deadpool mockingbird jean grey misty knight and jubilee (who looks nothing like comics ) going against kingpin (played by Hayden Christine) who wants to get a stolen diamond with jigsaw aka billy russo as his partner.Upon releasing it was critically and commercially flopped at the box office .
Upcoming films 1:Iron man :-Played by Zac Efron in this reboot set in a dark gritty new york villain is whiplash. It was suppose to be the film of rdj but he left due to playing Iron Man was effecting him and he replaced by Efron .
2:-Spiderman into the spider verse :-With rdj coming back again to play iron man and Tobey McGuire is returning as raimiverse Spidey which will retcon as canon in mceu.
3:-Ronan:-A solo film where Ronan is played by Vin Diesel Rumor is that howling commandos and wolverine will show up in the film
4:-Thunderbolts 2:-Directed by David ayer instead of James gunn David ayer who was temporarily fired by wb for offensive tweets for green lantern 3 film was roped by Disney to make the sequel.
5:-Black widow 1994:-Take place in 1994 villain is Yelena Belova
6:-Avengers russo cut featuring thanos and rumour is that brie larson Captain marvel would appear even she said she only prefer to play Harley Quinn
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2020.09.16 07:28 nickyv917 How WWF Should Have Booked Bart Gunn Post-Brawl For All

Today, we're going to talk about what may very well be WWE's dumbest idea ever. An idea that somehow killed the careers of both the odds-on favorite and actual winner of this whole thing. Yes kids, that's right, it's the Brawl for All.
The idea for the Brawl for All is a pretty simple one. 16 fighters, single elimination tournament, $75k to the winner, $25k to the runner-up. Easy peasy, except for two little hooks. One, it's a boxing tournament, if that does anything for you (what do you mean it doesn't?), and two, it's a shoot, so these guys are fighting for realsies. The problem with that is everything, but the main problem is that these guys aren't trained fighters, so they just spent the whole fight throwing wild haymakers at one another, and it sucked. Crowds expecting to see Austin, Rock, and Undertaker instead got Mark Canterbury and 8-Ball in boxing gloves. Plus literally more than a third of the field got injured because of this in one way or another, the worst being the injury suffered by Dr. Death Steve Williams.
Williams was brought into the company in May 1998, and Jim Ross would constantly hype him up as the toughest SOB in the locker room, and Vince Russo wanted to test that notion, and also wanted to see Bradshaw get annihilated, I can get behind this. He beat Quebecer Pierre, aka PCO, in the first round on points, and then ran into a roadblock in the second round against Bart Gunn.
Bart Gunn was never all that exciting of a performer, he was a tag guy, and usually the less exciting member of whatever team he was in. He was in the Smoking Guns with Billy Gunn. He was in the New Midnight Express with Bob Holly, and when you're losing a personality contest to Bob Holly, freaking danger. Speaking of Bob Holly, Bart fought Bob in the first round, and was already the underdog, given Holly's tough-guy reputation. But he managed to get the win on points.
However, all of the first round matches were snoozefests, and Bart got Dr. Death in the second round. He knew Dr. Death was supposed to win, so he wanted to go out with a little bit of excitement. Maybe with a strong knockout or something, but instead he was told, "we aren't worried about Dr. Death". If I'm Bart Gunn, and I heard the bookers write me off like that, my new life goal is to kill Dr. Death. And that's exactly what happened.
Bart held the advantage for most of the fight, and with seconds to go in the final round, Bart Gunn knocked Dr. Death's lights out. Knockout plus a torn hamstring to boot. And that was no fluke. Semi-finals vs. The Godfather, knockout. Finals vs. Bradshaw, first round knockout. The only three knockouts in the entire tournament came from Bart Gunn and by the end, the crowd was definitely into him. He had just beaten four of the toughest men in the WWE (three of them by knockout), and while he wasn't getting Austin or Mankind reactions, people were ready to cheer for Bart, and then nothing.
His win over Bradshaw happened on August 24, 1998. His next WWE match was in February, where he failed to capture the Hardcore Title from the guy he beat in the first round, Bob Holly. And then Butterbean happened. Watching a man's career end like this shouldn't be this funny, but here we are. He then had some success in All Japan, makes sense since Dr. Death was a legend there and he beat his ass. He won a couple of tag titles there, and that's all his career really amounted to. And that's a real shame, because he at least earned a look off the back of that Brawl for All win, so let’s do that.
So Bart Gunn wins the Brawl for All and cuts an impassioned promo about how this is just the start of big things for Bart Gunn. And then he's off TV for seven weeks. He's safe nowhere. Next time we see Bart will be on the October 12th Raw. At the prior In Your House, Breakdown, Stone Cold Steve Austin lost the WWF Title after Undertaker and Kane both pinned him. Now, in real life the Raw after Breakdown had Austin ride in on a Zamboni, so we aren't messing with that, that's a classic moment. Next week, McMahon in the hospital, Mr. Socko, bedpan shot, untouchable. One week later though, Vince is taking it from all sides, he's got Austin mad as hell at him, Kane and Undertaker are gunning for him, and now Mankind is trying to butter him up, and he just wants some peace. So he pays $50,000 to hire a private security team to guard every entrance to the arena, and keep Stone Cold out of the building, and at first, it works.
The first hour of the show is smooth sailing for Vince. He's calmly sitting in his office, signing papers, putting babyfaces through the ringer, all of Vince's favorite things. But by the top of the second hour, Vince starts getting paranoid. It's too quiet. He's been doing this song and dance for months, and he knows Austin's gonna come from out of nowhere and beat his ass. Well, Vince is gonna get the jump on him first. He calls his security team, and tells them to not just keep Stone Cold out of the building, but to find him and throw him out. Security guy is like "that's really not what we do", but Vince cuts him off and says, "I'll double your pay, $100,000 to find Austin, and I'll even throw in a $20K bonus for the man who finds him". He hangs up, still upset but satisfied as they cut to commercial.
When they come back, Vince gets a call for a bartender on the other side of town. He says Stone Cold is at his bar, and he's been here for a few hours. Vince goes, "make sure he doesn't leave, and you'll get that $20K". He hangs up, and sends a few of his goons to go over there and kick his ass, so he won't come to the arena. He sends Shane, Big Boss Man, and the Acolytes, aka the formation of the Corporation, since they were about a month away from forming anyway.
When the Corporation gets to the bar, the bartender meets him at the door. He wants the money upfront before they go in, but Bossman just shoves him aside, they'll find him themselves and just split the money, those dicks. Stone Cold is just sitting in the back corner, with about ten empty beers around him. Shane barks out, "Hey Austin, got a message for ya from the boss." Austin is like "you think I give a rat's ass about what that piece of crap McMahon wants". Acolytes swipe all of the beers off his table, and Austin stands up, and shoves them back, and the fight is on. Austin is managing to hold his own, but Bradshaw starts punching him in the solar plexus, again and again, and it looks like Austin's getting overwhelmed, when suddenly Shane goes flying by. And then Faarooq does as well. And suddenly, our hero Bart Gunn comes in and beats Bradshaw's ass. Austin fights with Bossman, Corporation gets thrown back out, but not before Austin reaches into Shane's pockets and grabs the $20K. Once everyone's gone, Austin gives half of it to the bartender, plus a little extra to cover damages, and goes "pleasure doing business with you" as the segment ends.
However, they cut back to Austin at the bar, sitting next to Gunn, right before the main event. Austin goes, "So here's what I don't get. You kick all that ass in the Brawl for All, nice job by the way, and I thought you'd rocket up the ladder and start competing for titles, but you just disappeared, what happened?" Bart just goes, "I beat up their golden boy. They wanted Bradshaw to win, and I beat his ass, so Vince just told me to stay home. I wanted to be available just in case he changed his mind, but that probably ain't happening, is it?" By the way, most of that is true, but were swapping in Bradshaw as the corporately approved brawler for three reasons. He's just as believable of a fighter as Steve Williams, if not more so because he's younger. Williams still has a torn hamstring. And I can not stress this enough. NO WWF FAN IN 1998 GAVE A SHIT ABOUT DR. DEATH. He was already a relic when he got to WWF and I don't know why they thought he'd make a believable foil to Steve Austin, that would be ridiculous. Anyway, Austin replies, "No, he won't. Look, let me tell you something about Vince McMahon: unless you're one of his pet projects, you'll get nothing from him. That's why I have to fight so hard to be the champion. If you know you should be a bigger deal than Vince will make you, knock the damn door down, beat up anyone who stands in your way, take what's yours, dammit. Just stick with me, do what I do, and you'll land right where you need to be."
Now, I know what you might be thinking, "Stone Cold didn't need any help, he's the ass-kicking-est man on the planet, he beat down the Corporation all by himself, gimme a hell yeah", and I get that. But to me, Austin always represented the hard-working, blue-collar man, whose boss is a dick and just wants a fair shake. And sometimes, that person just wants to go to the bar and throw a couple back with his bud, and that's what Bart Gunn is here; he's Stone Cold's drinking pal. Someone who could help Austin in a jam, handle the mid-card Corporation guys while Austin deals with Rock and Taker. I think it'll be a great fit. Plus, it's 1998, if you're gonna have a underdog good guy, who messes with bullies and doesn't take any shit from his boss, he might as well be named Bart.
So Austin and Bart go to town on the new Corporation, and their first goal is to put a title on Bart, and the next week on Raw, he picks up the Hardcore Title from (drumroll) Bossman! This was before the 24/7 rule so the title was actually valuable, and it's perfect for Bart right now. Austin would probably take it just to stick it to one of Vinces guys, but that titles beneath him, and he just wants the World Title, not so with Bart. So Bart picks up the Hardcore Title from Bossman, thanks his big left hook, the move that got Bart through the Brawl for All.
Now the first big bump in the road for these guys would happen at Survivor Series '98. The Deadly Games Tournament, generally regarded as one of the best PPVs WWE ever did, so you don't want to change too much about it, but we can add Bart to the mix. Bart Gunn will basically take Steven Regal's place, and will face X-Pac in the first round, so we don't get a double DQ that gave Austin a bye to the semis, that was kinda dumb. Anyway, Bart and X-Pac would have a solid little match, Pac was always good at carrying matches with lesser in-ring talents, and Bart would kill off Pac, leading to a quarterfinal match that Mr. McMahon would love, Steve Austin vs. his new bestie Bart Gunn. They shake hands, say the loser buys the beers, and duke it out. Austin was pretty banged up by Bossman in the first round, so Bart actually gets a bit of shine here, but Austin hits the Stunner for the win, let's not get too crazy. After that, the rest of the PPV goes as intended. Austin loses to Mankind, Rock beats Taker by DQ, and Rock joins the Corporation to become the Corporate Champion.
And from then on, you don't have to have them constantly with each other, but if Austin's getting ganged up on, he can make a save. He can be Austin's emergency tag partner in a jam. He can take midcard titles off of Corporate Champs, like William Regal down the line. And if the crowd ever turns on him, he can just buy into the McMahon posse, and that's a feud. I don't want to try and rewrite too many of Austin's greatest hits to shoehorn in Gunn, but he could definitely fit into some, like him driving the beer truck with Austin on top with the hose. But that would be such a better place for him, instead just dead in the water and waiting for Butterbean to put him out of his misery.
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2020.09.15 21:04 MightyCasey Bob Woodward Deep Throat Reporter Or Deep State Spy?

To many, Bob Woodward is a hero, the epitome of good journalism, a man who built his career on revealing the corruption of a villainous President, leading to that pPresident’s resignation.
Because of the work of Woodward and his colleague, Carl Bernstein, the Watergate sScandal became a lexicon of American political culture and Woodward was lionized by his portrayal by handsome American movie star, Robert Redford in the movie based on Woodward and Bernstein’s book, “All The President’s Men."
Since Watergate, Woodward has used access to people in power, to cover several administrations:, both Bushes, Obama,’s and now, Donald Trump’s.
Once again Woodward has positioned himself as the journalistic hero, taking on the corrupt leader and his inept underlings in his recently published book on the Trump administration, “Rage”
In 2018, Donald Trump attacked the messenger, suggesting that Woodward was a "Democratic operative" after Woodward’s book “Fear” painted Trump in a bad light. Still Trump would talk with Woodward for his new book, at the behest of Senator Lindsey Graham, according to Tucker Carlson. Carlson would suggest that, Graham set up the interview in part to sabotage Trump. Why would Republican Graham want to sabotage Trump? Perhaps the lines go deeper than political parties.
Trump after getting wind that Woodward’s book would paint him in a bad light would Tweet.
This has caused new controversy as recordings have emerged of Trump saying of the COVID Virus threat in January, that he wanted to “Play it down.” From one of over seventeen interviews Woodward had with the President.
“The Bob Woodward book will be a FAKE, as always, just as many of the others have been. But, believe it or not, lately I’ve been getting lots of GREAT books!”
While describing Woodward’s books as “fake” may seem typical of Trump’s ant-,media attacks, Woodward’s books and career as a whole have had a distinct political agenda. Still, Trump’s 2108 tweet that Woodward as a Democratic operative is a laughable assertion. Woodward had unprecedented access to former President Ronald Reagan’s campaign manager and CIA Director, William Casey, as well great access to the Bush administration —and even helping them cover up the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame. Woodward also exposed Chinese agents who sought to affect the 1996 presidential Election through donations to the Democratic National Committee (DNC).
A few right- wing websites have picked up on an email that Clinton advisor, Sidney Blumenthal, former advisor to President Bill Clinton, wrote to Hillary Clinton in 2012 regarding Woodward as proof that he was an FBIWoodward is an operative. In the email regarding Woodward, Blumenthal would write, "I am told that these Woodward sources were FBI. Since Deep Throat, he has been an FBI asset, his career dependent."
Blumenthal himself was a journalist turned political operative for the Clintons. He was a man with a lot of political access himself, having worked with Woodward at The Washington Post, as well as The New Republic and The New Yorker.
The wording of the email is troubling. There is nothing wrong with a journalist having sources in politics, the intelligence community, or law enforcement. Blumenthal, a colleague of Woodward, referred to him Woodward as an “asset” for the FBI, a relationship he has based his career on.
In an ideal world, the job of a political journalist is to work for the people to keep the government in check, to keep the people informed of the good work as well as bad work and corruption.
When journalists become “assets” for government organizations, rather than objective observers and reporters, they run the risk of becoming propagandists, who cover up the corruption of the organizations they work for and are to be used as tools to persecute their enemies of said organization.
(Bob Woodward and Tom Brokaw at the garage where Woodward allegedly met “Deep Throat”)
Blumenthal may be partially right in saying that Woodward’s career was dependent on the FBI. In 2005 Woodward would reveal that his infamous Deep Throat anonymous source during the Watergate scandal, “Deep Throat,” was in fact Mark Felt, the number three man in the FBI below after it’s director and founder J. Edgar Hoover, and his alleged homosexual lover Associate Director Clyde Tolson, whom Felt served under.
Felt was a loyalist to Hoover and supported the bugging of Martin Luther King and the FBI’s infamous COINTELPRO program that would illegally surveil, infiltrate, and disrupt Black Power, civil rights, anti-war, and anti-government groups. Felt would be convicted of illegally ordering the burglaries of houses of friends and family members of the anti-war saboteur group, The Weather Underground, only to later be pardoned by Ronald Reagan.
It is ironic that the man credited for exposing the illegal burglary and bugging of Watergate was also complicit in burglary and bugging himself, making it seem as if his case against Nixon was more politically based than morally.
Still for some it is unclear if Felt was “Deep Throat” or the only Deep Throat. In a 1979 interview with Playboy Magazine, the Washington Post reporter would deny that Deep Throat was from the “intelligence community” of which Felt was a part of.
Woodward had described Deep Throat as a chain-smoking, hard-drinking (favoring Scotch) intellectual combat veteran. Felt had never served in the army, and was not a known drinker or smoker. CNN, ABC, and the Washington Post had previously speculated that it was CIA agent Corde Meyer, who in fact was Deep Throat, and Meyer fits Woodward’s description as a combat veteran and sScotch drinker.
So was Woodward lying when he said Deep Throat was a combat veteran,? Perhaps to throw people off his source?. He surely was lying when he denied that Deep Throat wasn’t a part of the “intelligence community.”
Perhaps Deep Throat was not one but several sources from the intelligence community who provided the necessary information to Woodward, and the Scotch drinking combat veteran was used to throw off people looking for the real Deep Throat. Regardless, if it was Meyer or Felt or both, elements from the intelligence community helped Woodward make a name for himself as and become a hero high- profile journalist, and a hero trusted by the nation.
Woodward’s road to a journalism career was not typical. Despite the fact that his father was a federal Judge, Woodward attended Yale on a Naval Reserve Officers Training Corp (NROTC) scholarship, eventually following in his father’s path to the Navy. Yale has historically been a breeding ground for the CIA, and while Woodward was not a member of in the Yale’s famous secret society, hotbed of CIA recruitment, Skull And Bones, a hotbed of CIA recruitment, he was a member of another secret society, Book And Snake, which counts former George H.W. Bush’s former CIA Director, Porter Goss as a member.
After serving five years in the Navy, during which according to the 1991 book “Silent Coup,” by Len Colodny, during five years in Navy, Woodward worked closely with the Nixon White House as a Naval Communication Officer, briefing, General Alexander Haig, who was assistant to National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger and would go on to be Nixon’s Chief of Staff, and then secretary Of State for Ronald Reagan.
While Woodward would admit to having a Top Secret Crypto Security Clearance, when Colodny asked Woodward if he ever briefed Haig, he replied, “I defy you to produce somebody who says I did the briefing. It's just, it's not true."
Colodny would in fact produce three sources who said that Woodward did the brief Aig, including, The Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair, Thomas H. Moorer, and Pentagon Spokesperson, Jerry Friedheim.
Despite having no journalistic experience to speak of, Woodward would land a trial job at the Washington Post for two weeks and would be sent to the Post WaPo’s farm team, the Montgomery County Sentinel, before joining The Post full- time. One year into his career in journalism, and he was breaking the biggest storycase in American journalism history, revealing creating the scandal that all other scandals would be named after, Watergate, with the help of an anonymous source known as “Deep Throat,” whose true identity that would become one of American history’s biggest unsolved mysteries, Deep Throat.
Still, Woodward would be a good fit at the Post. Woodward’s boss, Executive Editor, Ben Bradlee, was also an Ivy League Navy Veteran, who went to Harvard, and, like Woodward, served in the NROTC (Navy ROTC). In World War II, Bradlee served in the Office Of Naval Intelligence as a communications officer, the same title held by his protege.
Bradlee still had more experience qualifications to be in journalism than Woodward. Working as a reporter After World War II In Paris, Bradlee would work as the Press Attache at the American Embassy In Paris, later working with the Office of U.S. Information and Educational Exchange producing propaganda films and material for the CIA, according to author Deborah Davis. In a memo in 1952, Bradlee is said to be on assignment from Robert Thayer, the head of the CIA in Paris, to inspect the file of accused spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg for communist propaganda and was attempting to contact CIA Director, Allen Dulles.
(Ben Bradlee and Bob Woodward)
Dulles was not the only head of the CIA that Bradlee would have a relationship with. Bradlee was childhood friends with Richard Helms, who was Director Of The CIA from 1966-1973. Bradlee would also develop a close relationship with Corde Meyer, a high ranking CIA official, who was his brother- in- law.
After Bradlee’s sister- in- law, Cord Meyer’s wife, Mary, who was alleged to be having an an affair with President John F. Kennedy, was murdered, shortly after JFK himself was killed, Bradlee would give her diary to James Jesus Angleton, head of CIA counterintelligence another high ranking CIA officer.
According to Davis, Bradlee’s boss, Washington Post Publisher Philip Graham, also worked with CIA agent Frank Wisner to create Operation Mockingbird, putting Woodward under the direct command of two men with ties to the Intelligence Community and who worked on with a CIA propaganda campaigns.
Meyer was the principal operative in the CIA’s “Operation Mockingbird,” the CIA’s covert plan to use figures in the foreign and domestic media to gather intelligence and spread propaganda. Ironically it would be Woodward’s partner, Carl Bernstein, who would expose the program Operation Mockingbird to the public via a Rolling Stone article. While Woodward was not named, his mentor Bill Bradlee and Post colleague Walter Pincus are listed as one the journalists who would willingly promote the views of the CIA as was Woodward’s colleague at The Post, Walter Pincus.
Since Watergate, Woodward has continued to build a career through his access to military and intelligence officials. In 1987, After writing a book about deceased actor and comedian John Belushi, Woodward wrote his next book in 1987, was “Veil: The Secret Wars Of The CIA.” Once again, Woodward would rely on his connections to the iIntelligence Community, interviewing CIA Director Bill Casey over 40 times.
With “Veil” Woodward once again had the chance to expose a huge scandal that once again went all the way to the White House, covering the CIA and its role in Nicaragua, during the Iran Contra period . Still the book offered no real insight into the growing scandal and lets the CIA and Reagan/Bush administration off easily. The bombshell in the book from Woodward was that on his deathbed, Bill Casey, admitted that he knew of the diversion of funds from the arms sale to Iran.
The problem is that both Casey’s wife and Kevin Shipp, a member of Casey’s CIA security detail at Georgetown University hospital, have denied the fact that Woodward was by Casey’s deathbed to get his bombshell confession. Shipp claims that Woodward was denied entry to Casey’s hospital room and that Casey was unable to speak at the time.
This begs the question:, why would Woodward lie? If, in fact, Woodward was an asset of the intelligence community, why would he throw the Director of the CIA under the bus? By placing the blame on Casey, whom he paints in the book as a noble cold warrior, Woodward essentially let’s, Casey’s higher ups, Vice President George Bush and President Ronald Reagan, off the hook.
We can see more of Woodward’s alliances from the people he lets off the hook than the people than by the people he persecutes. Although George H.W. Bush was the former Director Of The CIA, and has been implicated by many ais being one of the chief architects of Iran Contra, there was barely a mention of him in his book on the CIA’s Secret Wars during the years Bush was Vice President,
When asked why Bush was left out of his book, Woodward would reply, “Bush was, well, I don’t think he was — what was it he said at the time? ‘I was out of the loop’?” If Woodward would have taken the same attitude towards Nixon, he would’ve left the investigation alone after Nixon said “I Am Not A Crook.”
In placing the blame on Casey and taking Bush for his word without doing any investigation into the Vice President, Woodward’s book, released in the election year of 1988, in which Bush was running for President. Being implicated in a big scandal such as Iran Contra would have greatly hurt his chances during the election. In 1988, Rolling Stone would publish an article that highlighted Bush’s ties to Iran Contra, focusing on Bush’s relationship with former CIA agent, Felix Rodriguez, which was ignored by Woodward.
Later documents including Bush’s personal diary would show that Bush was indeed very much in the loop on Iran Contra, attending meetings, working with Israeli Intelligence, coordinating with Honduran leaders to get help from the Contras. So with Casey’s admission and Bush’s omission from Woodward’s book, Woodward, he gave the Bush administration a dead fall guy for the Iran Contra scandal and let Bush off the hook.
Woodward would continue to help out the Bush family in the 2000s. In the lead ups to the Iraq War, Woodward was asked by CNN’s Larry King about the George W. Bush administration’s claims that there were Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq. by CNN’s Larry King Hand responded that the probability of no WMDs in Iraq was “About zero, there’s too much there.
As a journalistic hero, Woodward’s claims of WMD’s would give credence to the case for the war in Iraq, and he would be rewarded with more access to President George W Bush than any other journalist. Woodward would write a total of four books on the George W Bush administration, all of them dealing with wars and foreign policy. One of his books, “Plan oOf Attack '' was listed on the Bush/Cheney 2004 reelection campaign list of recommended reading.
When CIA agent Valerie Plame was outed by Woodward’s colleague, Robert Novak of the Washington Post, Woodward would once again be caught in the crosshairs of the journalism and intelligence worlds. The outing of Plame was seen as politically motivated, as her husband Joseph Wilson had just written an article critical of the Bush administration’s claims that Saddam Hussein was seeking uranium from Niger to make a nuclear bomb.
Woodward would wind up testifying for Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief Of Staff “Scooter” Libby as a defense witness in support of Libby. In the trial he would claim that it was not Libby who disclosed the identity of Plame to him, but Richard Armitage, the Deputy Secretary oOf State under Bush.
Armitage is yet another CIA connection for Woodward. Having worked in covert operations with the Operation Phoenix assassination squad squad in Vietnam, with notorious CIA officer Ted Shackley, Armitage has long been alleged to have strong ties to the CIA. During the 1988 presidential campaign, Former Presidential cCandidate Ross Perot, would press George H.W. Bush about holding Armitage —, who was the assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs, under Reagan, — accountable for drugs and weapons dealing, during the 1988 election after Burmese opium warlord Khun Sah told Army Special Forces officer James "Bo” Gritz, that Armitage was heavily involved in the international drug trade, using the proceeds of opium to fund anti-communist insurgencies in Southeast Asia.
Other people involved in the opium smuggling operation, according to Khun Sa, were Ted Shackley, who was the Deputy Director Of Covert operations for the CIA when George H.W. Bush was dDirector, and Santo Trafficante, the notorious Florida mafia boss.
Armitage was also involved in the Iran Contra scandal, and although Bush 41 wanted him as Secretary Of the Army, Armitage would withdraw rather than face congressional grilling on his role in the plan to sell weapons to Iran to fund anti-communist insurgents in Central America. A quite dubious figure in the world of covert operations and Deep Politics, while not in the CIA, Armitage is a prime figure in the so-called Deep State.
For his book “Bush At War,” Woodward had a great deal of access to Richard Armitage, who he would promote in the book along with his boss, Colin Powell, and CIA Director, George Tenet. Tenet would provide Woodward with yet another quotable line by saying that there was a “slam dunk” case for WMDs in Iraq. Woodward, in fact echoed this statement on Larry King, saying there was a 0% chance of no WMDs in Iraq. Still, By placing the WMD blame on Tenet and diverting it from George H.W. Bush, Woodward had once again let President Bush off the hook.
According to Larry King, another CIA source for Woodward was Stansfield Turner. King would ask Woodward if he worked for Naval Intelligence, which he would denied.y, King then and then followed up, asking him if ever did anything for the CIA, which he again denied again before back-tracking, saying that he wrote in his book that someone in the CIA once provided a question to him for an interview with Mumar Qadaffi.
On his own website, Woodward has a quote from Robert Gates, former CIA Director under George W. Bush and Defense Secretary Under Obama, saying " "I would have really liked to recruit him for the CIA because he has an extraordinary ability to get otherwise responsible adults to spill [their] guts to him.” When Politico’s Mike Allen suggested that Gates was a source for Woodward, Gates replied, "I would say very, very little and very reluctantly. I talked to (Woodward) at the end of the Bush administration for his book on Bush” and that he would take precautions, but I think uniquely asked for the questions in advance and had a written record made of what was said and a witness in the room, no deathbed confessions from me.”
Allen then would refer to Gates as “the only person in the world who knows that Bob Woodward was not CIA,” hinting at long time rumors that Woodward was involved with the agency, which provided a laugh from Gates.
Woodward’s access to to former and current CIA agents and directors continues to this day, as He claimed claimed that John Brennan, CIA Director under Obama, had said that the infamous Christopher Steele Russia Dossier, — which claimed among other things that Russian agents were in possession of a videotape in with of Trump in a Moscow hotel room in 2013 within which prostitutes who pissed on a bed Obama slept on, and were using it to blackmail him — “was in line with their own sources [at CIA], in which he had great confidence.
So Bob Woodward, if anything is a man with many sources in the CIA. As a man who covers the iIntelligence Community it would seem fitting to do so. Still as a journalist, one must be careful that one's sources do not use you to use you to spread misinformation.
At a Harvard dinner, Woodward’s old colleague, Carl Bernstein would claim that the release of Valerie Plame’s identity was a "calculated leak.” Woodward would reply, “I know a lot about this, and you’re wrong.”
Later at the dinner when Woodward was asked if his readers should worry that he was being manipulated, he would reply, “I think you should worry. I mean, I worry.”
(Woodward and Bernstein)
Those statements would echo ones he made in a Playboy Interview in 1979:, when he said.
“But let me just say that this suggestion that we were being used by the intelligence community was of concern to us at the time and afterward. When somebody first wrote the article saying about me, "Wait a minute; this is somebody in an intelligence agency who doesn't like Nixon and is trying to get him out," I took that seriously.
The CIA is an agency with professional covert manipulators who try to alter events by deceiving people and directing them, running them like an intelligence agent. I have revisited this question of disinformation — I'd rather not go into how it was done — but I've satisfied myself and others that that was not the case.”
And yes, we should worry that Woodward and other journalists are being manipulated by their sources, especially those in the intelligence community who, as Woodward pointed out, have a history of using and manipulating journalists to mislead the public for their political gain. The problem with Woodward is not that he has sources in the intelligence community, but that he refuses to challenge that community.
When asked by a caller on the Larry King Show if he had found any evidence of cocaine trafficking funding the Contra efforts, Woodward would say “I have asked about it, and in fact asked Casey about it, and he denied it, and others have denied it. I don’t have a final answer on that. But no evidence at this point.”
Perhaps both Trump and Blumenthal are wrong in their assertions, that Woodward was a “democratic operative” or an “FBI asset.” Woodward and Bernstein were famously known as the “Republican and the Radical” (Woodward being the Republican) and Woodward would accuse the Obama administration of trying to intimidate him.
Blumenthal’s statement to Hillary Clinton, that Woodward was an FBI asset, doesn’t seem to be a fitting description. If Woodward is telling the full truth about Mark Felt being Deep Throat, that would fall in line with Blumenthal’s assertion that Woodward was an FBI asset. Still Woodward’s career has been based mostly on foreign policy and not domestic, and FBI sources would only get him so far in the world of foreign policy.
The terms “asset” or “operative” may not be fitting terms for Woodward, but he clearly has been a friend of the Intelligence Community, the CIA in particular. Has Woodward been at times manipulated by his sources, or perhaps it was a cooperative effort? By spreading “calculated leaks” Woodward has done the bidding of the intelligence community.
The job of a journalist in politics is to work for the people to keep the government in check. It appears Woodward has not always done this, at times working with the government to keep the people in check, uninformed or misinformed. It seems that Woodward may in fact owe his career to the Deep State and not Deep Throat.
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2020.09.14 16:05 ZandrickEllison Offseason Blueprint: It may feel like the sky is falling for the Milwaukee Bucks, but they're still in rare air right now

The playoffs continue to rage on, but there are 25 teams sitting at home with nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs, tinker with their fantasy football teams, and wait for next season to start.
For their sake, we wanted to look ahead with the next edition of the OFFSEASON BLUEPRINT series. In each, we'll preview some big decisions and make some recommendations for plans of attack along the way. Today, we're looking at the Milwaukee Bucks.
step one: plug your ears and get back to work
There's no getting around it: the 2019-20 playoffs were a disaster for the Milwaukee Bucks. This was a team that had been # 1 all year in terms of win record, SRS, defensive rating, etc. Consider this. Their +10.1 point differential in the regular season was the best in the entire NBA by a margin of 3.7 (next best was +6.4). That means their point differential was 58% better than the next closest team. Based on all that, losing 4-1 in the second round feels like an abject failure, regardless of whether Giannis Antetokounmpo was hobbled or not, and regardless of whether the Miami Heat were a "tough matchup" or not. Championship teams need to leap past those hurdles on their way to the finish line.
What's more concerning from Bucks' fans perspective is how familiar this all must feel. Forget Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (who won the title before his exit), because younger fans won't remember that period anyway. However, all of us can look around at recent history and feel some sense of deja vu.
Primarily, I'm thinking about LeBron James' first stint in Cleveland. The superstar landed on a small market, and lifted them into high-profile and contender status. In 2006-07, 22-year-old James led the Cavs all the way to the Finals, only to get swept 4-0 by the veteran San Antonio Spurs. After that, we naturally presumed that James and the Cavs would get better and better and eventually reach the promised land. And they did -- in the regular season. By 2008-09, LeBron James had become the league MVP, leading the Cavs to finish with a 66-16 record (best in the NBA.) That season, they lost a tough Conference Finals. The next season, James won MVP again, and the Cavs finished with the best record in the league again. Only this time, they got bounced in round TWO.
The Bucks are on that exact same trend. Giannis has won two MVPs in a row -- the Bucks have grabbed the # 1 seed two years in a row -- and they've disappointed in the playoffs two years in a row.
We all remember what happened after the Cavs' hit that roadblock -- LeBron James left the following year. Giannis isn't a free agent yet, but he theoretically could push for a trade, or he could simply wait until next offseason to fly the coop. We've already started to hear the whispers. Miami. Toronto. Golden State. If he wants to mimic LeBron James' career arc, he may be eyeing the Dallas Mavericks, their cap space, and their young international stars. It can be their own version of a super team: the Big III.
If you're a Bucks fan or executive, that fear should keep you up at night. That paranoia may be real.
But still, you can't live in the fear. You need to keep pushing forward, ignoring all the gossip, all the media rumors, all the instagram tea leaves. Even if some of it's real, you need to block it out. You have a job to do. Win. Championship-caliber teams and title chances don't come along very often in a league with 30 teams. Even if they just run it back, the Bucks have a chance to win the championship. Even if it's just for one more year, even if it's your own Last Dance, you strap on your dancing shoes and go for it.
After all, there's no Giannis trade that's going to make sense from a basketball perspective. If you lose Giannis (via trade or via free agency), you may never be in this position ever again. This is it. This is your chance. Be grateful that you even get one, because most front offices and coaching staffs don't.
step two: build a title machine, not a title team
When you're scared that your superstar may leave, there's a tendency to get desperate with "win now!" moves. The Cleveland Cavaliers did the same with LeBron James, adding players like old Ben Wallace and old Shaq. Didn't work.
There may be some temptation to do the same here, with names like Chris Paul already being thrown around. Presumably, the logic goes that if the Bucks win in 2021, then Giannis won't leave.
But we also have recent history to suggest that's not true either. The Toronto Raptors acquired Kawhi Leonard, won the championship, and still lost him in free agency. Players don't base their decisions around the past; they base decisions about what's best for their FUTURE.
By those standards, the Bucks need to be concerned. They've built the roster around Giannis, but it's a fairly old roster. Khris Middleton is still in his prime, but Eric Bledsoe is already 30 (and under contract for 3 more years.) Brook Lopez is 32 (and under contract for 3 more years.) Wes Matthews is 33, and George Hill is 34. This is a supporting cast that may have peaked, and may get worse and worse over time. Would Giannis want to sign a long-term contract with a team with diminishing returns around him?
With that in mind, the Bucks should only make a major trade if it yields a star in his 20s. No Chris Paul, no Al Horford. The ideal acquisitions for this team would be players like Bradley Beal (27 years old) or C.J. McCollum (28). Both of them can space the floor for Giannis, but also create their own scoring as well. Better yet, their skill sets should age well and keep them valuable for the next 4-5 years. If Giannis gave the greenlight (and signed on the dotted line), the Bucks could make a Clippers-PG3 esque move and mortgage their future drafts to acquire a star like that.
Realistically, that may be too high of a bar. They're the template, but they're likely out of the Bucks' price range in terms of assets. Other candidates that have been floated on the market include Buddy Hield (a super fit as a shooter), and Otto Porter (injury prone and expensive, but still effective as a 3+D player when healthy.) Jrue Holiday may be an intriguing option, although he'd technically break our rule because he just turned "30" in June. Still, Holiday is a great guy and a versatile defender, so he may be worth betraying our bolded mandate.
step three: no weak links allowed in the machine
We've been taught through history lessons and Michael Jordan mythology that the best player in the NBA is supposed to win the title, no matter what. Alas, it's nearly impossible in today's climate for a superstar to win a championship without a great supporting cast. Either you need a superstar teammate, or an incredibly balanced roster around you.
The Bucks have a very good supporting cast, but it's probably a little shy of title worthy. The shooting guard position is a potential weak link.
Current starter Wes Matthews is a tough dude who fits the 3+D profile, but his 3 and his D ain't quite what it used to be. He still fights admirably, but he's approaching 34 and saddled with a lot of mileage and injury history. This season, he struggled to find his rhythm offensively, registering a 54.7% true shooting. That's actually not a bad number on its own, but it was the lowest among the Bucks' top 10 rotation players.
With Matthews aging, the hope is that 23-year-old Donte DiVicenzo can step up and grab hold of that mantle. That's still up in the air. DiVicenzo has virtues: good athleticism, good energy, solid defense, but he's still developing his shot and learning to play under control. It may be a leap of faith to presume that he'd be ready to start for a title team next season. Meanwhile, Pat Connaughton is OK, but he's a free agent and wouldn't be any great shakes himself.
Presuming we don't land a great trade, what do we do here? The options may be limited, given the lack of cap space and movable trade assets.
The Bucks may need to find a place-holder again until they're confident that DiVicenzo can play 25-30 minutes a night. You may be able to find a decent stopgap in the trade market: someone like Terrence Ross (ORL), or Reggie Bullock (NYK), or Jeremy Lamb (IND).
The New Orleans Pelicans would intrigue me as potential trade partner, given their abundance of riches (and question marks) at the guard position. They'll have Jrue Holiday and Lonzo Ball under contract, as well as promising combo guards like Nickeil Alexander-Walker and Josh Hart. Those latter two may be great options for the Bucks' long-term approach. If "short term" is the goal, then you'd have to consider J.J. Redick as well. The defense and age are issues, but Redick still lit it up to the tune of 45% shooting from 3 this year. Platooning Redick and DiVincenzo isn't a terrible option. And hell, let's throw one more Pelican into the mix. If I ran the Bucks, I'd try to sign free agent E'Twaun Moore, an underrated 3+D player who got lost in the shuffle this season. Moore has enough length to play the 2 or 3, and could soak up 25 minutes for the team. Adding more competent wings would also give the team some flexibility in their lineups and rotations to go big or small as they please.
step four: if all else fails, embrace organic farming
Let's say the Milwaukee Bucks don't acquire a third star. Let's say they don't land an upgrade on the margins either. Let's say they have to enter 2020-21 with this exact same roster. If that's the case, they're still likely going to win 50+ games, still likely going to be a threat to make the Finals. It's not the end of the world by any stretch.
However, if the Bucks can't shake up or tweak their roster, then they're going to have to rely more on internal improvements. We already mentioned Donte DiVincenzo as a major piece of the future and a potential starter down the road. It'd be great if we could see that trajectory for PF D.J. Wilson as well. After doing nothing as a rookie, he started to find some footing as a sophomore (playing 18.4 minutes a night.) But instead of improve again, he took a sizable step back.
If Wilson can shake it off and get back on schedule, it would be very helpful for the team. PF Marvin Williams is retiring, and PF Ersan Ilyasova is 33 years old himself. It's imperative that the Bucks find a capable stretch PF for the future, not only to back up Giannis at the 4 but also to play alongside him when he slides over to the 5.
This draft may also represent an opportunity to add a rotation player. The Bucks will have Indiana's draft pick -- # 24 overall. It's not likely to yield a star, but they should be able to find a contributor.
Let's take a look at some names to file away. Tyrell Terry (Stanford) is a smaller guard, but he's an elite shooter (41% from 3, 89% from the FT line.) Perhaps he can be our C.J. McCollum -- or at least, our Seth (not Steph) Curry off the bench. Terry's ranked in the 20s, but some sites like The Ringer have him a lot higher (# 9 for them.) Speaking of potential sleepers, I'd be intrigued by PF/C Killian Tillie (Gonzaga). He's also a top notch shooter for his position. He's limited in terms of defense and durability, but playing next to Giannis can cure a lot of problems. I also like SF Robert Woodard II (Mississippi State), a 6'7" wing with 3+D potential.
Regardless of who the Bucks take, they need to show that they can develop him well. As we've mentioned numerous times, this is an older supporting cast that will slowly decay. Replacing those talents with competent rotational players will be key to sustaining the team's success.
step five: have a Plan B, C, D and E in your back pocket
Coach Mike Budenholzer has gotten a lot of flak for his playoff performance, and there's validity to that criticism. Throughout his career, Bud has done a lot better in the regular season than the postseason. He's gotten spanked too many times, losing 3-4 games in a row in a fashion that shouldn't happen for a high-level coach. At times, he appears to be a step slow to adjust, freezes, and watches the train roll over him.
In some ways, I wonder if the Bucks were a victim of their own success here. They've been SO GOOD in the regular season that they've never seemed to need a Plan B. They can lock you down on D, use those transition opportunities to score at will, and dominate the game so easily that Giannis can check out and eat gyros by the 4th quarter.
However, we can see the pitfalls of that when teams slow down their typical gameplan, and cause the Bucks to scramble for new looks. Does this team have the ability to counter-punch?
One potential wrinkle I'd be curious to see is whether they'd be more effective in playoff games with Eric Bledsoe coming off the bench. While George Hill is old, he's still a good 3+D player who can hold the fort at PG. In fact, he's a better shooter and spacer than Bledsoe. For his part, Bledsoe is more of a playmaker and wrecking ball who could theoretically have more freedom and more impact in leading a second unit.
Is that the answer? Is going small the answer? Is playing Giannis closer to 40 minutes (in the playoffs) the answer?
I dunno. But I'm not paid to know. And I'm not expecting Coach Bud to have all the answers right now. But from what we've seen, the team needs to be more willing to throw some potential solutions at the wall and see what sticks rather than allowing themselves to get stomped out of another playoff series. Because if this happens again, they may as well call up United Airlines and get the blond flight attendants ready, because Giannis will be flying out of here.
previous offseason blueprints
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2020.09.13 01:53 17Bca1482 Why is Carol cheating on Ross never discussed or seen as a bad thing?

Carol was a lesbian and she had every right to get out of the marriage and be with her own partner but she did infact cheat on Ross for a while and was with a person who insulted and antagonized the father of her kid. Ross was never a deadbeat parent and did everything he could as a great father. And then she had the nerve to call out ross on sleeping with someone while being on "break" with Rachel.
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The Untold Truth Of Tracee Ellis Ross - YouTube Friends Real-life Partners Revealed ⭐ OSSA Radar - YouTube Friends  Who Had the Most Partners? Everybody They Date ... Partner's Anonymous - Ross Follies 2014 iSolve Asks the Experts: Gary Ross, Partner at Ross and ... Friends - Ross and Rachel dinner with her father - YouTube Tracee Ellis Ross EXPOSED For Secretly Dating The Creator ... Friends - HD - The Nap Partners - YouTube Friends - Ben - Ross and Carol's son Friends - Ross and Carol - I love you and kiss - YouTube

Ross Final - Partner - Christopher Pallet Wendover LinkedIn

  1. The Untold Truth Of Tracee Ellis Ross - YouTube
  2. Friends Real-life Partners Revealed ⭐ OSSA Radar - YouTube
  3. Friends Who Had the Most Partners? Everybody They Date ...
  4. Partner's Anonymous - Ross Follies 2014
  5. iSolve Asks the Experts: Gary Ross, Partner at Ross and ...
  6. Friends - Ross and Rachel dinner with her father - YouTube
  7. Tracee Ellis Ross EXPOSED For Secretly Dating The Creator ...
  8. Friends - HD - The Nap Partners - YouTube
  9. Friends - Ben - Ross and Carol's son
  10. Friends - Ross and Carol - I love you and kiss - YouTube

Tracee Ellis Ross EXPOSED For Secretly Dating The Creator of Blackish! The Star of the hit show blackish is in some hot water. According to reports the actre... Friends Season 3 Episode 7 'The One with the Race Car Bed' If You Want To Support This Channel: Friends - S01E24 - Toby is mad about Rachel's message to Ross (1/4) - Duration: 3:22. Friends Videos 1,999,969 views. 3:22. Language: English Location: United States If you're new, Subscribe! → Actress Tracee Ellis Ross is so much more than her comedic TV persona. She's led an eventful,... In this Ask the Experts, we hear from Gary Ross, partner at Ross and Shulga Law Firm. Mr. Ross is a business law attorney assisting VC/private equity funds, ... Friends Season 1 Episode 14 'The One with the Candy Hearts' If You Want To Support This Channel: Ross and Joey have a nap together. The One With The Nap Partners S07E06. © Warner Bros. Television 1994-2004. This audio-visual content is administered by: W... Friends tv series could be rewatched dozens of times. Either you are a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or just searching for some comedy. Option to watch friends is al... This is everybody the Friends date. Not flirt with, or hook up with, but go on actual dates/have a relationship with. Any we missed? Friends - Now Streaming ... We all know it's not easy supporting an MBA spouse. We take a look behind the scenes into the life of partners at Ross. (Originally Aired at Ross Follies 2014: Face the Music [Jan 25, 2014 ...