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Kina Kina to release as Na Jaane Kyun in Hindi Posted on May 28, 2014 May 28, 2014 by Anand Nepal The Nepali movie featuring Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manandhar , ‘Kina Kina’ is going to release in Hindi in a different name. 'Marjaavaan' new song 'Kinna Sona': Sidharth Malhotra and Tara Sutaria's innocent love story will tug at your heartstrings; Mumbai to witness the longest classical music concert in the world Kin Film Download Free Tuesday, August 7, 2018. Watch Kin Full Movie & Free HD Hindi Download. ... download this kind love download kin omo iya alaja iamamiwhoami kin download rar ... new nepali full movie kina gare maya king kong full movie in hindi king hunther full movie hum aapke hain koun full movie download Listen to Kinna Sona (From 'Marjaavaan') song by Jubin Nautiyal, Dhvani Bhanushali, Meet Bros from Kinna Sona (From 'Marjaavaan') on JioSaavn. Hindi movie featuring Tara Sutaria, Rakul Preet, Riteish Deshmukh, Sidharth Malhotra. Download Kinna Sona (From 'Marjaavaan') songs or listen online free, only on JioSaavn. About ‘Kina Kina’ The adult themed movie by Dahal Films, ‘Kina Kina’ made news when the director announced for an actress to pose nude in the movie. Actress Arunima Lama agreed to do the role. The movie also features the love story of Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manandhar. Kinna Sona - Official Video Song. November 06, 2019. Watch Kinna Sona - Official Video Song Lovi shared on Instagram a fan-made edit of the poster of her 2020 film “Hindi Tayo Pwede,” which features her being sandwiched by two topless actors. In the edited poster, the men played by Tony Labrusca and Marco Gumabao were replaced with the faces of Park Seo-joon and Ji Chang-wook.

Something like a little AU? Or pretty much rewriting everything

2020.05.14 22:18 imagaynerd Something like a little AU? Or pretty much rewriting everything

THIS TOOK ME THREE WEEKS TO WRITE PLEASE READ IT. So um, the rivals are awfully written hentai tropes and Ayano and Taro are blander than bricks. I tried my best to differ everyone, but my English is not perfect and I often use the same phrases or make grammatical errors. I'm sorry if you find this offensive or disrespectful to anyone or anything, and I'll immediately take out anything you don't like. Some of these characters like Katsurō (I think I like him too much for an OC) or Kanaye already existed a long time ago, but I made them less edgy now because I can. Please give me your opinion on these characters, or advices to help me improve on writing.
Prologue: The game is (would be) a VN and takes place in a university. It's not an everyday university though, it's a rich place for spoiled brats and nerdy rich kids. Celebrities, politicians and businessmen from all over the world send their children there. There are cameras installed in most places, and there is a variety of clubs to join. The uniforms for girls are long light blue dresses, with stockings of their choice and black shoes, along with a black ribbon. For boys, the uniforms are white shirts with a dark blue blazer over them, dark blue pants and dark brown shoes. The school is known for its not-so-strict rules, resulting in a lot of bullying between the students. The campus has everything, a gym, a pool, a baseball field, hell, even its own theatre. All the rivals have 1-2 unique elimination methods.
Ayano Aishi replaced by Wakumi Hirota
Age: 22 Height: 183cm Birthday: 14/8/1998 Nationality: Japanese Sexuality: Pansexual Studying: Photography Clubs: Debate, Foreign Film, Adventure Hobbies: Shopping, dancing, swimming Personality: Social butterfly Languages speaking: Japanese, English, French, Greek Eye colour: Olive/Dark yellow Hair colour: Dark brown Hairstyle: Low messy ponytail Stockings: Dark yellow Accessories: None Other: Wakumi is a popular, sassy girl that wants everything for her, she doesn't care about others, and she thinks the world revolves around her. She can pretend she's an angel, and she has got many friends. When she wants something she'll get it no matter what she'll have to do; she or her maids. She meets Tetsuya in a summer camp. Backstory: She grew up as an only child, and she's not having a good relationship with her mother. On the other hand, her father is often travelling and can't spend much time with them, even if he wants to. She was raised surrounded by maids and butlers, and won't hesitate to boss around her classmates because of that. She was popular since her early childhood, but she's not very intelligent. Dark secret: She was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was 15, but nobody told her to avoid making her sad or ruin her reputation. She has messed up thoughts of killing her enemies, but she thinks it's normal.
Taro Yamada replaced by Tetsuya Katayama
Age: 21 Height: 186cm Birthday: 18/11/1999 Nationality: Japanese Sexuality: Bisexual Studying: Landscaping Clubs: Gardening, Cooking, Chess Hobbies: Gardening, jogging Personality: Loner Languages speaking: Japanese, English Eye colour: Pink Hair colour: Black Accessories: None (sometimes he wears glasses despite not needing to) Other: Tetsuya is a boy passionate about gardening; it's the only thing he likes. He loves flowers so much he sometimes talks to them. He likes nature, and often has picnics with his twin brother in the forest. He's kind and generous, and loves making new friends, if they approach him first. He prefers staying alone in peace, and can always be found somewhere outside. Because of all that and because he's often daydreaming during class, he struggles with his lessons. He wants to travel the whole world one day. Backstory: His parents died in a fire, and he and his brother were adopted by an old couple that couldn't have kids. He didn't have friends in all his life, he didn't try to make any. Dark secret: When they were young, out of anger he stabbed his brother and removed his eye. The latter forgave him a long time ago.
Osana Najimi replaced by Akiko Fukumoto
Age: 24 Height: 168cm Birthday: 26/9/1996 Nationality: Japanese Sexuality: Straight Studying: Programming (unlike Alex who codes off YouTube tutorials) Clubs: Chess, History, Technology Hobbies: Playing videogames, reading Personality: Fragile Languages speaking: Japanese, English Eye colour: Light brown Hair colour: Dark purple Hairstyle: Cut short Stockings: White Accessories: None Elimination method: Driving to suicide Other: Akiko is a calm girl that prefers being alone at most times, but doesn't mind meeting new people; she can be confident if she tries. She met Tetsuya in the Chess club, and they seem to have many things in common. They both have a crush on each other, but it just so happens that Akiko is Wakumi's roommate. Even though she appears to not care about what others think of her, she's actually very anxious and worried that people will not like her when they get to know her. Backstory: She grew up in a big happy family, she has nine siblings, and she's the oldest one; her parents love all of them equally. Her father is a lawyer and her mother a politician. "Dark" secret: She used to have a lot of fake friends in the past, and she has been distancing herself because of that. They all used her for money and homework, and she didn't even realize.
Amai Odayaka replaced by Yasashiku Ikehara
Age: 21 Height: 196cm Birthday: 1/1/1999 Nationality: Japanese Sexuality: Bisexual Studying: History Clubs: WW2 studying, Ancient History, Mythology, Woodworking, French Hobbies: Collecting miniatures, cooking Personality: Loner Languages speaking: Japanese, English, Polish Eye colour: Dark purple (also wears glasses) Hair colour: Dark green Accessories: A blue scarf over his blazer Elimination method: Pushing him off the roof after a heated argument Other: Yasashiku is a very smart gentleman, he almost never gets anything lower than B in his tests. He really likes history, and wants to become a history teacher when he graduates college. He is the typical quiet kid, but he can roast you if you annoy him. He's usually being ignored by everyone, but he has his history books that keep him company. He won't hesitate to put his life in danger to save a friend. He meets Tetsuya when a teacher forced him to help his classmate with his studies, and they developed some kind of relationship/friendship, but that's enough to anger Wakumi. Backstory: He and his little sister were abandoned in the streets by their parents, and no orphanage accepted them for years, but they finally were found by a rich man that immediately adopted them, and doesn't regret it up until today. His sister is very clingy because he always protected her in the past, and she feels safer around him than their bodyguards (don't worry they don't have bodyguards at school, especially those who can break arms like Raibaru). Dark secret: He is being threatened by the literal mafia. They often take his money and force him to do dirty jobs for them, or else they threaten they'll kill his sister and stepfather. The one that scares him the most is his real father, the one that abandoned him.
Kizana Sunobu replaced by Angelique Chevrolet
Age: 20 Height: 190cm Birthday: 2/3/2000 Nationality: French Sexuality: Straight Studying: Mechanical engineering Clubs: Literature, Anime, Science Personality: Social butterfly Hobbies: Singing, writing poems, playing handball Languages speaking: French, English Eye colour: Light green Hair colour: Light pink Hairstyle: Curly low pigtails Stockings: Light green Accessories: Green gloves, flowers on her hair, has the sleeves of her uniform raised up Elimination method: Kidnapping, beating to death with a bat Other: Angelique is a student who studies abroad; she plans to leave after graduating. She's very confident and easygoing, but can be rude sometimes. She gets mad when people are behaving like barbarians, and is a perfectionist. Despite all of that, she loves all kinds of mechanisms and wants to become an engineer. She met Tetsuya in the school garden. She's vegan and has a short temper. Backstory: She has two mothers and an older brother, who are a bit...overprotective...they videocall her every three hours. One of her mothers is a model and the other a popular writer. She was usually liked by her classmates because of her positiveness. Dark secret: She has anorexia. She skips breakfast and eats very little for the rest of the day. This is due to her brother making fun of her weight when she was younger.
Oka Ruto replaced by Jiayi Zhang
Age: 19 Height: 163cm Birthday: 17/4/2001 Nationality: Chinese Sexuality: Straight Studying: Nursing Clubs: Book, Art, Marine Biology Personality: Fragile Hobbies: Doing housework, reading, volunteering Languages speaking: Chinese, English, Japanese Eye colour: Red (one of her pupils is black and one is white) Hair colour: Brown, with lighter extensions Hairstyle: Long and curly, she spends hours taking care of it Stockings: Striped, half red and half white Accessories: Red gloves, headband shaped as a star, earrings shaped as stars Elimination method: Drowning in the local WCs after a fighting scene Other: She's serious and cold, preferring to avoid everybody and reading by herself on the roof. She absolutely loves social distancing, and doesn't want anyone touching her without her permission. She has a soft spot for animals. She met Tetsuya in an animal shelter, where they both helped a cat give birth. Backstory: Her mother died two days after she was born, and she has been living with her father and grandmother ever since. They moved to Japan when she was 12, for business "reasons". She has a fiance in another university, and they'll get married after graduating, unless she falls in love with someone else. Dark secret: Well...if I revealed this, the whole thing would be spoiled, lol. Let's say it's not dark, just creepy. Think of a certain brunette girl with green eyes...
Asu Rito replaced by Kanaye Yoshino
Age: 19 Height: 159cm Birthday: 12/7/2001 Nationality: Japanese Sexuality: Bisexual Studying: Honestly, nobody knows Clubs: Debate, Bowling Personality: Phone Addict/Spiteful Hobbies: Texting (is that even a hobby?), shopping, drawing Languages speaking: Japanese Eye colour: Salmom Hair colour: Blonde (with salmon colored extensions) Accessories: A salmon colored jacket tied around his waist, scrunchies around his wrists Elimination method: Strangling Other: He's bullying Tetsuya. On Friday evening, he plans to do something horrible to him. Despite being a first year, Kanaye is extremely popular and has a girlfriend that doesn't even care about him; he doesn't either though, they're together for the eyes. He's an egoistic, selfish snob, and talks back to everyone, even the teachers. People assume he's an angel at first, but he's the complete opposite when they get to know him. In reality, he's quite insecure but he would never admit it. He has a fang. Backstory: He has many friends since he was a toddler, and his parents can buy an entire country for him if he wants them to. He orders around everyone and has never baker or cooked anything, not even a toast. "Dark" secret: He doesn't like bullying at all. He acts like this so the others won't dare to hurt him. He's scared.
Muja Kina (ew) replaced by Chiharu Teshima
Age: 24 Height: 166cm Birthday: 22/6/1996 Nationality: Japanese Sexuality: Lesbian Studying: Communication and media studies Clubs: Debate, Cheerleading, Cooking, Sailor Moon Fan Club, Robotics, Swimming Personality: Social butterfly Hobbies: Playing dolls, visiting her friends, having long walks at the beach or the countryside Languages speaking: Japanese, Belarusian Eye colour: Dark red Hair colour: Dark blue Hairstyle: Messy, medium length with two bangs sticking out getting glares from everyone Stockings: Loosened up, white Accessories: Red hat decorated with a heart, a teddy bear she carries around calling "Mr Teddy" Elimination method: Literally pushing her in the fan on the roof, like Childhood Friend aka Osana Other: Some of her classmates were taking a "prank" too far and were about to cut her hair, and Tetsuya stopped them. Chiharu views him as a bodyguard and a protector, and is being overly excited about him. She's childish and often forgets to take care of herself; she forgets to brush her teeth or make her hair. She loves making new friends and that's why she joined so many clubs, but she didn't realize how much of her freetime she'd spend there. She cries a lot. If we befriend her, she'll move in Wakumi's dorm to be with her "girl best friend" as she refers to her. Backstory: Her parents are abusive, and she has been bullied for years. She is really sad on the inside, and sometimes talks to herself or her teddy bear, claiming it replies back. The reason she's so childish is because she never got to live a normal childhood. She's a big threat because she absolutely CAN fight Wakumi, and anyone attacking her. If she feels she's in danger, she'll get the nearest weapon and attack anyone she suspects. Dark secret: Well, it's pretty much revealed above.
Mida Rana (aka creepy pedo) replaced by Katsurō Kawakami
Age: 22 Height: 179cm Birthday: 30/9/1998 Nationality: Japanese Sexuality: Straight Studying: Philosophy Clubs: None Personality: Social butterfly Hobbies: Writing, taking driving lessons (and failing, resulting in literally living in the hospital half the year) Languages speaking: Japanese, Arabic, Italian Eye colour: Magenta (also wears glasses) Hair colour: Red/orange (ginger I guess) Accessories: None Elimination method: Betraying and stabbing to death Other: Katsurō is a bit unique; he's a rival because he has a crush on Wakumi. When he learns about the murders she has committed (or that she's schizophrenic in case the player takes the pacifist route) he will try to help her, give her advices and try to get her to get over her obsession with Tetsuya. He's kind, generous and thoughtful. He cares a lot about the others, probably more than himself. He has an unhealthy obsession with conspiracy theories, UFOs, and all that stuff. He will always help a friend in need. Backstory: He has a pretty normal family, three sisters, a brother and his parents, who own a popular phone company. He knows Wakumi since elementary school, they're kind of childhood friends. "Dark" secret: Not really dark, but he's extremely easy to trick and lie to. He has been manipulated many times.
Osoro Shitesu replaced by Hideko Mochizuki
Age: 23 Height: 191cm Birthday: 6/12/1997 Nationality: Japanese Sexuality: Pansexual Studying: Sociology Clubs: She has a literal rock band outside and inside of the campus, she's famous in the entire planet she has a club dedicated to her and some fans that act more like a cult Personality: Heroic Hobbies: Singing, uploading on her hate blog Languages speaking: Japanese, English, Hindi Eye colour: Yellow (wears eyeliner and mascara) Hair colour: Light brown Hairstyle: Braided Stockings: Fishnets (even though she's breaking the dress code and often gets in trouble for it, she doesn't give af) Accessories: A star tattoo on her neck Elimination method: Taking her away from the stage during her birthday, attacking with an axe Other: Like I said above, she's a famous rockstar. She is often followed by a crowd, but will definitely find free time if she wants to. She meets Tetsuya when he accidentally ends up in one of her concerts without a ticket and has to be taken to security inspection. She sees him there and saves him from all the trouble. She's a party animal and a bit risky most times, bratty, spoiled and brutally honest. She dislikes Wakumi because she takes some of her popularity at school away. At Friday evening, she plans to confess to Tetsuya during her birthday party in front of the entire school. Backstory: Her parents both died a few years ago, leaving her with a huge amount of money and a bunch of snobby servants. She has made a hate blog and loves to gossip there about people to kill time. A lot of reporters daily visit the campus to talk to her and take interviews. She's talented at what she's doing, and has been practicing since 7. Dark secret: She's a sadist. Nothing else needs to be said.
Hanako Yamada replaced by Shun Katayama
Age: 21 Height: 186cm Birthday: 18/11/1999 Nationality: Japanese Sexuality: Straight Studying: Psychology Clubs: Anime, theatre, art, gardening Personality: Social butterfly Hobbies: Drawing, designing clothes, sewing Languages speaking: Japanese, English Eye colour: Pink Hair colour: Black Accessories: An eye patch shaped as a rose over his left eye Elimination method: Throwing a heavy object on him while he's on stage, practicing for a play alone Other: Tetsuya's twin. He's naive and kinda stupid, but has a kind heart filled with love. He often takes fast decisions, having disastrous results. Like his brother, he loves all kinds of art, especially theatre. He is very good at acting and will probably have the lead role for some school play soon. He has an unhealthy obsession with Pokémon, and when not wearing his uniform he walks around in a pikachu hoodie. He prefers hugging than talking, and a Starbucks coffee is almost part of his arm at this point. He absolutely loves his brother and pretty much everyone. He's a rival because he plans to take Tetsuya to move with him somewhere abroad after the semester ends. Killing him will have a huge impact on Tetsuya's sanity. Backstory: His parents died in a fire, and he and his brother were adopted by an old couple that couldn't have kids. He had a lot of friends in his life. Some years ago, he was stabbed in the eye by Tetsuya, but he doesn't even care at this point, he forgave him a long time ago. "Dark" secret: When they were young, he and his brother exchanged spots very often, to the point they were sharing their lives. Nobody knows who's actually who, but they stopped doing it anyway, since now Shun misses an eye and everyone can tell them apart.
Mary Sue (bitch) replaced by Shiori and Daisuke Nakamura
Ages: 23 Heights: 173cm (Shiori) 175cm (Daisuke) Birthday: 31/8/1997 Nationalities: Japanese Sexualities: Straight (Daisuke) Lesbian (Shiori) Studying: Mathematics (both) Clubs: None (both) Personalities: Dangerous Hobbies: Daisuke: Volunteering (not really a hobby but ok), playing rugby and breaking bones Shiori: Playing videogames, collecting stickers directed made for 10 year olds Languages speaking (both): Japanese, English Eye colour (both): Electric blue Hair colour (both): Light green Hairstyle (both): Shiori has her hair in two messy buns, Daisuke in a ponytail or sometimes down, depending on his mood Accessories: They both wear matching friendship bracelets even though they're siblings and grown adults, Shiori also wears a weird thing on her hair shaped as a pink heart Elimination method: Making them untrust each other, kidnap Daisuke, drive Shiori to murder him and kill her by yourself after Other: After the murder of his brother, Tetsuya is absolutely terrified and begs his mom to hire some bodyguards for him. These two end up at that position. Even though they were normal students all this time, they have also been trained as bodyguards. But they don't just protect Tetsuya, they'll try to help him find the one responsible for all the deaths. In Friday evening, they plan to expose Wakumi in front of the entire school. Daisuke is what we'd call a "tsundere". He is tough and rude on the outside, but the absolutely opposite in reality. He loves animals like Jiayi, and if the school allowed it, his dorm would probably look more like a zoo. He is a scaredy cat, to the point of screaming when his sister "jumpscares" him from behind, and that's why he learned to defend himself in the first place. Talking about his sister, Shiori is probably the complete opposite of him; she's friendly and bubbly on the outside, but she can become pretty scary if she senses danger. She often pranks her brother and Tetsuya while they're talking about the murders in the worst ways, and doesn't realize how serious the situation is. She loves festivals, and is super excited for the one the week after the one she becomes a rival. If the player takes the pacifist route, both siblings will be normal friends with Tetsuya and everyone who's not dead, without being hired or investigating mysteries. Backstory (both): They have been carrying an extremely rare disease since birth. They were two of the three hundred alive carriers. Their mother was absolutely disgusted that her children weren't "perfect" and she literally sold them to a science lab, while their father committed suicide after learning what his wife did. One of the scientists there took them home and raised them like her children, despite never actually adopting them. Before that though, they were put in hundreds of inhumanly painful tests. They grew up homeschooled, without any social interaction for years. After finally going out to the public, they were victims of robbing many times, so their mother forced them to learn how to defend themselves. After doing so, they fell in love with the whole fighting thing and decided to work as bodyguards, while also going to university. Dark secret: When they were teens, they killed someone. A scientist who tried to literally cut off Shiori's arm. They got away with it because they were underage, having their mother simply pay a few millions to the police.
This shit is cringe, I swear I'm not 10 y/o
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