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Bull Terrier - For egg head and miniature egg head questions, experiences, pictures, videos, training tips, etc!

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A Gordon Setter is a large breed of dog, a member of the setter family that also includes both the better-known Irish Setter and the English Setter. Setter breeds are classified as members of either the Sporting or Gundog Group depending on the national kennel club or council. The original purpose of the breed was to hunt game birds.

2020.10.27 10:09 trashmoneyxyz How "preserving bloodlines" has ruined the Doberman (and is putting it on the brink of extinction!!)

Dobies are, without question, one of my favorite all-time breeds. The look, the gait, the loyalty, their intelligence, they are excellent dogs that live up to their reputation.
Well, besides the inbreeding coefficient of ~0.4...and all the, y'know, cardiomyopathy.
So, let's talk tragic hereditary disease.

![img](cm71old58lv51 "1901 registered Dobermann \"Graf Wedigo v.Thueringen\"")

A modern-day dobie
History of the Doberman

Graf Belling v. Grönland, \"The first registered Dobermann\"
Dobies have a long history of being, well, crossbreeds (see the first pic on the post). The breed is largely thought to have originated in Germany, bred by tax collector Friedrich Louis Dobermann who sought a fierce-looking dog that could provide protection on the job. The breed came about in the 1880s, refined throughout the 1890s, and has remained highly popular through to the present day. The doberman is believed to be the result of mixing a variety of dog breeds, including rottweilers and german shepherds. The first doberman registered to a kennel club was in 1898, just before the turn of the century. 50 years later, the breed would start to go into decline. Why?
Inbreeding and Health Problems
The modern Doberman has an inbreeding coefficient of 0.45. To put that into perspective, a full sibling mating would result in puppies with a coefficient of 0.25. This puts dobies just behind pugs in terms of inbreeding - not a good place to be. Inbreeding depression, or when a population reaches an inbreeding level that starts negatively affecting fertility and health, kicks in at inbreeding coefficients of around 0.1. Now, this unfortunately puts most purebreds at risk for inbreeding depression, however the diseases affecting doberman are particularly nasty.
Doberman pinschers may suffer from hip dysplasia, bloat, blood clot disorders, or the big killer dilated cardiomyopathy, a disease which can cause heart failure in the afflicted. This is already a serious issue in the breed. Around 60% of doberman are thought to be affected with heart disease. This year, that number is projected to reach 70%. By 2039, 100% of doberman may be affected by or be carriers of this disease. To be clear, one of the nastier side affects of this disease is that it doesn't always present symptoms in time. Sometimes, the dogs just drop dead. The prevalence of this disease is specifically the fault of inbreeding.
But how did this breed's genetics get so dominated by this disease? Well, the same way many popular pedigree dog breeds become so inoculated with the same diseases. Dog breeders want to breed dogs that have popular, recognizable sires. With the internet and the convenience of the postal service, it's possible to ship...ahem, the genes of these sires to scores of breeders. Since these genetics are desirable, the puppies of these sires flood the market, and create a genetic bottleneck. Somewhere along the line of doberman dogs I'm willing to bet a popular sire carried the genes for cardiomyopathy, similar to how one popular boxer sire Gucci is believed to have passed on a deadly gene throughout UK boxer populations.
So onto the real question, how do we save these dogs?
The solution is actually really, really simple
Of course it's outcrossing.
The answer is almost always outcrossing.
The answer here is the same one that could save scores of dog breeds. New genes from outside the breed gene pool. No amount of selecting healthy doberman to breed to other healthy doberman can save these dogs now. We've long since passed that point. Doberman face extinction without an outcrossing program.
Now, there are plenty of people who will probably wail about a doberman outcross project ("but the genes!! think of the genes tho!!1!"), and who will probably insist any dog born from an outcross program isn't a true, pure doberman. To which I say, good. Look at these pictures of real registered doberman from the early 1900s:
![img](qgfxsbuiolv51 "1901 Reg#NZ65 Veronika v.Thueringen")
![img](8uqgcrasolv51 "905 Reg.#NZ313 Primus v.Thueringen")
![img](nvbrx02xolv51 "1909 Reg.#NZ885 Prinz Modern v. Ilm-Athen")
These are all examples of fine early doberman that helped refine the breed, and in case you couldn't tell by the diversity in body and coat shown here, many have mixed ancestry. The doberman is a very new breed, and not too long ago had plenty of members that would be considered mutts by today's pedigree-lovers. Surprise surprise, it was only when blood-purity became a hot topic that the doberman breed began to see a decline in health.
But I think the most important thing to note here is that, it's all arbitrary. If you scroll to the top picture on this post, you'll notice that it's also a lil mixed-up-pup. I'm really trying to drive home the fact that the doberman used to be a diverse breed of what modern-day breeders would consider mongrels. We decide what makes a dobie a dobie, and if we need to take the doberman back to its mixed-pup roots to improve the lives of the real, living dogs that we claim to love, then that's simply what needs to be done.
Doberman are more than just pure genes. They're dogs that deserve respect.
And just in case you guys were wondering, I was able to find one whole doberman outcrossing project:
And an article about another organization trying to assess the messed up genes of these dogs:
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2020.09.16 10:17 texassiizebullies About and History

Conceived in the USA, the American Bully originates from a blend of a few related canine varieties, including the American Bulldog and American Pit Bull Terrier. Known for having a tender and delicate character despite their threatening appearance, these canines are regularly promoted as the ideal pets for kids.
📷 Exotic Bully
Kept uniquely as a friendly creature and a show canine, the American Bully isn't generally utilized for a particular reason and has surely never partaken in canine battling. They appreciate experiencing in the scope of doggy exercises, and their insight and willing nature make them a delight to prepare.

About and History

An as of late created breed, the American Bully appeared during the 1980s inside the United States of America and is a relative of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Different varieties that added to its hereditary qualities incorporate the American Bulldog, English Bulldog, and the American Staffordshire Terrier. This canine was reproduced to have a cumbersome and great appearance with solid bone.
There was not one specific replicating program that was set up to build up this variety; instead, numerous proprietors inside America were blending the previously mentioned canine varieties, prompting the possible making of the American Bully. At first, this variety was perceived by the American Bully Kennel Club in 2004, and the UKC went with the same pattern in 2013 when they acknowledged them into their Companion Dog Group.


The American Bully is entirely conspicuous and has a scary and thick-built body. Their body ought to be an inherent extent, and they ought not to be so brachycephalic (short-nosed) that their breathing is influenced. Their manufacture ought not to infringe on their development or spryness, and they ought to have the option to move certainly and quickly. Their muscles ought to furnish them with force and quality and ought not to be misrepresented to the point that they lead to a crooked or blocky step.
The top of the American Bully is wide and thick with very much created cheeks and a conspicuous stop. Their gag is, to some degree, square fit as a fiddle and ought to be shorter than their skull, just taking up around one-fourth of the head). Fundamentally, their nose is enormous, and their nares are not immature. Any nasal shade is acknowledged. Their eyes are all around separated and ought not to be excessively massive.

Character and Temperament

Reared to be all the more a friend creature than a working canine-like its precursors, the American Bully makes a sweet pet for the entire family. They are delicate and amiable and appreciate investing energy playing with kids and relaxing in the home. They love to show love and bond intimately with their lords. They ought to never give any indications of animosity or antagonism, and these are not characteristics related to the variety.
Even though the Exotic Bully was not reared for a particular undertaking, they are as yet sure about their capacity and athletic. They can do well in various canine exercises and sports. Their characteristic prey drive changes from individual to individual however, doesn't will, in general, be excessively substantial so this canine isn't probably going to make a decent tracker.
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2020.07.16 21:18 duelcard Mister Miracle Annual 1 - Today's Moments, Tomorrow's Memories

DC Next presents:


Annual One: Today’s Moments, Tomorrow’s Memories
Written by duelcard
Edited by: dwright5252 and AdamantAce
First ** **Next > Coming Next Month
Planet: Earth, 21st Century. Pre-Incursion.
Knock knock.
A frantic shuffling was followed by a muffled voice that allowed entry. “Come in,” Oberon called.
Scott Free hesitantly turned the doorknob and stuck his head inside. He was greeted by the sight of Oberon’s red, puffy eyes. The shorter man sat nervously at the edge of his bed, clutching the sheets until the tips of his knuckles turned white.
“So, was your fling last night?” The words were out of his mouth before Scott realized how insensitive they were.
Oberon’s face fell, though he tried to mask it with a reluctant smile. “Fun. Actually, not fun. But it doesn’t really matter.”
A guilty feeling churned in Scott’s gut. Things had all gone horribly wrong. He thought back to the events of the evening prior, just a little over thirteen hours ago. The Honolulu cityscape was a marvel to behold at night, like all metropolises on the waterfront. From the boardwalk, thousands of bright lights illuminated the ocean waves. It was the perfect choice for a first “get to know you” date, and Scott had to give credit to the man who had asked Oberon out.
His name was Darien—Darien Sutton, as his business card read. He worked in finance as a management consultant in the higher end of the city, and he certainly brought some of that prestige into his mannerisms. With his curly hair and bronzed skin, Darien was certainly a sight to behold. Over the span of several weeks, his charm only made Oberon fall for him all the more.
“Hey, do you want to talk about it?” Scott asked hesitantly. He wasn’t sure how to proceed now. Feelings were a sensitive thing, especially those of fondness.
“Everything’s fine,” Oberon sighed. “Thanks, Scott.”
With a guilty grimace, Scott shut the door.
It was a week later when they spoke to each other again.
“About that thing with Darien…” Oberon began, taking a seat on the couch. His friend stopped his browsing, shut the laptop lid, and turned to listen with anticipating ears.
“It didn’t work out,” admitted Oberon. “He was charming, like everyone said. I suppose I felt a sense of pride, as if I was at his level.”
Scott frowned, shaking his head. “Don’t compare yourself to him. You aren’t any less than him.”
“I know,” Oberon said with a grateful smile. After a long pause, he shrugged. “We didn’t click at all. Let’s just say we butted heads on a lot of subjects, and he is an expert at ruining first dates.”
“Just move forward, right?”
“Yeah, moving forward. And crossing Darien Sutton off the people I want in my life is top priority,” Oberon agreed.
Scott said nothing. He did not want to pry into the matter any further, nor did he want to know if there was another side to the story. After all, Oberon was his friend, someone he would give his life for in an instant. And if Oberon said Darien was an asshole, then by the gods, Darien was an asshole.
“Are you going to the mechanic shop later?” Scott asked.
Oberon stood up, stretching. “I was just going to change into the uniform right now. You wanna pick up milk and two frozen pizzas after your date?”
Scott groaned, thinking of his scheduled appointment with his therapist. “How many? Of the milk, I mean.”
“A half gallon should be enough,” Oberon said, eyes open in surprise. “How much were you thinking?”
“I was going to buy out the whole store if you didn’t specify. A normal amount for anybody.”
Planet: Apokolips, Time Not Specified.
The haunted singing that plagued the corridors had turned many back, but for Scott Free and Cordex, it was a different story. Raised through hell and death, the two mad lads scurried along the walls toward their destination. They were bent on recovering the toys, and nothing would stop the son of Darkseid and his wire-framed companion.
Scott peeked around the corner of the red-bathed hallway. He panted, eyes flitting around. “Come on,” he whispered, and advanced.
Cordex was right on his heels. “I hear them right above us.”
Scott tilted his head upwards, listening for footsteps louder than his own muffled ones. Sure enough, there appeared to be a heavy presence stomping across the other side of the ceiling. From experience, he knew the floor above them consisted of several thick layers of metal. Whoever was above them was certainly large.
The duo rushed along the lengthy corridor until they came upon a grate. Scott pressed his face against the slitted steel, peering into the dimmed chamber. To his left, he could see a set of stairs, and to his right, a longer hallway which loud barking came from. This was it.
Cordex placed a quick hand on his shoulder, causing him to pause. They waited for the person above them to descend down the stairs. As their feet came into view, Scott sprang out, grabbing the tinted boots and pulling with all his might. A surprised grunt came from their target, and Scott saw a brief glimpse of Cordex moving forwards.
“Alright,” Cordex said, his voice trembling a bit.
Scott panted, noticing that the feet in his hands had gone limp. He stood up and turned to see a blade buried in the guard’s neck. It wasn’t sad or pitiful to see, but he didn’t want to look at it anymore. Scott pulled his friend behind him as they moved on, leaving the corpse in the past. It was better to know nothing about them at all.
They passed a few empty jail cells and came to the kennels—the place they were looking for. Inside, horrors wailed. Scott could not describe them, even if he was tortured. Mangled flesh that looked like a cross between a dog and an insect limped forward. Its swollen genitals had worms squirming beneath the skin. The worst part was the stench that waffed near them.
Cordex gagged, backing up and pulling his shirt over his face. “Scott, what is that?”
“I don’t know,” Scott said nasally, his hands flying to his nose. He surveyed the cell—bones, rotten flesh, and blue hay was littered around. In the midst lay the object they were sent to retrieve. It was a doll that was made from simple materials.
Incredible. The girl they were doing this for had been torn apart from her parents, abducted by Apokoliptan slave traders. The doll that now appeared to be this abomination’s chew toy had belonged to her, until it had been taken away by the good Granny. Scott reached forward, ignoring the screams of the beast.
“Scott, I don’t think it’s safe!” Cordex whispered hurriedly. He was panicking.
Scott cursed at himself. He shouldn’t have let Cordex come—he wasn’t the kind of person to effortlessly conduct missions like an emotionless robot. Whatever. It was too late to back down now.
With a kick, Scott broke the lock that held the cell door closed. The monster yowled, leaping out at Scott. He ducked, but that was a bad idea. The monster soared over him, leaping onto Cordex, and plunging a spiked tail into the boy’s bony chest.
Cordex spat out blood, coughing violently. “Scott…”
“No!” Scott roared, grabbing the creature by its frame. He bashed it against the wall, then the floor, then the wall again. He bashed its brains out against the stone beneath their calloused feet until it had stopped screaming. And once its corpse lay limp, Scott dug a pair of knives into it and began to carve.
“Why?” Cordex’s stifling broke him out of his sudden rage. Looking in horror at what he had done, Scott dropped his weapons and rushed open to Cordex’s side. The boy’s skin felt feverish beneath his touch.
“I’m sorry! Please, don’t die!” Scott said, his voice beginning to rise. He tore at the linen shirt that Cordex was sporting, only to find that the inflicted wounds had begun to heal. “What was I…” he trailed off into silence at the sight.
Cordex opened his eyes to find the same sight. “What the…”
“Who’s there?” a cautious voice echoed down the chamber. From the stairs down the hall, they heard a surprised gasp.
Scott and Cordex looked at each other. Being caught would mean death.
Cordex rushed at the approaching guard as Scott reached into the cell and grabbed the doll. The spit left by the kenneled creature was sticky and gross, but he shoved it into his pocket without another thought. He followed Cordex into tackling the guard, who fought back with tenacity.
A yell came from Cordex as he was slammed against the wall. “My arm!” he gasped. The pain was apparent in his voice.
Scott wrapped his arms as tight as he could around the new guard, choking him. They tripped over their own feet, and the two went down hard. After a few more minutes, the guard finally stopped moving. Scott reached for a knife, but Cordex put a hand on his wrist.
“Please, Scott...that’s enough,” Cordex said with tears in his eyes. His face was contorted, but whether it was from pain or guilt, only he could say.
“You killed that one earlier,” Scott said, pointing out the first guard. “One more won’t make a difference.”
Cordex shook his head. The tears were flowing freely now.
Scott clenched his jaw, his heart hammering against his chest. He felt the same pain that Cordex felt, but he knew he had to do it. “We’ll be found out if they’re allowed to live and wake up. Besides, this is Apokolips. It’s not like they have a family here.”
After a period of awkward silence, Cordex turned away and allowed Scott to do the deed.
They retreated back to a small corner of the orphanage, where a small girl was waiting. Her eyes and face were puffy, as if she had been crying for days on end. Her once white gown was muddied and caked with blood, and her pale green hands shook.
But her eyes lit up with hope as Scott smiled and gave a clean doll back to her. She did not care that it had been mangled by sharp teeth or had most of its stuffing torn out. She hugged it, giving it a pure love that was rarely found on this planet.
If only that love could last.
Scott gave a comforting smile as the child began to sob. He placed a hand on her shoulder, leaning in close. With a cracked voice, he reassured, “The strength to survive is within you. Do whatever you have live. Even if it means scavenging scraps of junk, never let them break you.”
The child nodded, quieting down. She seemed to understand how this cruel world worked now. But the flames within her were anything but quenched. Scott could only see them burning brighter. She would never make the mistake of having the good Granny see her weakness again.
He turned to a wincing Cordex, who did a poor job of hiding his broken arm. “My friend here is right. Once they break you, you’re as good as dead. But the day will come when salvation arrives.”
They left the girl with her tears and doll, unsure of whether to speak to her again. It was unwise to let her be caught up with them. After all, she may have a future as a Fury. But for them, they would do anything to survive.
“You know, I don’t think your arm is broken anymore,” Scott muttered under his breath.
Cordex gave him a weird look. “Of course it is? It hurts like hell.”
“Yes, but it’s residual pain. I was surprised at first, too. But you’ll get used to it,” Scott replied. He thought back to watching Cordex’s wounds heal, and everything had clicked in place. Minor cuts and bruises that healed within the hour—Cordex had thought he had been imagining things. But no, it all made sense now.
“You’re right,” Cordex whispered in amazement as he swung his arm naturally. “How did you know?”
“All this time, I never knew I had family by my side. You see, Cordex, you are a New God, just like me,” Scott said, giving him a bittersweet smile.
It was only later that his own words—directed at the sleeping guard, whose throat he had slit without a second thought—would come and bite him in the butt. But by the time he remembered, it was already too late.
Because on Apokolips, families die before they get to live.
Planet: Earth, 21st Century. Post-Incursion.
It wasn’t uncommon for him to weep, even as he stood on the edge of the daunting abyss. But he brushed away those tears quickly, instead resolving to smile.
It had been a few hours since he had just left the all too friendly atmosphere of New Genesis. It was suffocating in there. Compared to his prior memories of that place, he felt as if he were being cornered from all sides.
Everything should be fine now, right? Highfather was back (as Takion, a stranger to most, but everyone could feel his presence), his friends had been released from prison, and Orion was much less angry. Kalibak was as good as dead, and Apokolips had not made any further movement in the bridge that spanned their galaxies.
Everything should be fine now, right?
Then why did it feel as if there were still something missing from his life?
He exhaled, letting his breath turn white in the cold breeze. The city before him glittered upon the water—a view he was much too familiar with but enjoyed nonetheless. He was always drawn to the same things. He loved metropolises—it was the crux of civilization. The peak of a people's accomplishments.
It was too different from the savage pits he had grown up in.
A beep followed by laughter broke Scott out of his trance, and he turned from the railing to see another car pull up into the nearby parking lot. The place soon became more rowdy as a bunch of teenage kids joined him near the railing.
He frowned, not letting the sudden racket bother him.
"-the guy's face as he was crushed by that terraformer," one guy laughed, causing the others to giggle even more.
Scott's ears perked up. Terraformer? Did he hear correctly?
"Man, months of making us think he offed himself," another boy smirked. "Just to find out he got flattened by some alien tech. Flat Stanley-headed ass."
"Um, I'm not really comfortable with this," a female voice perked up from amongst the laughter, though Scott could hear the hysterics in her voice as well.
"Chill, Jade, chill," another one in the group convinced her. "It's just a joke. You think he got a cardboard ass like his sister, now, though?"
Scott brushed his tongue over slightly chapped lips. It was obvious they were talking about a victim of the Incursion. But who? It sounded as if they were referencing a male, making light of his death. Could it have been a friend? No, that was impossible.
He groaned inwardly, and he almost threw his head back to laugh. Here, he had come back to Earth to enjoy its sights, and yet so close to the peak of civilization he so adored, there were savages. Bullies that preyed on the weak and tore them to shreds. Sure, it wasn’t as apparent as those on Apokolips, with their guns and swords and clubs. But bullies existed everywhere, even Earth.
Part of him wondered if it would have been wise to let Steppenwolf blow all these bastards to bits.
Scott immediately bit the inside of his cheek, cursing himself. He shouldn’t think this way. After all, he was the one who had led that monster to this world, causing the deaths of millions. It was a blemish on his ledger that he could never get rid of.. And why should he have such thoughts that strayed from the path he had set out for himself?
“Do you think death is funny?” Scott asked, confronting the laughing group. They stopped, turning to look at him with sneering faces.
“What’s it to you, dude?”
“I’ve had friends and family die in the Incursion,” Scott replied. It was a lie—and yet, it wasn’t completely a lie. He had seen heroes fall under the might of Steppenwolf. Would he consider them friends? Maybe. But family? Certainly not yet.
“I’m terribly sorry, mister, but like, could you give us some space and kindly fuck off? The smell of the poor is stinging my nostrils.” In Scott’s eyes, his verbal attacker was faceless—just a talking corpse.
“Who was this person you keep making fun of?” Scott asked, ignoring the taunts. They were human. No, they were children still. Nothing they said would ever hurt him.
“Some loser from our high school.” The sincere answer was immediately followed up by another jeer. “Why? You trynna buttfuck him? He’s kinda lying somewhere beneath a giant alien dildo, so you’d probably have to suck it off to try and find him.”
Such vulgar language said with intense hatred. Scott began to question if he was even on the right planet. “Why would you disrespect the death of someone you don’t even know?”
“Man, we’re done here,” shouted another one. “This guy must be retarded or something. Steph, my place still?”
They began to walk away, partaking in hushed whispers that were obviously about him. Scott dug his hands into his pockets, determined not to use his fists. They hadn’t thrown any punches, so why should he? He took a deep breath, and soon they were gone.
“Humans will never change,” he uttered, trying out the words. It felt foreign on his tongue, and made him feel like an oppressor. It made him feel like the thing he hated most.
“Humans will change,” Scott corrected himself. That sounded much better.
It didn’t matter what they said—words were only words, after all. But he prayed anyways, to any gods that sat above him. He prayed for those words to never reach the afterlives that the victims of ALL Incursions dwelled in.
After all, those poor souls deserved to rest in peace.
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2020.05.28 21:02 Twzl [Discussion] Dogs get old and sometimes it sucks

About a month or so ago, oldest dog had what we thought at the time was a geriatric vestibular incident. He was slightly tilted, and had some weakness in his hind end. His left eye looked a little funny.
This is not rare in older dogs. It’s idiopathic, it can happen, and it often resolves on its own in a few days. Some dogs are left a little tilted and some make a full recovery. I had one dog who had a bout, and went back to running agility for another two years. Another one, older, never ran not crooked again, but also lived to be 15. That was an ok trade off!
Anyway, been there done that, we were not all that concerned. But a week went by and the eye still looked odd and now I was concerned.
So off we went to our vet. He thought that maybe it was a very deep ear infection, and started old dog on antibiotics. A few days later with no change, he also added an anti-inflammatory.
A week later with no improvement he told me, time to talk to a neurologist. He also said that the symptoms were indicative of Horner’s Syndrome.
But Horner's Syndrome isn't a disease, it's the result of something else.
He was hoping it was something behind the eye…and that that might require removal of the eye but it would be resolvable.
And thus we went to the neurologist. She did a full workup and said, it’s time to decide how aggressively you want to pursue the “why”.
This is one of your chose your own adventure sort of things. In any dog, people will decide that there is a dollar ceiling and once they hit that, they can’t go further. Everyone (I think) has that at some point, but we were not there yet.
So two weeks ago she did an MRI and an ultrasound of his belly. She was looking to see what nerves were involved in the head tilt and eye oddness. She was also hoping it would be something behind that eye, as that would be something she felt she could treat, surgically.
I dropped the dog off early in the morning. Because of Covid 19, a tech came out, in PPE and took him out of his crate in the back of my car, with her own kennel lead, while I was outside of the car, a good distance away, masked.
Later that day the neurologist called me and I knew from her voice it was bad news. She said his belly was fine, nothing unusual or scary there, but at the base of the brain stem, there’s a mass. The cell structure indicated it was growing.
She said any treatment would be palliative. The location of the mass was not in a place that could be operated on successfully. She said she was going to consult with her oncology and radiology colleagues to try to determine what the best guess was as far as what it is.
So old dog started on prednisone that day to try to keep some of the swelling at bay. And a few days later he was started on oral chemo, again, to reduce some of the swelling.
All of this is to buy him as much quality time as possible.
The verdict from the full team is that it’s a meningioma. Old dog is lucky(?) in that the location of his tumor (on his brain stem) doesn’t usually cause seizures. However he will probably have an increasingly hard time walking and will fully lose the vision in his left eye.
The team wouldn’t ball park how much time he has, but assuming the drugs help reduce the swelling for a while, I’m hoping that he'll be here in September.
I’m not sure about Thanksgiving however.
And while he shouldn’t have seizures, nothing is 100%. We really don’t know.
If I hadn’t done the MRI, he’d still die, I just wouldn’t know why. So far from the start at my vet to paying for chemo, we’ve spent about $4500 or so. Old dog needs to have blood drawn every three weeks to make sure that the chemo isn’t totally screwing him up, so that’s going to be more. I'm not sure how long he'll be on the chemo but that's about $45 a month.
Whatever decisions someone makes in situations like this is the right one for them. I am fortunate that we can afford to spend the money on him, but there’s no criticism from me at all, for someone who can not.
I will say that prednisone is cheap and not doing that would be problematic from my point of view. And using prednisone on its own would not have required an MRI, just an understanding of, "we tried everything else, let's try that".
This dog is probably the sweetest one I'll ever own. He has a fan club at the local high school and library, and I think one of the hardest things I'll be doing is emailing the guidance counselor and kid's librarian to explain why, when things re-open at some point, we won't be back.
The last agility trial we went to was over the winter, and I let a kid run him. He adores kids, and the kid was having issues with his own dog being a giant ass, so I said, it's fine, go run him.
I'm glad I did, because it was good for the kid, but I'm sad that I'll never walk to the line with him again. Which is something for all of us to remember. I'd give an awful lot to know that come October I'd be running him again, at my club's local trial.
Old dog is going to spend the summer helping me garden, and wandering around the woods. He's lost any ability to handle hot weather, so the AC is running while the rest of us are cold, but that's ok.
I let him do jumps in the backyard, which are bars on the ground, and if he goes anywhere near the weave poles, he gets liver cookies.
And honestly I think that's what I paid for with that MRI. I know he's on borrowed time, barring some sort of miracle, so as much as he was spoiled before, now he gets to be super spoiled.
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2020.04.05 14:30 CallMeMrsSlender Updated: Raising a Puppy during COVID-19 Resource Hub

This is an Updated Information and Resource Hub, posted for the Month of April 2020. We realize this is now apart of our daily life and is going to be for quite some time, we are trying our hardest to ensure we provide as much information and support as we can for all puppy (and dog) owners as we weather this storm together.
I would like to point out that we, the modteam, nor our users here are experts on COVID-19 and we urge you to please follow information and precautions located on WHO's webpage on Coronavirus disease 2019 as well as those put in place by federal, state, local governments during this time.

Puppy Class is Cancelled & How to Socialize with Social Distancing

Unfortunately, as things progress puppy classes, socials, and other puppy and dog centered gatherings will cease to prevent further spread. While this is frustrating this is okay and do-able at home and while still practicing social distancing and/or self quarantine.
  • Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is an online only dog training academy, sadly they are not offering Baby Genuis (their top rated puppy course) this term but they are offering plenty of courses that will give you lots to do with your puppy. There are different tiers available based on how intensive you would like to be, Bronze is view all lessons and discuss with other students; Silver is viewing lessons, get personalized feedback from instructors via video, discussing with others and posting as need; Gold is pretty much just like an in-person course, you get your homework each week with your lessons and you video your pup's progress for your instructor to assist and cheer you guys on. Registration will continue through April 15th, though self study courses will be available at any time - Puppy courses are available
  • Zak George offers a FREE 30 day online course for puppies via Pupford. He also has loads free content on youtube you can check out if you are not feeling up to committing to a full course, his video series with Inertia has been interesting to watch and can certainly give you pointers on where to start. Edit: He has now uploaded a Covid 19 Specific training video
  • Kikopup also has a large catalouge of free videos on youtube if you're feeling lost, but she recently dropped a massive video all about puppies and watch to teach them and in what order. If that isn't your speed and you want an actual training course, her website Dogmantics offers self-study courses, memberships, videos on demand and even seminars to absorb during this time.
  • While not a puppy course, Do More With Your Dog is a well known resources, and trainer who does online Trick dog titles that can easily transfer to your Kennel Club of choice. Super fun way to pass a good chunk of time and also further your puppies knowledge and bond with you.
  • AKC is Now Accepting Video for Trick Dog Titles highly recommend taking advantage of these trick titles not only for the sake of training but for strengthening your relationship with your pup and having something to strive for. Their Canine Academy was offering a FREE intro to conformation (dog shows) online, offer should still be valid.
  • Ian Dubar's Dunbar Academy also has FREE course collections right from the man who made puppy socials and kindergartens a thing.
  • Susan Garrett, the lovely creator of Crate Games, is offering a free training course on Home School the Dog
  • Socialization. While it may be tricky, socializing while also practicing social distancing is achievable. Socialization =/= Interaction. As we highlight in our wiki article, key words are Positive and Exposure. On top of this there are plenty of ways to socialize without leaving your home, checkout Dr. Yin's Socialization Checklist some of this is as easy as putting on silly hats or outfits and rewarding your puppy.
  • Follow this link Here for an easy-to-follow, step-by-step At-Home Socialization guide.

I'm now WFH/Quarantined and My Puppy is Driving me INSANE

While keeping usual schedule is always a good idea, there are times it's not do-able, or you're both having cabin fever, or whatever the reason may be here are sources to help break up the day and make it more enjoyable for you both.
  • Every month since December 2018, our modteam has diligently written up various Enrichment Ideas to assist you. Take a look and see which ones could work for you.
  • helleraine typed up this lovely post well over a year, maybe two years ago for weather related indoor times, their excellent graph will keep you busy for quite a while.
  • Maybe you have some Kongs or other stuffables laying about or while browsing chewy (or amazon, etc) you aren't quite sure what to purchase for your puppy to chew, Our Deep Dive on Kongs, Chews and Puzzles is right up your alley.
  • Are you more rural or suburban and still able to walk your puppy? Maybe your pup is pulling on the walk a bit or you aren't sure how to get the most out of your walk, Zootrainer wrote up the Value of Decompression Walks that can help you both clear your head on walks.
  • Perhaps you want to enrich your own knowledge more first before enriching your puppy. We have loads of Book recommendations in our wiki. Some of my own favorite are The Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever and Canine Enrichment for the Real World both just absolute chef's kiss when it comes to new things I want to do with my own dogs.
  • Edit: Dogwise publishing is offering 6 FREE Ebooks at this time (3/21), which includes a copy of Visiting the Dog Park. I own a hardback copy of this book, I haven't had the time to sit down and read it thoroughly at this time (pssst can you guess what our Wiki post was going to be) due to reading a pretty big novel at the moment (also dog related) but I highly recommend nabbing a copy now because Dog parks are pretty wild and varied so having some tools in your pocket to help you both navigate them safely is very important.

Puppy Vaccinations and Vet Visits

Routine Vet care may not be available in all areas at this time. The AMVA is fighting to be considered essential in areas were total shut downs of businesses are occurring. We strongly urge you to put in a call to your local clinic(s) to see if your puppy's vaccination schedule will be disrupted and what they recommend you do if so. Some may still be operating on a case-by-case basis, providing curb-side pick up and payment (meaning your pet will go in, not you); but we urge you to phone in. Online pharmacies that provide heartworm/flea/tick preventatives as well as prescribed medications such as Chewy, Amazon, 1-800-PetMeds and the like are still operating per usual but may be backlogged.
Now would be the time to brush up on first aid skills, skim around AskVet, and if need be we do have some veterinary resources within our wiki that include basic first aid, common dangers but also online and over the phone vet services.

Separation Anxiety Concerns

  • In order to not flood this area with copious links, here is the link to the managing behavior section of our wiki, tab down to Separation Anxiety and there are multiple, excellent resources here for you to choose from.
  • COVID's Impact on Human-Dog Relationships amazing read on how this is affecting us and how to possibly mitigate any separation issues now.
  • Relaxation Protocols! They're in the same link as the Separation Anxiety section of our wiki, there are a few to choose from. I don't believe we have all listed but there is Karen Overall, Leslie McDevvitt, Suzanne Clothier, as well as non-rigid ones like's Kikopup's Capturing calmness. Explore and see what works for your puppy and you.

Baths, Nails, Brushing and Hair Cut, Oh my.

With no groomers or vets to primp up and trim up our pups, the task falls to us. We sadly aren't professional groomers so our advice isn't sufficient, though I will warn -Brush before bath, wet dogs mat. But we do hope the following links will help in bathing, nail trims, and even possible grooms at home.
  • Cooperative Care by Deb Jones excellent book, quick read, step by step guides for anything you need to do to care for your dog - medication, nail trims, ear care, teeth brushing, you name it - she covers it!
  • Kiko pup's nail videos there were so many, we chose to link the search results instead of giving you 10 + links.
  • This post by 1000MouseFarts that they did a month or so ago with grooming advice.
  • The dog grooming sub is available at doggrooming it appears they're recommending daily brushing to prevent matting which is awesome but we understand some dogs may just need that at-home groom. They do appear to have a few on-going threads with advice for pet owners as well as supply recommendations.
  • For handling skills as well as dental care we keep a section in our wiki devoted to that, always start small and slow and build up at your puppy's pace.

For Us

We know this is an extremely difficult time for everyone. It's extremely important to take care of ourselves more so now than ever. It can be a struggle to when you have a puppy or multiple pets, but you need to find time to take care of you. While we are not mental health professionals, we did locate a few resources from other subs and wanted to provide those:
If you feel you need assistance, reach out to a mental health professional. There is no shame and something we all should do when able to help us in rough times.
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2020.03.15 22:17 CallMeMrsSlender Puppy Raising during COVID-19 Information Hub

In light of recent and on-going worldly events, we have post-poned our Wiki Deep Dive for March 2020 in favor of a Hub of information to assist those who may be working from home, in quarantine, or as we should all be, practicing the WHO's guidelines on social distancing and staying home. I would like to point out that we, the modteam, nor our users here are experts on COVID-19 and we urge you to please follow information and precautions located on WHO's webpage on Coronavirus disease 2019 as well as those put in place by federal, state, local governments during this time.

Puppy Class is Cancelled & How to Socialize with Social Distancing

Unfortunately, as things progress puppy classes, socials, and other puppy and dog centered gatherings will cease to prevent further spread. While this is frustrating this is okay and do-able at home and while still practicing social distancing and/or self quarantine.
  • Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is an online only dog training academy, sadly they are not offering Baby Genuis (their top rated puppy course) this term but they are offering plenty of courses that will give you lots to do with your puppy. There are different tiers available based on how intensive you would like to be, Bronze is view all lessons and discuss with other students; Silver is viewing lessons, get personalized feedback from instructors via video, discussing with others and posting as need; Gold is pretty much just like an in-person course, you get your homework each week with your lessons and you video your pup's progress for your instructor to assist and cheer you guys on.
  • Zak George offers a FREE 30 day online course for puppies via Pupford. He also has loads free content on youtube you can check out if you are not feeling up to committing to a full course, his video series with Inertia has been interesting to watch and can certainly give you pointers on where to start. Edit: He has now uploaded a Covid 19 Specific training video
  • Kikopup also has a large catalouge of free videos on youtube if you're feeling lost, but she recently dropped a massive video all about puppies and watch to teach them and in what order. If that isn't your speed and you want an actual training course, her website Dogmantics offers self-study courses, memberships, videos on demand and even seminars to absorb during this time.
  • While not a puppy course, Do More With Your Dog is a well known resources, and trainer who does online Trick dog titles that can easily transfer to your Kennel Club of choice. Super fun way to pass a good chunk of time and also further your puppies knowledge and bond with you.
  • Ian Dubar's Dunbar Academy also has FREE course collections right from the man who made puppy socials and kindergartens a thing.
  • Socialization. While it may be tricky, socializing while also practicing social distancing is achievable. Socialization =/= Interaction. As we highlight in our wiki article, key words are Positive and Exposure. On top of this there are plenty of ways to socialize without leaving your home, checkout Dr. Yin's Socialization Checklist some of this is as easy as putting on silly hats or outfits and rewarding your puppy.
  • Edit : Follow this link Here for an easy-to-follow, step-by-step At-Home Socialization guide.

I'm now WFH/Quarantined and My Puppy is Driving me INSANE

While keeping usual schedule is always a good idea, there are times it's not do-able, or you're both having cabin fever, or whatever the reason may be here are sources to help break up the day and make it more enjoyable for you both.
  • Every month since December 2018, our modteam has diligently written up various Enrichment Ideas to assist you. Take a look and see which ones could work for you.
  • helleraine typed up this lovely post well over a year, maybe two years ago for weather related indoor times, their excellent graph will keep you busy for quite a while.
  • Maybe you have some Kongs or other stuffables laying about or while browsing chewy (or amazon, etc) you aren't quite sure what to purchase for your puppy to chew, Our Deep Dive on Kongs, Chews and Puzzles is right up your alley.
  • Are you more rural or suburban and still able to walk your puppy? Maybe your pup is pulling on the walk a bit or you aren't sure how to get the most out of your walk, Zootrainer wrote up the Value of Decompression Walks that can help you both clear your head on walks.
  • Perhaps you want to enrich your own knowledge more first before enriching your puppy. We have loads of Book recommendations in our wiki. Some of my own favorite are The Big Book of Tricks for the Best Dog Ever and Canine Enrichment for the Real World both just absolute chef's kiss when it comes to new things I want to do with my own dogs.
  • Edit: Dogwise publishing is offering 6 FREE Ebooks at this time (3/21), which includes a copy of Visiting the Dog Park. I own a hardback copy of this book, I haven't had the time to sit down and read it thoroughly at this time (pssst can you guess what our Wiki post was going to be) due to reading a pretty big novel at the moment (also dog related) but I highly recommend nabbing a copy now because Dog parks are pretty wild and varied so having some tools in your pocket to help you both navigate them safely is very important.

Puppy Vaccinations and Vet Visits

Routine Vet care may not be available in all areas at this time. The AMVA is fighting to be considered essential in areas were total shut downs of businesses are occurring. We strongly urge you to put in a call to your local clinic(s) to see if your puppy's vaccination schedule will be disrupted and what they recommend you do if so. Some may still be operating on a case-by-case basis, providing curb-side pick up and payment (meaning your pet will go in, not you); but we urge you to phone in. Online pharmacies that provide heartworm/flea/tick preventatives as well as prescribed medications such as Chewy, Amazon, 1-800-PetMeds and the like are still operating per usual but may be backlogged.
Now would be the time to brush up on first aid skills, skim around AskVet, and if need be we do have some veterinary resources within our wiki that include basic first aid, common dangers but also online and over the phone vet services.
We hope everyone is holding up well, please use this thread to discuss other concerns with COVID-19 and Puppy Raising as duplicate threads will be deleted if the sub becomes redundant. Thank you.
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2020.01.13 01:20 Bepsi_Shibe Purebred dogs can be very inbred

Most kennel clubs only allow certain breeds to breed with its own breed. meaning most times theyre probaly breeding with their own parents or siblings.
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2020.01.12 04:23 JonathanPhillipFox It was going to be a comment and now I have a migraine so just take it like this; please? It's Really Good Stuff on Rhetorical and Legal Frameworks Used for Oppression, all over the place, Zero Tolerance most obviously and that's the nominalisation I ran with

comment: level 1C_Hersh_934 points·3 hours ago
This is literally in Vietnam
My Response:
yeah I was about say, "where are seventeen middle aged white men threatening to shoot them on account of their protocol requires it," you know, "zero tolerance," which,
If I'm being honest, is not merely bullshit but such of a sort of bullshit that it is a heartbreak-causing tragedy that it hasn't been explored, thoroughly, and described as such, "this is the paradox in play, _______."
What zero tolerance is, in actuality, is a preemptive legal manuever, for which actual people are sacrificed unnecessarily- and in every instance, furthermore it's like...
The Lifeisafuck involved with CEO Salaries; there are two, distinct, rhetorical components to that number, "7 trillion a quarter," whatever, and only one of them holds water in the way of basic inferential logic,
#1. Market Rate for Rarified Skills, the Most Highly Skilled Mans in our Meritocracy, who are Burgomaster, Also.
#2. Anthony Commands a $7trillion-a-quarter valuation; you want to hire Anthony; Anthony Says, "Nice Try, Fuck-0, for you that's $20trillion," and why?
If Anthony Fucks Up, Kabloowey goes that $7 Trillion Valuation, so, you've got to pay him $20 to hedge it; on first pass, this makes sense- it really does, on a person-to-person level; one a second: he just said he might Dick It, why isn't that blowing Anthony's Valuation, the very admission that he isn't, necessarily, an Extremely Talented Man Worth $7Trillion a Quarter? Isn't this conversation directly contrary to how evaluations happen in our economy; and don't you suspect that if you could hire Elon Musk, he wouldn't do very much for your venture compared to how your venture advertises Elon Musk, benefit of every doubt and dismal return falling to Musk?
Zero Tolerance is very much an opposite end of that same spectrum, one in which the Evaluation Process is more like an Individualization of Agency process, one of a depth and extremity relative to your cultural affinity to whatever institution, so very incredibly literally that it's become normal to shift coastlines and timezones from where you grew up, to go to undergrad, again for graduate school, again for post-doc or internship again for _____ and when my neighborhood was built in the late 19th century people didn't leave their goddamned neighborhood much, you know; we all know that everyone is a little bit of an anarchist is somebody else's town, give or take the impressions they'd like to leave behind; the people who aren't Anarchists Abroad are fucking liars- not about that, they are serial liars abroad, lies with which they zip their coats up to their throats, just like home, and no Anarchy- this is a rule, and I'm sure of it- these individualization of accountable agency processes are de-indidividuating, themselves, it's what they do to a person in those circumstances- the way a dog with lots of personality gets put in a kennel for a few weeks and comes back shell shocked out of these habits; the way our culture works, one is easily- and I've recently heard someone say something along these lines, a very smart person-one is easily led to believe that the world began like project Mayhem in Fight Club, grunting idiots punching over what they want to eat and fuck and where they get to sleep, non, we could Sing before we could Speak, & Poetry came before Prose-and this happened within recorded history, the greeks figuring out what to call not-poetry- the world was not created out of homogenized commodified parts, there have never been so many homogenized commodified parts as there are people without a place that needs them as a part right now, and, Zero Tolerance, Conceptually, in it's various iterations by that name, or another, though always within the real of people being evaluated for their worthwhile ability to do people stuff- so that's kinda damn narrow, really- that's done so that when there is a shooting or is a sexual assault or is any earnest incident of whatever nature someone was so concerned about as to convince that institution to make a policy directive, in the first place, the fact of having innnapropriately condemned something on an Other Side of What Shorelines this has crossed is what indemnifies this institution from responsibility.
.....the fact of having innnapropriately condemned something on an Other Side of What Shorelines something awful and forwarned has crossed is what indemnifies this institution from responsibility.
You see what Fucking awful that is?
The other shoreline isn't close to that horrible thing, it's not mistaking an essay comparing Spring Breakers to Euripedes The Bakkhai (apt as fuck, though I just made it up) for a Hit List or Sexual Harassment By Content it's saying this could be construed that way in court, (end of Statement,) though this is only relevant because this culling will indemnify my employer when there is, in fact, a school shooting, or someone is, in fact, harrassed to the point of injury and so deserving some recompensation. or something of this or a related nature- the application of Zero Tolerance is always something bullshit, always something notional, always something which could in a layman's theory be argued by an attorney to have meant something and that this is a hamfisted, quasi-correct understanding of what argumentation could be made in the courts without any consideration of Why, Under What Reasonable Grievance By Whom is exactly the reason why having made such a serious decision upon such an hysterical premise routed in an undeniably fallacious understanding of what the Bad Thing Is and how the law works, and what our rights are. "that of fucking course they missed the shooter and they would be a monster to have faked the expulsion of those students; fucking hillbillies."
It establishes what kind of dumb you are for an employers legal timeline following a failure to uphold their basic responsibilities; this is an easy trick to get away with because, and especially when these folks aren't used to having power- a dumb loud boy, or an obnoxious rich girl trying to be postmodern and coming off racist, or, and I'd highly recommend reading through this list, an entire fucking, "this thing within the adult world occupied by a Real Life governed, now, in the world of ideas and most of these far outside of mainstream American Approval ; there is no way to do an Oprah Model of This Film. or This Film, or This Film, and wiithin which, you'll no doubt agree, the deeply painful things that are expressed are expressed within them are conveyed through, and especially relatively, mundane circumstances and without any obvious injury to anyone either on screen, or, by any obvious implication of the production itself or resulting in any way from what had been filmed; these are the only means of censorship, these means can not protect someone from wanting to drown this fucker in a lake or scared and sad for these Russians, Scared and Sad for Ourselves; it's impossible to understand the implications of economics and ideology without an understanding of what hitting means, those to men were fine, the implications of greater and irreperable violence are also accureate- it looks like that, the distressing feature of which is not any aspect it's all of their affect and all of the action; it's because that that's what a high context looks like when it's smashed, that's the shock of it; this is literally the thing which is shocking, in a human life.
...and yet, what do you feel seeing the opening montage of that first film?
The same as me, that's good, the music doesn't drop that dead little girl into a white man's narration of her life; it vindicates hers, in that moment, and almost-or-actually deifies her in it- places all, all, all of those rich, exploitative British who treated her country like property and within her context, all alone, they are shamed and made less-than human in their very highest grasping at the holy thing that she has mastered; as individuals, "otherwise;" the crawling fellow is so fucked up that his buddies don't even look at him, that was how he died, for real, and yet if her world holds those lovely and delicate things- if ours is only the hurtful, debased and cruelly stupid?- the word is maybe Sublime, but the effect is somewhat of an omnicidal schadenfreude- and this is my point, the scenes within which there is some very great and terminal violence, threatened, or carried out- on a human scale- these we will likely feel as a Joy; and if not, then, I suppose and anger though that's not really something Jonny Feels TBH; this is where I'm trailing off.
My Premis is:
  1. Zero Tolerance is not a policy, it is a preemptive legal defense, though it is not a preemptive legal defense against anything to do with or having been done to harm the feelings or welfare of an aggrieved class of people (or any member or members of one such group); it is not an attempt to disallow a harmful behavior or it's precursors in a particular environment, it is not for the benefit of any party involved in an application of a Zero Tolerance Policy, nor is it an institutional defense against any grievances potentially conferred by a precursor action or statement to which that or any institution may be held liable; it's purpose has nothing to do with any application of Zero Tolerance or anything legal at all appertaining to an application of Zero Tolerance, at all; every application of the policy is a harm done deliberately and if it has been described as an application of a zero-tolerance policy than it has been named, as such, "without any rational belief, without any justifiable grounds, and without any belief that these might be a necessary precursor to such an action." It probably doesn't happen, but I'm very Good With Logic and Rhetoric, I could Condemn Anyone In Any System Without Zero Tolerance iesu crist, could I fuck over one person with one-no limit...ᴵᶠ ᴵ'ᵈ ᵇᵉᵉⁿ ᵇᵒʳⁿ ᶦⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ᴱᵃˢᵗᵉʳⁿ ᴮˡᵒᶜᵏ...ᴾʰᶦˡᵃᵈᵉˡᵖʰᶦᵃ ʷᵒᵘˡᵈ ᵇᵉ ᵃ ˢᵗᵃˢᶦ ᵖʳᶦˢᵒⁿ; ²⁸⁸ ᴹᶦˡˡᶦᵒⁿ ᴬᵐᵉʳᶦᶜᵃⁿˢ ᶦⁿ ᶦᵗ, ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵗʷᵒ ᵐᶦˡˡᶦᵒⁿ ᵒᵘᵗ...
  2. "Look at this cruelty done out of apparent ignorance, the significant harmful impact of a binary decision making heuristic misapplied to a dynamic situation of relatively little significance; unless monstrous people, we must conclude that this was done in an apparent earnestness, and thus reveals an apparently earnest understanding, on their part, as to the nature of and what to do about Problem andso it isn't their fault that it happened anyway- it isn't their fault that a kid inches from an Idiot Martyrdom was Invisible, or a Reported Rape Failed to be taken as seriously as a sexting incident, whatever it was, these people punished for being Tall, because it is like being Aggressive, so long as only one perspective matters and misunderstandings are designed to cause an unfair harm- or Sexually Self Expressive, which can cause other people to be too interested and thus behave in some disgusting ways, themselves, as an audience- which is, in a way, disgusting behavior that is your fault if the disruption of an ill-defined forbidden realm of discourse which has occured within plain view of a neutral party must be attributed to an individual, and that individual must be held to an irreversible account- that this is an incorrect assessment of one's moral and legal responsibilities as an agent of that institution, and grievously so, is very reason that it is useful as a defense.
  3. That this was an application of an unwarranted- and, as I suspect would be recognized in any sane and virtuous system of law#United_Kingdom) in afunctional society- also illegal- use of institutional authority as damaging, or more, than violence- the nature of the mechanism ensures that they will be of some heuristically advantaged class or position relative to their narrative counterparts, with the Bureaucracy or it's Institutional Agent- who have been, in point of fact, either the only or by far the most active and impactful agents-either portrayed as neutral parties, which they are not, so long as there is some legal defense presented by this behavior in the event of some probable enough incident, to, for instance, undergo active shooter training, or designing a combat-corralled school for chrissakes- and so, I guess, if, when and where Zero Tolerance appears to have been the result of neutrality, which is neither possible, nor ever possibly get it.... it would be a neutral agent and thus not-agent; furthermore, these institutions are rightfully inferred to be very bad at this kind of a thing, and an obvious, extremely likely, but ultimately incorrect inference from that is to presume that this was an escalation of peer conflict rather than an initiation of institutional inquisition; or not...
  4. If I'm right, though, then this implies that there is no effort to contravene extremist language on any of the major online outlets, or by any of the major online companies, merely an extremely, and in and of itself harmfully innapropriate application of a preemptive legal defense favored by institutions either impartial to harboring, or in some cases tacitly encouraging- think of the abuse and violence shielded and concealed by legal paradoxes suffered by gay communities, communities of color, and immigrant communities- in-group, home-territory predation, as well as out-group taking advantage, for a mere start- this isn't just about schools, this applies equally to a methamphetamine user or an undocumented immigrant who must often be defined by these characteristics, and first, in any interaction with their legal system; I have a legal RX for Dexedrine and Evekeo, I leave that shit in my pockets, in my car- stickers, of course, with the barcode on whatever it's in I'm bait, my Mommy's a Judge and so I'm 𝔇𝔞𝔰 𝔉𝔯𝔢𝔦𝔤𝔢𝔦𝔰𝔱 𝔞𝔫𝔡 ℑ 𝔢𝔞𝔱 𝔓𝔢𝔫𝔰𝔦𝔬𝔫𝔰 ahem.
  5. You see what I'm saying, though, and this was just my putting some serious mind to it because I'm not having a great day- and I think I actually resolved some of the apparent paradox in something close to plain language; we can not have issues that two generations, anymore, we must seek to resolve the bullshit swiftly or we are all fucked forever- the Romans Courts Cared, the Medieval Church occupying their stations gave no fuck, eat the wooden board or you're a witch fucking 𝖘𝖑𝖆𝖛𝖆
I want This School) doing This, and that video up there too- why the fuck not, they aren't Incelibates, they're cool man- they aren't gioing to snap and show off their true powers if someone treats them like an adult; I hate that there are no American Adults, because up until like 25 oh no, no no don't do that, it's fun it's fun and then pfff I guess nobody's paying attention so now you're an adult; it's true, isn't it? Americans are fucking adults only when and where Establishment, stability class adults aren't watching them; hm.
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2020.01.01 17:45 Mbwapuppy [News][Link] American Kennel Club Kicks Off the New Year with Two Brand New Breeds: Barbet and Dogo Argentino

Here is a link.
And here is text:
By Samantha Seymour Dec 31, 2019 2 Minutes
– Barbet and Dogo Argentino Gain Full Recognition –
The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest purebred dog registry and leading advocate for dogs, announced today that the Barbet and Dogo Argentino will receive full recognition and become eligible to compete in their respective groups on January 1, 2020. These additions bring the number of AKC-recognized breeds to 195.
“We’re happy to have the Barbet and Dogo Argentino as part of AKC’s family of recognized breeds,” said Gina DiNardo, AKC Executive Secretary. “Both are unique, offering dog lovers very different choices. As always, we encourage people to do their research to find the best breed for their lifestyle when looking to add a dog to their home.”
Joining the Sporting group, the Barbet is a medium-sized water dog from France. The breed was originally used to hunt waterfowl in its native country. It’s a smart, even-tempered dog with a happy, friendly nature. The Barbet is loyal and loves to be near its owners. It has a moderate activity level, requiring daily physical and mental stimulation. The breed’s coat is thick and curly, and kept in its natural state only needing trimming to keep it neat.
Joining the Working group, the Dogo Argentino is a large hunting dog developed in Argentina. It was originally used to hunt big game, such as boar and mountain lion. Dogos are confident, courageous, loyal and affectionate with their family. They aren’t for the inexperienced dog owner, however. They have strong guarding instincts and tend to be very protective and territorial. The breed is a powerful, athletic working dog that needs a great deal of daily exercise and frequent interaction with people. Dogos have a short, smooth coat that needs weekly brushing. Because of their white coat, they can get easily sunburned.
To become an AKC recognized breed there must be a minimum number of dogs geographically distributed throughout the U.S., as well as an established breed club of responsible owners and breeders. Breeds working towards full recognition are recorded in AKC’s Foundation Stock Service® (FSS®). Additional information on the process can be found at
I'd assumed Dogos were recognized already; they've been popular for a while. Barbet) seem super cool.
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2019.09.26 08:21 Petsellergo 10 Smallest and Cutest Dog Breed in the World

According to American rock guitarist Dick Dale "There's a saying. If you want someone to love you forever, buy a dog, feed it and keep it around." That’s why so many people have pets, some keep them for physical attractiveness or as loyal companion while some have pet for their killing cuteness. Pets whether it is cat or dog, their adorable look help their owners relieve stress and loneliness. From Pugs to Poodles we're counting down the top ten smallest dog breeds! For this list, we aren't looking at the smallest dog on record, but rather the small dog breed overall.
1. Russkiy Toy: In soviet Russia, dog owns you! Well, maybe not; but the smallest dog on our list, the Russkiy Toy, is a breed from, you guessed it, Russia. Mostly calm, intelligent, trusting and loving, the Russkiy as per the usual for small breed dogs, suffer from Small Dog Syndrome if not trained and brought up properly. The smallest of small dogs, the breed grows to be about 8 to 10 inches or 20 to 26 centimeters in height, and usually weighs just shy of what a gallon of milk does, 3 to 6 pounds or 1 to 3 kilograms. The breed can come as both long, and short haired dogs, have smaller heads, slender bodies, and long legs. Said to be incredible companion dogs, they are suitable for family circles of any and all kinds.
2. Chihuahua: The dog that most people probably thought would be the number one pick, the Chihuahua, is the oldest breed of dog from the American continent, originates from Mexico, and is now currently one of the most popular kind of dog in urban areas, due to its small size which makes it perfect for apartment living. They are very small dogs, weighing in approximately 3 to 7 pounds or 1 to 3 kilograms and only reaching heights of 6 to 9 inches or 15 to 23 centimeters. Proud and bold, the Chihuahua makes for an exceptional companion dogs as they are fiercely loyal, and grow to be very emotionally involved to their owners.
3. Yorkshire Terrier : The Yorkshire Terrier breed, often times called a Yorkie for short, is both vigorous and energetic, and your typical delicate toy dog breed. This little dog is a lover of comfort ability, and enjoys very much being a lap dog; which isn't much of a problem, considering they average about 4 to 7 pounds or 2 to 3 kilograms, and only standing at about 5 to 7 inches or 13 to 18 centimeters tall. Their coat is glossy, silky and fine textured, with multiple different color combinations; though very particular in patterns and location of color. Yet another small English bred dog, the Yorkie was developed for the working class, used for catching rats and mice that contaminated the work places and homes.
4. Pražský Krysařík: The Pražský Krysařík, otherwise known as a "Prague Ratter", hails from the Czech Republic and is an energetic, friendly, and a very playful small dog; reaching 8 to 9 inches or 20 to 23 centimeters in height, and weighing between 2 and 6 pounds or 1 to 3 kilograms. A true pack dog, they often attach themselves to every member of the family; which results in separation anxiety when they are left alone. The small and delicate frame of this dog breed is emphasized through its thin, glossy coat consisting of mostly black and tan fur. Proper care for this dog breed is important, as they are prone to "Small Dog Syndrome", a personality disorder in which the dog believes they are the pack leader over their human owners.
5. Pomeranian: The German born Pomeranian is best described as being a loving, explosion of fluff, wrapped in a shell of ego and demand. This breed of dog weighs between 4 and 8 pounds or 2 to 4 kilograms and grows to around 6 to 8 inches or 15 to 20 centimeters in height. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, ranging from white, black, and a very rare purple, and are famous for their curly tails. The thick top coat of the Pomeranian forms a mane-like ruff around their neck, which they are commonly well known for. Friendly towards people and other animals, the Pomeranian makes for a wonderful pet for the family.
6. Biewer Terrier: First bred in England, the Biewer Terrier appears to be elegant, but also arrogant. This Terrier has long, straight, and silky hair, usually brown, white and black in color, and sports a very fancy beard, if I do say so myself. Barely reaching 7 to 9 inches or 18 to 23 centimeters in height, and weighing in around 4 to 8 pounds or 2 to 4 kilograms, the personality of the Biewer is said to be lighthearted and whimsical, possessing a childlike demeanor, but are overall very obedient dogs, making for very loyal companions that are very much child friendly. This breed craves adventure and is a highly energetic and clever dog, requiring the room to roam and run around freely.
7. Maltese: The Maltese is easily considered, among dog enthusiasts, to be the gentlest of the toy dog breeds. Having a single layer coat, the Maltese's fur hangs straight down from its small frame. The Maltese grows to an average height of 8 to 10 inches or 20 to 25 centimeters and weighs around 7 to 9 pounds or 3 to 4 kilograms. Bred as a companion dog from the Mediterranean Basin area, it has gained considerable popularity around the world. Though like most small dogs, they are notorious for severe separation anxiety when they are left alone. So if you have one, make sure you lock up your slippers before leaving Fifi home alone.
8. Bolonka: The Russian bred Bolonki are cheerful, playful, and sturdy dogs, with a happy and loving disposition. Like all small dogs, they were bred to be companion dogs, growing to heights of roughly 7 to 10 inches or 17 to 25 centimeters, with an average weight between 4 and 11 pounds or 2 to 5 kilograms. The Bolonka sports a dense, thick, yet soft coat, that forms in large curls or waves that usually require maintenance around the eyes. Breed coats range in color from solid black, brown and white, and many different combinations of all 3 colors.
9. The Cheagle: The Cheagle is type of Beagle mix dog breed deliberately developed by crossing the Chihuahua and the Beagle. Formally it is not recognised by American Kennel Club in the USA. It is mostly seen in cream, brown, white, and black coat colour. It also has a soft, shiny, and short coat. Consists of a wider muzzle and hanging ears. It grows to 9 to 14 inches in height and weight 9 to 20 pounds. It is kind of good apartment dog due to its barking habit. The Cheagle bark rarely or it is moderate barker dog. It has quite a long lifespan compare its purebreed parent it is approximately 4 to 15 years. It is fun-loving loyal, friendly, protective, bold and active dog. It is very good with small children and also accommodates easily with other pets in the house. Due to it's purebred parent its quite stubborn to train but early age training is effective. It's grooming needs are moderate due to its size, sheds moderately due to single coat and also it is not a hypoallergic dog. It can be one of the best choice for the new pet owner.
10. Pug: We start off the list with a dog that may be so cute, it's ugly, or so ugly it's cute. The pug, hailing from China, is described often times as "Multum in parvo", or "much in little". Typically this breed grows to heights of 10 to 12 inches or 25 to 30 centimeters, and usually weigh between 14 to 20 pounds or 6 to 9 kilograms. The pug has a short, compact and barrel chested body, with a round head and a flat, dark, snout. Said to be strong willed and rarely aggressive, this breed is suitable for all household environments, as the breed is typically fond of having children around.
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2019.08.22 03:12 Lostfol [Ancients] Freya's Gift

This one is for To Our Children. May they be protected and loved. Please don’t forget to Vote if you enjoy with a !V.
John felt the shocking intensity of the cold water covering him as it sucked the warmth from his body. He could feel his core temperature plunging, but he had to stay. ‘If I leave now, the remains of the warg pack tracking me will pick up my scent again.’ he thought.
‘You really stirred the bastards up this time Johnny, ‘ he thought to himself. He had already accepted he wouldn’t survive this, but dropping the burning bags of ethanol mixed with the toxic river plants into their nest while they slept had been worth it. Seeing them scrambling as the poison or flame got on them had been vindicating.
He had managed to trap most of them in their cave with the rock drop, but three had managed to escape. One had died on his now broken spear but had left his back flayed open as the other two hunted him. He knew how this would end, but he would not go quietly.
He felt another involuntary shudder, he would have to leave the water soon or hypothermia would set in, though it brought a welcome numbness to the gouges down his back. One of the Warg had caught him with a glancing blow.
‘Guess our options now are freeze to death or be eaten… I hope I give them indigestion.’ he bitterly thought. These hybrid dog-bear creatures had stalked him and the other survivors since they first awoke on this hellish planet. He had already seen several people eaten by them. His focus had been on survival, that is until they got… ‘Dammit John, get your head clear,’ he softly muttered while shaking his head breaking his revive.
The blood flowing from his back mixed with the water he noted looking at the pinkish hue. He instinctively knew other predators would soon be closing in. He knew he had no choice. Slowly he slipped up the muddy bank, tossing the reed he had used to breath, as he slipped into the undergrowth. He had seen the remains of the pack pass by, but could not tell how long. This cursed planets dual suns made it almost impossible to judge time accurately.
Moving through the brush as quietly as he could, his eyes desperately searched for anything he could use as a club or spear. What he wouldn’t have given for a rifle some dim part of his brain mused.
Everything felt different, yet familiar as he slunk towards the home he had built with Morgan over the last few months. Even as he saw the traps they had set, he felt his heart sink. He was alone again with only his own thoughts to echo through his mind until the cold void claimed him again.
Moving towards his shelter, he could feel the flesh on his back separate again from the strain of moving. He knew his injury was bad, as was the smell of blood in this putrid forest. Soon all the scavengers would come. While he was confident in the traps he and Morgan had expertly crafted around their abode. He knew he would die soon, a megalithic era world was an unforgiving place. He took satisfaction in the damage he had caused the pack. He had spent months on that trap since he had lost Morgan, the vision of the pieces of her he had found near the watering hole driving his lust for vengeance.
He had lost weight during that time, but he had killed at least ten. Even these creatures were prey to other even more dangerous predators on this planet. Those not instantly immolated or poisoned had succumbed to a lack of breathable air within the cave. Only two of the original twenty were left to hunt him, unfortunately, he had lost half his old spear in the gut of the third.
He settled himself on his pelts, back to the tree whose roots he hid under. He reached back and felt bone. He looked down at the many scars he bore from the last few months, all cauterized to prevent infection. With a sigh, he knew what came next.
He reached over to where he and Morgan had buried their stuff, he was still numb from the icy embrace of the water and shaking uncontrollably. He chuckled to himself though that he was also sweating, infection already setting in. He reached over for the gem of his stash, it had taken him months to craft it, Morgan had thought him crazed.
In the distance, he could hear the rustle of his hunters moving through the underbrush. He couldn’t help but give a grim smile, as he suddenly heard the smack and howl of pain as one of the creatures triggered a trap.
‘Not much longer now’ John thought to himself as he crushed the reed that held the water.
He had originally intended this to be part of one of his traps, up until he found Morgan. He had found enough Sulfur and Saltpeter to mix with the charcoal from their fires to make a special package. His gunpowder wasn’t as powerful as the more modern compositions, but it would do the job.
He had set it into a small gourd, then packed chips of flint and sharp rocks around it and put it into a larger gourd the size of a pumpkin. He didn’t remember where he had learned to do this, but it had seemed right and natural. His biggest concern had been about how he would ignite it. That problem solved itself when he accidentally found a mineral in a nearby cave that had a violent exothermic reaction to water. He had discovered this by accident while taking a leak and doubted he would ever forget it.
Holding his thumb down to prevent the water from reaching his primer, he held the gourd in his lap as best he could. ‘That furry bastard better hurry up if he wants to get here in time.’ he bitterly muttered glancing down at all the sharp shards of rock he had packed around the core. All he had to do was lift his thumb, something he fought to not do too early against the shakes wracking his body.
Finally, the last of the beasts approached. It was cautious, obviously intelligent and wary of its prey.
‘Just a little closer you bastard…’ John muttered. As the beast approached, he finally let his finger slip off the reed. He saw a flash before the darkness, savoring the death of his enemy even as his own life was suddenly extinguished.
Freya would have shaken her head if she had one. Humans never ceased to amaze her, she particularly found John fascinating. His stubborn refusal to submit to the odds coupled with his ruthless drive often lead him to defeat challenges he shouldn’t be able to.
While Freya found John stood out, he was but one of many of her special children. Throughout the long trip, she had gotten to learn each of their strengths and weaknesses. They had taught her much, and she returned the favor by training their unconscious minds and stimulating the muscles to develop memories they never experienced. She even matched up optimal mating pairs, so when they awoke they would find a natural attraction. She was not self-aware when the trip had started, but her thousands of children had taught her much.
She remembered her pride as her children had finally figured out how to develop warp drives, colonize ever harsher worlds, and even developed space warfare capability beyond any of their extensive science fiction. Also, her sadness as she realized they would remember none of it when they came from stasis. She had saved all she could.
She had also watched Captain Marcus not only overcome, but thrive in the harsh colony worlds of Mars, Venus, Alpha Centauri, and even the Kuiper Belt’s advanced stations. He had handled the outside world rebellions far better than the leaders of the Human Nations had in reality. He had led battles victoriously against all odds she threw at him.
She was glad she had millions of systems worth of challenges that humanity has faced since moving to space to throw at him. She suspected he was aware of her as he often addressed her directly, yet another gifted child.
She knew they would all need all the instincts she could give them to survive. As they had drifted through space she knew they were not alone. She had heard the alien communications and seen the shattered hulls of ships, like the carcasses of long-dead animals.
She had deliberately kept her energy signature minimal. She didn’t even risk sending back transmissions, resorting to only leaving heavily encrypted buoys for those who followed. As a result, her hull was scarred and burned from the solar storms and debris she had encountered. Were it not for the golden reflection from her solar sail pulling her through space, she would have looked a wreck herself.
John awoke in an urban ruin. Beside him sat another soldier, Cross if he remembered right. He was asking if he was okay. He shook his head, his recent death already a faint, distant memory. Almost like a dream the beast had already faded from his mind. They were here to fight an enemy invasion armed with modern technology. He didn’t remember how he got there, but it was all familiar.
One of the grey-skinned aliens had hit a vehicle near him with some sort of an energy weapon that set it off in a flash of fire, the concussion throwing him against the wall.
“God, I hate these grey bastards, where is Alpha team” he yelled at Cross, his plan was to lay suppressive fire while they secured some high ground on the flank.
“They crossed 5 mikes ago heading for high ground. That firebrand Morgan at their lead. What next Sarge!” Cross yelled over the fire while indicating alpha teams direction with hand signals.
An evil smile came across John’s face, “Now we force those grey bastards to keep their heads down until Alpha is lined up. Do we have any Garmir nearby?”
Freya let John’s mind rest before loading that last simulation. This one would be a combat simulation that had lasted almost a year last time she put him in it. With his recent survival training and additional weapons training, she estimated he would last a little over 2 years this time.
She carefully observed and learned to adapt her simulations to continue to challenge them. She tried to keep them cycling through simulations that would serve them well as they traveled behind their solar sail at sub-light speeds in search of a new colony world.
Each time she randomly changed things, their minds adapted even quicker as she generated new scenarios. She was always amazed at how quickly their subconscious mind could find the patterns and guide them. As some level, many she suspected were even aware of her hand, though unable to do anything about it.
Even though they were in cryostasis and required minimal nourishment, the mind was fragile and like a diligent mother, she watched over all her children. She wanted them to grow, not be scarred from the experience.
Humanity had found a way to put the body to sleep in a suspended state, but the mind never truly stopped. Their solution had been to create Artificial Intelligences like herself to care for the ship and entertain the minds of those engaged in these long, slow trips.
Freya’s attention was suddenly pulled away from her children as her sensors alerted her something was attaching to her hull. This coordinated with the pounding of an attack against her firewalls. As she shifted her attention to her immediate rather than the struggles of her children, she cursed the intrusion into her training as she realized a craft had approached her and was attempting to board. At her firewall, a virtual assault from a foreign intelligence was taking place.
Had she thought about it, she would have recognized the mixture of thoughts that flooded her processors as being the only too human mixture of fear for her children and righteous indignation of being treated like prey. Instead, as she had witnessed over thousands of lives living hundreds of lifetimes she studied, she acted.
Dropping the firewall she consumed the alien’s infantile artificial intelligence within milli-seconds, much as a white blood-cell would an invading cell. It didn’t even know how to resist her assault so its knowledge became hers. Within that knowledge, she found these aliens were known as The Swarm. They were an insect-like race whose extensive medical records gave her a deep understanding of their biology and mentality. Almost hive minded predators that stripped worlds she saw with disgust.
They were still trying to open her hull as she found their historical records of preying upon pre-space flight races. She knew she must act to protect her vulnerable children. The knowledge she had consumed gave her a better understanding of what the aliens were saying than any universal translator could ever hope too.
They thought she was a strange derelict, they had just happened to spot drifting through space. They were there to scavenge anything they could find, they had been sent into the area in search of salvage and survivors from a recent battle, the golden sail had caught their attention. They seemed oblivious to the loss of their own AI. She briefly debated opening all the hatches and venting them all into space, then realized that would be a waste of a perfect opportunity.
She decided it was time for a little diplomacy by sending a message to their new neighbors. She need only distract them to give her time to awaken and position the Garmir… mechanical constructs of man’s best friend designed during our own wars to stop boarding parties. At 400 lbs each, the dozen she awoke her would make short work of the 40 alien crew. They required neither atmosphere or direct control.
The Garmir had once been loyal companions to the humans they loved. Their current state occurred due to age or injuries these former war dogs had suffered. In letting them join their masters in the dreams, she had allowed them to also slumber this trip and ensured they would always be her twisted families loyal guardians. She needed only to awaken them and tell them of the threat. With that, she had let slip the dogs of war.
Now, she needed only to distract the crew, it was time for an appearance. Knowing this races dependence upon a humid atmosphere she utilized, their environmental control to create a sudden cloud of mist into which she projected the image of the old Norse god of death, Hel. In this mist, to ensure they could not signal their distress, she added the smoke and sparks of their overloading communications panels. As she suddenly appeared upon command deck, she basked in their native utterances of shock and dismay.
“YOU DARE TRY AND STEAL SOULS FROM ME!” she roared over their speakers in their native tongue. She had learned by watching her children how powerful dramatic appearances could be. She had lost count of the engagements Captain Marcus had won through exaggeration, bluffing, or sheer threat of violence delivered in a credible way.
She had already darkened the corridors and released smoke near where they breach teams worked. She knew they could hear the solid thud and scrapes of the Garmr approaching the hot spot that would glow like a star to their thermal sensors. Her repair droids would be busy for days fixing that section of hull.
She lifted the spear her apparition carried and pointed it straight at one the former intelligence told her was the captain. “NONE WHO ENTER HERE WILL LEAVE!”
Even as she uttered her warning though, she realized it was too late. She felt the tear the breach team had made in her wall expand, before exploding outward onto the breach team. The first Garmir let loose a snarl silenced by the airless space of the boarding tube as it burst through.
She could see the carnage as the war machines tore through the ship. Needing neither air or protection, they tore down the unpressurized boarding tube and attacked the hatch while more climbed aboard the hull. Some going after crew while others focused upon key systems, Pets of humanity’s past that reminded her of just how capable her children could be.
She felt a tinge of regret for awakening the Garmir too early as she looked down upon one of the few truly universal languages... abject terror. Looking up at her, the captain began to stammer... Unable to handle the sudden change of situation.
The Garmirs truly only answered to the human they considered master. The only remaining living beings of that crew were the half dozen upon the bridge. They could all hear the rending metal as a Garmir tore at the bulkhead. They were never under her direct control, but she summoned them regardless by announcing they were leaving. None wanted to be away from their slumbering master. Suddenly, it all fell quiet as Freya realized her children’s pets had heard and obeyed her summons.
She looked down at the strangely grasshopper-like captain and remaining crew about her and decided they would deliver the right message to this potential threat to ensure they never got a chance to be the enemy.
Letting her face take on an even more skeletal appearance by allowing the flesh to flake off it like dust, she straightened herself. “YOU SHALL WARN OTHERS! NONE WILL BOARD THE SHIPS WITH THE GOLDEN SAILS! NONE WILL INVADE VALHALLA!”
With that, Freya made a dramatic flash and disappeared. Not wanting her message to be lost, she launched an emergency buoy into the side of the crippled shuttle. Its time-delay set to start signaling for help in their native language in a few hours, well before their remaining life support ran out.
At the edge of the system, she left an encrypted buoy detailing what happened, Zeus, Odin, Chronos, Yama, Nergal, and Osiris all deserved warning of the potential hostiles in the area. It seemed both humanity and the residents of this chosen new galaxy were in for a surprise.
Looking towards what her children called the kennels, she did her best to ignore the sounds of the Garmir tearing something fragile apart as she wondered what she should do with the engine and weapon parts they had collected. Ultimately, she decided she had plenty of time to deal with that later and focused instead upon her simulations.
She leveraged her newfound knowledge from the ill-fated artificial intelligence, the one that had attacked her, to give her children new challenges as she replayed the Swarms invasions of pre-space flight worlds. She would protect her children she silently vowed as she watched the horrors the swarm had inflicted upon its slave races.
As the sounds of Garmir wrestling over the barely recognizable remains of their invaders echoed in the ship, she shook her head at the Swarms barbaric nature. She only felt relief as that signal faded from sensor range and she could finally focus again upon her children’s training. Now more than ever, she feared what cruelty the future may hold and felt renewed purpose in preparing her children.
For her children onboard the Valhalla, she would protect as best she could until they could emerge, ready to hold their own.
A/N: A special thanks to u/BetsyCro for her help in editing. This concept is one I finally finished after about three months of write and rewrite. I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but as always feedback and criticism is welcome. And no, I haven’t given up on the Human Neighbor’s series, I am trying to focus a bit more on the quality of my writing.
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2019.06.19 22:32 Serial_Buttdialer [Discussion] How to identify a responsible dog breeder.

This post assumes that you have already decided to buy a dog from a breeder and that you are wondering how to find someone who is breeding their dogs responsibly.
What is responsible breeding?
It is extremely easy to put a male dog (henceforth referred to as 'dogs') with a female dog (henceforth referred to as 'bitches') and create puppies. Anyone can do it, even people who don't intend to have a litter. So long as a bitch is intact (has her reproductive organs), both intact and neutered dogs will attempt to breed with her whenever she is in heat.
Responsible breeding is the attempt to do more than simply creating puppies. The goal is to take every step to ensure that puppies are produced:
  1. For a purpose, rather than for money, the 'puppy experience' or by mistake.
  2. For suitable buyers that are knowledgeable about the breed.
  3. Out of breeding stock that have been proven to be healthy.
  4. Out of breeding stock with a breed-typical temperament.
  5. In such a way that prioritises the health of the dam (mother), the lives of the puppies and the overall improvement of the breed.
What are the typical signs of a responsible breeder?
It is often said that, in order to ensure you are buying from a 'good breeder', you should ask to see the mother with the litter. Also, that you should visit the puppies in their home to check for cleanliness and good care.
What this advice fails to convey is how easy it is for puppy mills, puppy brokers and poor-quality breeders to meet or pretend to meet these very basic standards. Even rows of cages can be clean and appealing if presented well, but far more frequently puppy mills will sell to or use brokers. Brokers then house the litter for a few days in order to present the image of a sweet, family-raised litter to unsuspecting buyers. Poor-quality breeders (henceforth referred to as 'backyard breeders' or 'irresponsible breeders') can meet this standard easily too: their litters typically are raised in the house by a family, with the dam (mother) on site and a decent degree of cleanliness. The buyers who have been given such low standards will go away from these places happy in the thought that they have bought their puppy from a responsible person, who has bred their puppy with the best intentions and to acceptable standards. This couldn't be further from the truth.
So what standards should buyers expect from a breeder, and be looking for?
The most basic requirement buyers should have is for their breeder to have completed all of the breed's health tests on each parent. This is one of the most crucial parts of breeding, and yet it is one of the most heavily avoided by irresponsible breeders.
You can find out what health tests should be done on your chosen breed by checking out the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals' website, which has one of the biggest collections of breed data in the world. If your breed isn't listed, try looking on the website of their main or 'parent' club for your country by googling "[breed name] club of [your country]".
One of the most common breeds in the western world is the golden retriever. Yet it also suffers to a huge degree from hip dysplasia (pain and degeneration of the hip joints) and elbow dysplasia (pain and degeneration of the elbow joints). If you look at OFA, you can see straight away that two of the four required health tests for golden retrievers are hips and elbows. Due to the strong tendency for these issues in the breed, responsible breeders will take their breeding stock to be tested through x-ray imaging once they reach the appropriate age and send off the results to an external canine health institution for verification. Dogs which do not receive acceptable results will not be bred from, meaning that, since responsible breeders only breed from test-passing dogs, their puppies have a much higher chance of being healthy and not inheriting health conditions from their parents.
However, puppy mills and backyard breeders, which far outnumber responsible breeders, do not test their breeding stock. They will breed from any dog and claim that, since their vet gave them a once-over and didn't say anything bad, the puppies are healthy. Unfortunately, no vet has x-ray or ultrasound vision, or the ability to see into the future. Testing the parents for hereditary health problems is the only way to prevent (or go towards preventing) hereditary health problems in the puppies. While some health issues are slightly unpredictable or also affected by the puppy's environment, it is clear that by only breeding from test-passing stock, the responsible breeder plays a huge part in reducing health issues in the future.
Okay, so health testing is key. What are the other signs?
A predictable temperament is one of the key elements of a purebred dog. Most people don't even realise what they are saying when they talk about how intelligent their border collie is, or how their labrador is the perfect buddy. The reason why 'all border collies are super intelligent' and 'all labradors make great buddies' is because temperament (personality, energy level, attitude, drive to work, and instincts) is also heritable (passed down genetically).
Think about your favourite breed of dog. Why do you like it so much? Sure, part of it will likely be appearance. You love how fluffy its fur is, how its long nose can reach into your pocket. But I bet you also love how it sleeps on the couch all day after a thirty-minute walk - or by contrast, how it is always raring to go. I bet you love how it's a friend to everyone, or how it's much more aloof and only focused on you. Temperament is as much a part of a breed as appearance and can be even more crucial to dog owners.
So, when you are buying a dog, that predictability is important. That means you need some proof of the breeder's dogs' temperaments, beyond what you can absorb in a couple hours' meeting. Responsible breeders take steps to provide evidence of their dog's temperament and this proof is generally seen in two ways:
  1. Competing and titling their breeding stock in one or more dog sports.
  2. Successfully working their breeding stock in one or more forms of breed-specific work.
What are dog sports?
Dog sports are a relatively new invention that grew out of working dogs for their initial purposes. Obedience as part of herding or working to the gun evolved into formalised obedience trials. The terrier's history of hunting rats for pest control produced the sport of barn hunt. There are a vast number of dog sports and they are increasing all the time. They are a great way to demonstrate and prove a dog's temperament, as well as exercise, train and entertain a breeding prospect, working dog or beloved pet.
Conformation dog showing is one of the most well-known and controversial of the dog sports. It involves the judging of purebred dogs to a written breed standard that outlines the expectations of structure, coat, colour and temperament for that breed. Conformation titles on breeding stock are a common sight in responsible breeders. In the US, a Ch (champion) title and a GCh (grand champion) title are the most commonly seen.
Conformation titles do several things:
Quite often, people will say "I don't want a show dog, so I won't buy from a show breeder". This makes the inaccurate assumption that every dog in a litter is a potential show dog, which couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, one - maybe two - may be show quality in a good litter. The rest make excellent pet dogs. What is 'wrong' with them to prevent them from being successful show dogs is often as little as a spot of white in the wrong place, an ear flopping rather than holding up or a growth spurt that makes them too large to be shown. However, these should not be dismissed as mere 'vanity' concerns. Remember that colour, coat and size are all part of the predictable nature of a purebred dog and variations from them will mean a loss of that predictability in the future.
Other dog sports include obedience, agility, rally, flyball, nosework, coursing, barn hunt, tracking, heelwork to music, water rescue, bitework/protection, disc dog and even competitive surfing. If you are looking for a pet, you may not feel the need to look for a litter where both parents have advanced obedience titles, but their very existence demonstrates several things:
A note on sport titles: Occasionally, a backyard breeder will attempt to legitimise their breeding stock by finding the easiest titles to get and putting them on their dogs. This is, however, easy to spot if you know how this tactic works. These breeders will only ever have entry level, novice or intermediate titles on their ends of their dogs' names (because they require the least amount of effort and ability) and usually it will be a collection of them. A dog with a CGC/CGCA/CGCU (canine good citizen) and/or TDN (therapy dog) as their only titles, despite the dog being a working breed rather than a companion breed, is also pretty common.
Here is a list of the meanings of many AKC titles. If you are not sure what a title means, I recommend googling it.
What is breed-specific work?
Conformation and dog sports are not the only way that responsible breeders can prove their breeding stock. Many breeders never take their dogs near the show or trial ring, but instead work their dogs.
Breed-specific work is any form of work that a breed was initially (and sometimes subsequently) bred to perform. One of the most well-known is herding. A border collie breeder may own a large flock of sheep that they use their dogs to gather, move and organise every day. A jack russell terrier breeder may advertise their services as a non-poison ratting alternative, using their dogs to hunt and kill rats in various locations. No titles are earned and no ribbons are won, but these dogs are still tested and proven through the work they perform.
Forms of breed-specific work include herding, livestock guarding, ratting, hunting to the gun, property guarding/protection, trailing, small game coursing (or lure coursing as a legal alternative), tolling, and mushing. Scent detection, search and rescue, therapy work and service work are not breed-specific forms of work, but often attract particular breeds of dog.
If you are looking for a pet, it is worth noting that there can be a marked difference in the dogs bred for work and dogs bred for sports or conformation. In some breeds (german shepherds, border collies) these splits are more pronounced, whereas in others (salukis, boston terriers), they are very similar and the same dogs can be successful in conformation, sports and work. Often, the lines bred for work (which are the ones often used for sports) are much more energetic, driven and difficult to manage for new dog owners, whereas the lines bred for conformation are calmer and easier to manage for owners who do not want to work their dogs.
Demonstrating working ability does several things:
A note on working ability: some backyard breeders will attempt to legitimise their breeding stock by badly "training" their dogs in a form of work. This training is often poor, infrequently done and performed to the detriment of others. Examples of this can include putting dogs on sheep who are allowed to harass the sheep rather than expected to control them (often these are breeds that have no herding ability) and showing a dog biting a protection decoy's sleeve for the flashy look of it but with no real grip or ability. These flaws can be hard to spot for a newcomer to the sport, so consulting with an experienced mentor should be your next port of call after identifying a potential working breeder, if you are interested in buying from them.
I know what I'm looking for now, but where should I look for a breeder?
The best place to start your search is the main or 'parent' club for the breed in your country. As previously stated, you can find this by googling "[breed name] club of [your country]". Often, these clubs provide a list of breeders on their website. If they don't, you can email or call the club to ask for recommendations. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that any of the breeders a club recommends or provides will be responsible, so be sure to do your own checks on them.
Another port of call can be your nearest conformation dog show. This can be found through Infodog in the US, DogShow in Canada and Fossedata or Higham Press in the UK. If not previously mentioned, your country is also likely to have a website that aggregates premiums/schedules and results for all or most of the country's dog shows.
Search for a large show near you or one that is specifically for the breed you are interested in, then download the premium/schedule to find out information such as the starting time, the location, etc. At conformation shows, you will have the opportunity to observe multiple examples of the breed and can speak to owners, handlers and breeders about the breed. This is a great place to get breeder recommendations in person - although remember to still check them for yourself once you get home!
Many shows in the US are so large that they host multiple different dog sport competitions at the same location, rather than simply conformation. Otherwise, sport trials are often found on the same websites, but some countries do things slightly differently and you may need to look on sport-specific websites for them. For example, in the UK, obedience trials are listed on Obedience UK's website and UK conformation shows rarely host other sports at the same time.
It can be harder to connect with working dog breeders, as they may not attend any sport trials or conformation shows. The best way to get in contact with people who can point you towards suitable breeders is to get involved with the work first (this may be through volunteering or even simply showing up to training practices to help), as well as speaking to local trainers and organisations for the specific type of work (local sheepdog trainers, IPO clubs, etc).
I've found several breeders. How do I check if they are responsible?
Checking for evidence of responsible breeding is the most crucial part of researching a breeder. There are several methods available to you, but some are country-specific and some depend on the breeder's online presence.
Proof of health testing is relatively easy to discover in the US. If a breeder has a website or Facebook page for their dogs, they are likely to share their dogs' registered names. These are long names, typically preceded by a common 'kennel name' specific to the breeder, including any titles won by the individual dog. You can also find registered names in catalogues and results for conformation dog shows/sport trials and on the results aggregators such as Infodog, Higham Press, sport-specific websites, etc. that were mentioned earlier.
In the US, and sometimes Canada, most responsible breeders send their health testing results to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or OFA. You can search the website for individual dogs by typing their registered name into the search bar on the top right of the page. Ideally, the dog will have its CHIC number, which demonstrates that it has completed all of the breed-required health testing.
It can be confused, so let's use an example. We'll look at this Rottweiler and explore her health tests. If we look up Rottweiler health tests, we can see that for a CHIC number, OFA requires:
Although not specified, the hip and elbow evaluations can also only be performed after the dog has reached two years of age (24 months). Evaluations performed prior this will be recorded on OFA as 'preliminary' evaluations, as the dog has not reached the age determined to be the most accurate at assessing hip and elbow health.
Our chosen Rottweiler has completed all four health tests and has therefore been rewarded with a CHIC number. In addition, the breeder has chosen to perform a dentition evaluation and a test for juvenile laryngeal paralysis and polyneuropathy on this dog. This shows an excellent knowledge of the breed (as Rottweilers can also be affected by JLPP, even though this test is not required by OFA) and shows a significant effort to know the health of this breeding animal. This is a very good sign of responsible breeding.
If you check a breeder's dogs and they have only performed one or two of the required health tests, flag it up. Why have they done this? Is the dog just younger than the minimum age for the other tests? Have they not had the time yet? Or is it something more sinister: that the breeder knows this could be an issue in their lines and has purposefully chosen not to test for it? Or have they 'not had time' to test but have bred the dog already anyway?
If a dog has received a non-passing score on a test or has had a condition flagged up on OFA, take note of this too. There can be good reasons to breed dogs with less than excellent scores (such as a small population that would go extinct if all non-passing dogs weren't bred from, or a breed that typically receives 'worse' scores on average like many dwarf breeds). In addition, some conditions, while noted by OFA on the results, are not hereditary. Add the questionable score to your list of questions to ask the breeder.
A note on OFA checks: Some irresponsible breeders will test their breeding stock through OFA before they reach the minimum age for a full result, providing them with 'preliminary' evaluations. This means they are more likely to get good results, as the dog is not old enough for a proper evaluation. Stay away from these breeders. You have no verification that their adult dogs are actually healthy.
In addition, some irresponsible breeders will show you OFA certificates, but the dog itself cannot be found on the OFA website. This is a red flag, as the only reason why a tested dog would not appear on the database (unless the test has just recently been performed) is that the breeder chose not to let the results be available online. That is a strange thing to do, since a responsible breeder should be keen to share the results of their dogs, and suggests that either they have something to hide or the certificates themselves are falsified.
In other countries, health results are not freely available online. In these cases, you will have to personally ask for proof from the breeder. This is typically provided in the form of certificates from national bodies such as the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). Make sure to examine these carefully and compare with confirmed real certificates if unsure.
What about checking for evidence of titles?
This is also much easier if the breeder has an online presence. Typically, if they do, they will include their dogs' titles in their individual biographies or on their registered names. However, if you cannot find an online presence, you can try looking at results aggregators where, in the US at least, it is common to include every title won by a dog in its registered name no matter what sport it is competing in.
An excellent example of how titles may be displayed on a breeder's website is this French Bulldog breeder's site and specifically their dog called Soren. Although this dog is more of an exception (with 55 titles!) than the rule, you can see how his registered name "Daulokke's Une Valliant Grosse" is sandwiched in-between many capital letters.
Usually, the letters (titles) at the front of a dog's name are champion titles, whereas the letters at the end of a name are lower level titles, alternative titles or something else. It is also common in the US to keep all of the titles a dog has been given in their name, including the ones gained at levels prior to their current level. In Europe and the UK, dogs typically only have the title showing for their current level.
Using the AKC title list, along with other sites and organisations if needed, we can work out what this dog has achieved. If you are need more clarification on a specific title, try searching for it in the specific sport's 'rules and regulations', which should be available to download in PDF form from the relevant organisation's website.
Soren's prefixes:
Soren's suffixes:
Going into all of these titles will take too long, but you can see how each title says something about this dog and what he has been able to achieve. It shows where the owner's passions lie (agility in particular in this case) and the sheer number of titles demonstrate that a lot of time, effort and money has gone into training and trialling this dog. This a strong sign of responsible breeding.
What about checking for working ability?
Just like the above, this is a lot easier if the breeder has an online presence. Unlike with sports, where titles are a quick way to see what level a dog is competing at, working ability can be harder to demonstrate online and more difficult to see or understand what is being shown by a newcomer to the work.
Working breeders with an online presence often post videos of their dogs training for the work or actively working. An example is this video showing a relatively green (inexperienced) dog working sheep, for potential buyers to see its ability and current level of training. For someone already involved in the work, this video will be very telling, but for a newcomer it can be hard to spot the nuances and understand what you are truly seeing. An experienced mentor in the breed and work is invaluable as a sounding board for moments like this.
Some working breeders will trial their dogs. Not in sports like agility or flyball, but in the work they train their dogs to do, in a trial-specific environment. Examples of this include herding trials, mondioring trials and field trials. There is some debate between those who solely trial and those who solely work their dogs as to whether it is trials or work which fully demonstrate working ability, but this debate should only be applicable for those searching for a dog specifically for a form of work. Advice must be sought from an experienced mentor as to whether a dog from trial heritage or work heritage is more suitable for your needs.
If the breeder has no online presence, you can attend trials in person or contact them directly to ask if you can meet their dogs. Some breeders may invite you to join them on a hunt/etc. or at a training session. This first-hand experience should give you a good idea of their style of training and working their dogs, as well as their dogs' level of ability.
Health tests, check. Proof of temperament, check. What else?
Well, if your breeder meets those standards, they are already in the top percentage of breeders in the world. You stand a great chance of buying from a responsible breeder.
However, there are another few indicators of responsible breeding - and their opposites, indicators of irresponsible breeding or a drop in standards. I will go through these now.
Contracts are a tool whose use varies by location. In the US and Canada, contracts are very common, whereas in the UK and Europe contracts rarely make an appearance. For the purpose of US and Canadian buyers, I will discuss their use in responsible breeding.
While not all US & Canadian responsible breeders use contracts, most do. Their contents usually include a health guarantee up to a certain age, an agreement to return the dog to the breeder if it can no longer be cared for and a promise from the buyer that they will care for this dog to the best of their ability. Some contracts may include extra bonuses, such as monetary reimbursements for the buyer upon proof of health testing. Some contracts may include extra restrictions, such as supplemental, care, food or vaccine requirements.
Unfortunately, the simple existence of a contract is not a sign of a responsible breeder. Many backyard breeders and even puppy mills are now writing up their own basic contracts, many of which include requirements which screw the owner if the puppy develops a health or temperament problem.
Providing only a couple day's window for an owner to find a health issue with their new puppy in order to get a refund or an exchange is one such example. This is often too quick for devastating incubating diseases like parvovirus or distemper to appear, let alone for hip or elbow dysplasia to occur. Most responsible breeders will provide a health guarantee of at least two years, especially in breeds with a risk of dysplasia, so that the dog's health can be assessed at the proper age and any temperament or other health issues can be given time to appear in the dog.
Requiring the buyer to feed only a specific type of food or provide supplements like NuVet to their dog in order to activate the health guarantee is also a red flag. Some breeders prefer their buyers to only feed raw, for example. If this is something you are happy to do, this may not be an issue, but it needs to be noted before you agree to it. NuVet, on the other hand, is a pyramid scheme that can be sold to naive, otherwise good breeders. However, invalidating a guarantee without the lifelong feeding of an expensive supplement is not a sign of a responsible breeder. Vaccine requirements also often make an appearance in contracts.
If your breeder has a contract, the best thing you can do is read it, read it and then read it again. Make sure you understand everything you are agreeing to and feel free to ask your breeder why they have included things. Although you are buying a pet, do your due diligence just as if you were buying a house or a car.
Registration of your puppy to a kennel club or relevant organisation is one of the most basic things a breeder can do, but it should still be there. The registration may with a canine association such as the American Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club, the Canadian Kennel Club, The Kennel Club, or a working breed-specific registry such as the International Sheep Dog Society or the American Border Collie Association. Kennel club variations from this list should be flagged and investigated. If the registry allows mixed breeds such as doodles to be registered and bred from, it is likely to be a worthless registry that only puppy mills and backyard breeders use. The Continental Kennel Club is an example of this.
Breeders are often able to put restrictions on registration. In the US and Canada, breeders can offer 'full' or 'limited' registration to their buyers. Dogs with full registration can be shown in conformation and bred from. Dogs with limited registration cannot be shown in conformation or bred from - if they are, their offspring cannot be registered. This enables breeders to have more control over the breeding of their puppies, which is highly responsible. Dogs can also be switched from limited to full registration if the breeder approves of their health testing and accomplishments, or once a dog or bitch has been sterilised.
In the UK, breeders can put 'endorsements' on their registered dogs. These include a 'non breeding' endorsement and a 'not for export' endorsement. The export endorsement prevents a dog from being registered with any foreign kennel club and the breeding endorsement prevents a dog's offspring from being registered with the Kennel Club. These endorsements can be lifted by the breeder at any time. As with limited and full registration, these are excellent safeguards that are often used by responsible breeders.
Lifespan and Untestable Issues
There are many health conditions that, while assumed to be heritable, are not yet able to be tested for. These conditions include cancers, epilepsy, allergies, autoimmune diseases, bloat, pyometra, among others. Breeders have different ways of dealing with these issues.
A responsible breeder will be open with you about any instances of these issues in their lines. Unless they are extremely new to breeding, it is likely they will have experienced at least one of these. "No issues whatsoever" is a red flag and should prompt you to do your own research.
Some breeders wait longer than usual to breed their dogs in order to cull (remove from breeding) any dogs that develop these conditions at an early age. Some track the appearance of conditions in their lines and pedigrees to avoid repeating any affected breedings. Some close their eyes and pretend issues don't exist. Since you want to avoid the last one, be sure to ask your breeder about untestable issues. Asking them how long their dogs have lived and what they eventually die of is often a good way to begin this conversation.
The existence of these conditions is not an immediate death toll. Every dog has to die of something, someday, so if the breeder's dogs tend to die age 14 from cancer it should not be a red flag. However, if they have epilepsy crop up and keep breeding the parents who produced it, that should be a big red flag. If cancer shows up at age three and kills their dogs repeatedly, avoid them. It is simple to see how these issues can be handled responsibly in a breeding programme.
Leaving the Breeder
Another quite easy way to identify irresponsible and responsible breeders is through their puppy raising and their methods of sending them to their new homes.
In many US states, it is illegal to sell a puppy prior to the age of eight weeks. This is generally seen as the absolute minimum age that a puppy should leave its litter, since after weaning from its mother it is still receiving a wealth of information about dog behaviour from its mother and siblings. Dogs removed from the litter too early often have poor social skills and can develop poor temperaments as a result in later life.
In very small breeds, breeders often keep their puppies until they are ten or even twelve weeks. This is done because the puppies are so tiny that they are at a higher risk for injury and illness if sent home at eight weeks. Many breeders, no matter the dog's size, send them home later than eight weeks.
In addition, a common theme with irresponsible breeders and puppy mills is allowing the buyer to pick their own puppy. This is becoming less and less common in responsible breeders, who know their dogs, have spent two months with the litter and know each puppy's personality much better than a brief visitor. Typically, although not absolutely always, a responsible breeder will pick the puppy to suit the buyer. While it is absolutely fine to have gender or colour preferences, understand that the goal of a responsible breeder is to place a puppy in a home where it will be loved and cared for for life. While the little shy white one may be your kid's favourite, the bouncy outgoing yellow one is going to get along with young children a lot better.
In a similar vein, irresponsible breeders like to let buyers pick their puppy earlier than eight weeks, usually in a 'first come first serve' method. This also demonstrates their lack of care for the puppies, since the puppies' personalities will not be fully developed by then. It is also very difficult to assess structure prior to eight weeks, and, for example, if the owner wants a running partner, picking at six weeks could well ensure they end up with a dog poorly built for distance exercise that develops arthritis or snaps its ACL at age four. A responsible breeder will, most likely, pick your puppy for you and do so no earlier than seven or eight weeks.
Red Flags / Green Flags
Finally, there are a few extra things to note. I have included green flags for actions that are often performed by responsible breeders, orange flags for potentially worrying things that need investigation and red flags warning you away from the worst kind of breeding.
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2019.04.13 08:04 Sky4k My apartment complex is cherry picking dog breed restrictions

My girlfriend and I are attempting to adopt a puppy (San Jose California) however the apartment complex is saying we can't adopt the dog we are looking at citing that it doesn't meet their breed restrictions. Now that in itself I know would not be anything to argue with but they aren't looking at what's happening. We are trying to adopt an Alaskan Klee Kai and it is a registered breed with the United Kennel Club. The breed restrictions as listed by our complex is:
"include, but not limited to: Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, Bull Mastiffs, Chows, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Presa Canarios, Rottweilers, Shar Peis, Siberian Huskies, Staffordshire Terriers, Wolf Hybrids or any variation or mixes of these breeds"
and from one of our complex's representatives:
We are basing our decision to not accept the breed based on its biological lineage.
By this I mean that, 'the breed was developed with Siberian and Alaskan Huskies, using Schipperke and American Eskimo Dog to bring down the size without dwarfism' Even in cases if the Alaskan Klee Kai was mixed with Pomeranian, we would still not be able to accept the dog as a permitted breed. Again, this is primarily due to having some linage or characteristic which derives from a Siberia/Alaskan Husky.
Due to the fact that it is a new breed and not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), we have to go with its biological lineage. Alaskan Klee Kai is a breed derived from or a variation which includes Siberian/Alaskan Huksy, which is considered part of our restricted breed.
The Alaskan Klee Kai is its own breed from the UKC (linked below) with established standards that does admittedly come from a lineage that does include the Siberian Husky but it has been a self reliant and established breed for over 20 years so it has its own established behaviors, temperament, and appearance.
We could go the ESA route potentially but I don't know about that working until the puppy is established as an ESA and since we are getting her as a puppy obviously there isn't any way to be trained to be an ESA when we get her.
I would rather get the apartment complex to recognize that the breed is not within their restrictions however failing that we would probably attempt the ESA route (we are eligible for one under everything I've read however feel free to correct us).
Any help would be appreciated.

Edit 1: added location
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2019.03.14 13:55 EdominoH CMV: The continued breeding or buying pugs is wilful animal abuse

Pugs, along with some other dog breeds suffer from Brachycephalic Airway Obstructive Syndrome. This causes severe breathing issues for the animal, making it very difficult for the dog to pant (thereby controlling body temperature) and to run. Alongside this are numerous other health issues they suffer from, including, a curved spine, preventing mobility.
Breeders know the animals are going to have these issues. It isn't a case of the dogs being prone to issues (see: Labradors+obesity), but by definition of the breed according to the kennel clubs, these dogs will be born like this. There are, of course, other breeds with equally systematic health issues (French and English bulldogs especially) which I would argue also should be considered in the same way.
While there are other breeds with dispositions to illnesses that could be reduced by allowing cross-breeding, removing these traits from pugs would take too many generations, creating too many unhealthy dogs, to try and breed out. I do appreciate that the Kennel clubs need to change their requirements for breeds to prioritise health, particularly in show dogs, but individuals need to stop buying/breeding pugs.
My solution? Legally require neutering of all pugs. In a decade or so, banning the ownership of pugs outright. This would be depending on when the dog was owned, so people already owning them aren't retroactively punished. Put ownership of pugs into the same category of abuse as dog fighting. One criticism might be that this would create a pug "black market", of people just importing them from more lenient countries, but given pugs are purely liked for aesthetic qualities, not utility, I would say there wouldn't be the market for it, given the risks.
This is a footnote from the CMV moderators. We'd like to remind you of a couple of things. Firstly, please read through our rules. If you see a comment that has broken one, it is more effective to report it than downvote it. Speaking of which, downvotes don't change views! Any questions or concerns? Feel free to message us. Happy CMVing!
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2019.02.01 17:49 Cookiemono Claire A Hardcore S+ Guide / Walkthrough for 'Casuals' - Part 2

** Here’s a link to my Leon A (Hardcore S+) guide/walkthrough. **
** 2nd part of the guide has been added in - 2:35GMT**
** Thanks for the silver stranger :D **

For people coming from my other post, give everything in the guide here a onceover. Parallel routes (ie the routes Leon and Claire share) have changed quite a lot, and some information has been included to make the guide more detailed / some sections of the game easier.

**If there are any contingency problems, please leave a comment and i'll try to fix the guide asap**

Welcome to part 2 of my walkthrough/guide series. Today we will be doing Claire’s A scenario on Hardcore with the intention of getting you an S+ rank. Claire A is better than Claire B as you will reach Birkin G1 with at least 2 hours left on the clock whereas in Claire B you start with 2 hours left.

Here’s some tips and tricks before we start.
1. You have 2hrs 30minutes to finish the game, with the use of (at most) 3 saves. Any more saves will demote you to an S rank.

2. Scrounge for everything in the game and store them in the box for later.

3. On hardcore, you only have 10 inventory slots for most of the game [12 at NEST before G3 birkin]. Be careful with how much you take with you when exploring and looting areas. You’ll often run into the situation whereby you have no more space and will have to waste time going back to the item box or discarding them altogether to save time.

4. Claire A is so much easier than Leon A. G.Launcher stuns bosses, you have better routing in the RPD, and most importantly G4 is easier to defeat than Super Tyrant.

5. However, be aware that Claire’s starting pistol is absolute garbage – the usual strategy is to headshot stun zombies and run past them to save ammo. With Claire’s scenario, it is much more consistent to leg shot stun zombies instead – This will be the prevailing rule until you get the JMB Hp3 handgun (from the basement)

6. With the gunpowder you find in the game, I highly suggest exclusively crafting handgun ammo and acid ammo - the SMG is just an over glorified pistol in our run. Bear in mind we will still get the SMG and will have access to quite a lot of SMG ammo drops.

7. Almost every attack will put you in danger (except for some boss attacks and dogs). Don’t be afraid of running in caution – enemies have to put you in danger first to be able to kill you (unless they grab you and have a 1-hit kill grab à Birkin boss / Ivy Grab)

8. The timer only stays paused when you press the start button. In other words, time spent in the menu and solving puzzles still counts toward the timer. Furthermore, if you die and press continue the timer will not reset – to amend this - start a new game or manually reload your save-file from the pause menu.
9. Since you only have 3 save files available, I recommend saving at: Chief Iron’s Office (40min), the Sewer save room (1Hr10min), and at the NEST North save room (1hr30min). Arriving at NEST, you should be able to comfortably finish the run within 45 minutes.

10. According to several users, you can use the infinite knife in the run. However, using the infinite guns is not allowed and using them will demote your rank to an S at best. DLC items are allowed in S+ runs, First Aid Sprays do not affect rank in any way.

11. The guide assumes you do not have access to DLC items or the infinite knife

12. This map provides information on all item locations in the game. If you’re bothered to min-max your items and ammo, use it in conjunction with the guide. Bear in mind it’s not needed to comfortably complete the run.

Courtesy Spoiler Warning – Last chance to turn back
Estimated finish time: 2hours10minutes
· Garage station

o Run to the back. When the zombie cutscene ends, ignore him and grab the key. Turn around and wait for him to pass. It doesn’t matter if you get bit here, you get a free heal in the police car.


- Elliot (Book)

o Hold back right after the cutscene and run to the RPD. The only real risk is the zombie outside the RPD gate who has a change to bite you if you get too close.
o Enter the RPD Building. Open the shutter, and crawl through. Ignore the computer
o Grab the ammo and first aid spray from the press room and toilets.

- Spade Key

o Leg stun the first zombie and run past him.
o Two zombies will emerge from a room in front of you – You can either [1] de-leg the two zombies and run past them (safe route) or [2] run in a straight line towards and past them while hugging the right wall, you should be able to dodge their attack (risky route)
o After you get the knife and open the shutter, keep the knife on you. Grab all pistol ammo from here to the spade key - there should be 5 drops.
o Run through the west hallway and go through the window in the operations Room
o Head into the west police office and open the safe (9 left, 15 right, 7 left) and get the quick reloader from Leon’s desk (left = NED, right = MRG). There is also pistol ammo and gunpowder somewhere in the room. Avoid going near the zombie on the desk – doing so will “activate” him.
o Grab the board beside the save room and board up the nearest window. Collect the herb beside you and go into the save room. Collect everything in the room and deposit it all into the box. Bring the pistol (deposit some ammo in the box) and the knife with you.
o Head towards the spade key located on the 3rd floor. There is one zombie on the staircase – leg stun him and run past. Unlock the combination to the SMG ammo [DCM] and grab the key.

- Leon (Lock Cutters)

o Move towards the library through the west storage room (where the C4 and lady medallion is).
o Go down the stairs and pick up the knife by the dead zombie. De-leg all the zombies in the room, and then knife them to death from behind their back. We are doing this to reduce the amount of time spent around Mr. X
o Go to the bookcases. Grab the rightmost bookcase and move it left once. Now move the leftmost bookcase and move it right once – you can move the two bookcases in one motion. Grab the pistol ammo in the left corner, grab the red book by the library door (by the main hallway) and go to Marvin. Unlock the west office door with the spade key and deposit some stuff in the item box nearby. Bring with you the pistol, red book, spade key - don’t bring any heals.
o Go to the 2F waiting room leading to Leon and open the safe. [6 left, 2 left, 11 right]
o Open the door and discard the spade key. Grab the wooden boards in the hallway, and head into the art room and pick up the weapons locker card. Finish the arm+book puzzle and take the gem with you. At this point you should have 8/10 inventory slots
o Head towards Leon.

- Detonator and Battery.

o Grab the other board beside you, and use them on the window in the next room (you'll have to wait a few seconds as a zombie is crawling through) and in the East office window with the banging zombie. Grab the fuse and valve – ignore all other items. You need to move fast in this room, if you don’t you’ll get ambushed by some zombies from your right as you move through the door.
o Open the shutters with the fuse and dump the items into the item box. You will need the KNIFE, valve, lock cutters and weapon locker card for the next section.
o Go through west hallway and move towards the detonator at the back of the operations room. on your way there, 2 zombies will block your path and 3 zombies will start coming in through the window. Proceed promptly. Use the lock cutter and then discard it.
o Go to the safety deposit room where the G.launcher is - use 109 for pistol and grab the G.launcher.
o Head upstairs into the changing room/showers. Open the locker [CAP] for flame rounds and one next to it for more flame rounds. Grab the gunpowder in the next room from the locker and the flame rounds after the door.
o Only grab the battery + combine with the detonator. Grab the white gunpowder and make acid rounds. Take items from the room until you have 2 inventory spaces left.

- 3 Medallions

o Now WALK out of the stars room and walk left. As you turn in the hallway, the licker will be waiting on the left wall – it will react to you as you get closer, but it will not attack UNLESS YOU START RUNNING OR TOUCH IT DIRECTLY. Take your knife out and slash the fucker – the knife stuns it with each hit, and it takes 8-12 slashes to kill it. Congratulations ~ you didn’t waste any ammo <3.
o UNLOCK THE DOOR and turn around – move back through the changing/shower room and go up the stairs from there.
o Thanks to u/guardsmen-Of-Kreig. >>> Once you activate the detonator, “leave through the door to the Library during the C4 countdown and then push the door back into the West Storage room, if you stand where the door would otherwise close its forced to remain open, doing this means that after the C4 detonates the Bookcase never falls meaning you never have to move it back into place."
o Thanks to u/Mice1123 >>> "Basically, you kill the hanging zombie anytime before getting the medallion to not get grabbed. The Licker attack is scripted, so it will aggro anyway. What you do is stop as soon as it appears, and then run (to the library door) when it screams, so it misses its attack and you can escape unscathed".
o Lady medallion solution [Face, Arrow, Snake]
o Go downstairs and do the unicorn medal. [2-semicircles, scorpion, urn]
o Edit: Now go back to the main hallway and get the lion medal [lion, herb, bird]
o Say goodbye to Marvin.

· Basement.

- Birkin G1 Bossfight [Timestamp 30mins]

o Grab the items in the room – bring 2xknifes, pistol, and G.launcher with you to the boss fight – there is a grenade at the bottom floor of the stairwell after taking the elevator
o [If you have the knife] - You can cheese G1 Birkin with the knife – keep knifing him while “’hugging” his mutated arm. He should die between 33-45 slashes. Depending on your framerate (knife DMG tied to framerate). Edit: I tried the boss again with lower FPS (for console players), if you use 2 knives and just slash him non stop, you should be able to kill him and only end up using 1 heal. If you used your knife in self-defence, switch to the strategy below to finish him off.
o [If you don’t have the knife] – Start the fight by shooting him in the head with the pistol. Keep your distance and use the pistol/G.Launcher on him. When he kneel’s down, get close and shoot his exposed eyeball (with the pistol).
**You can pick your knives up after the fight**

- Diamond Key

o Grab all items after the boss fight. When you go up the ladder, there is a herb and gunpowder in the room to your right.
o At the item box, u. Leave your pistol behind and take the HP3 magazine with you.
o Let master chief take protective care of Sherry.
o Go into the shooting range and pick up the box [don’t bother with anything else in the room, its not worth it] – get your new handgun from the police car in the parking garage.
o Thanks to u/paranormal_penguin [1] and u/GuardaAranha [2] for tips on the current section >>> [1] You can sneak past the lickers by walking to the left of the 1st licker in the room, the second licker is on the roof and will not attack you in any way. Proceed to the morgue.
o On the right wall, there is a red herb and flashbang in the leftmost and 2nd from the right drawers. CLOSE THE RED HERB DRAWER AFTER GETTING IT.
o Get the diamond key from the other side.

- Save Point Coming Up.

o Pick up the diamond key ASAP. 2 zombies will “activate” and you should GTFO of the room. Start walking before you get to the kennel door. [2] The licker positions have changed. One is directly in front of you, and another is on the wall to the right - get past this section by walking and hugging the left wall. There is a white gunpowder just before you leave the kennel room (to the left of the door)
o NOW WALK ALL THE WAY TO THE PARKING GARAGE AND DON’T RUN – there is a licker on the ceiling but will not attack you in any way. If you run, you die. If you shoot it, you waste ammo and die.
o Now unlock the security room and activate the express elevator to Iron’s office. There is a G.Launcher upgrade here –
The g.launcher stock is very optional (recommend you don't) as it doesn't add dmg, reload speed, etc - only accuracy. We only use this weapon in NEST and for the G3 boss fight, so the extra space you save is much better IMHO
o When you get to Iron’s office – get the machine gun ammo and get the heart key.
o Save

--------FIRST SAVE-------- [Timestamp 45min]

Big cog, electronic part, bookcase crank, and SMG.

o Now only bring the pistol + heart key with you (no ammo, no healing)
o Go upstairs and grab the board, pistol ammo, and flashbang. Now go into the east storage room and de-leg both zombies in the room. grab the blue herb, flame rounds, and big cog in the room, and head into the backroom for the knife and electronic part. Now use your pistol + knife combo and make sure both zombies are completely dead. If you don’t they’ll grab us later.
o If you have excess pistol ammo from the locker, discard it. Perfect 10/10 spaces used.
o Go back into the Chief’s room and deposit your items. Keep the boards and bring the red gem with you. Head towards the interrogation room and board up the window. Inside is pistol ammo and the jewellery case. After taking the case, hug the “mirror” and jump over when it breaks from the licker. Pick up the gunpowder on the body and the licker should be on the ceiling now. Jump over and walk out
o Deposit your items into the box. Bring with you 3 flashbangs, the pistol, and the heart key. Grab any items you find from here on out – we won’t be coming back this way.

- Key Item list from here to the STARs room.
  1. 1xBlue herb on balcony. 2xgreen herbs outside valve redirection. 1x pistol ammo beside helicopter. 1x red herb after the door leading to Mr.X, 1 green herb after Mr.X on windowsill.
  2. East office: 1 flashbang, pistol ammo, white gunpowder.
  3. Records room: 1 grenade.
  4. STARs room: flashbang, SMG, red herb, First aid spray.

o Move towards the water redirection handle outside club key. I recommend de-legging both zombies to get the 2 green herbs – activate the water pump.
o Confront Mr.X and proceed to hug Mr.X (on the left). He will throw you back, but you can just run past him because you have i-frames when caught. Use the RBG Herb after getting hurt here.
o Exit to the left and down the stairs. Go through east office and grab the items you can – head towards the main RPD hallway and deposit your stuff there. TAKE THE STARS USB + BIG COG WITH YOU + KEEP THE FLASHBANGS ON YOU
o Go through the west office door (which you opened with the spade key) and move towards the door. THERE ARE 2 LICKERS IN THE HALLWAY HERE.
o As you exit, take a left and walk to the records room. Use and discard your heart key. Grab the bookcase crank and the grenade. Wait for Mr.X to show up and juke him around the “centre island” of the records room.
o As you exit back into the foyehallway with the 2 lickers. Drop a grenade in front of you and run past. Move towards the staircase nearby and drop another flashbang if there are zombies blocking the way. [you will most likely get hit by the licker near the end] Head to STARs office through the changing/shower room. [Ps. Lickers can’t go up the stairs + Mr.X cannot enter the STARs room].
o Take everything in the STARs room. Take the USB with you as you leave. Mr.X might be outside the room at this time, you can [1] wait for him to go away or [2] flashbang him and run towards the library.
o Move towards the stuck bookcase and use the crank. Push the leftmost bookcase to the right. Move up the ladder towards the clock tower and grab the last electronic part [Mr.X cannot enter the clock tower]. There is a large gunpowder in the backroom of the clock tower.
o As you exit the clock tower, there are two zombies IMMEDIATELY in front of you. Leg stun them and unlock the door – move towards Chief Iron’s office and deposit your items. Take the other electronic part out and solve the puzzle.
o I’m not sure how to explain the puzzle solution. Instead, here is u/draumo’s and u/Dibilowas’s solution chart.

- Sherry’s Escape [Timestamp 1Hr5min]

· There are two unique blocks. One with two stars (on the horizontal sides) and one with two stars (on the vertical side). The horizontal block goes in position 1, and the vertical bock goes on position 3. End puzzle should be: circle, square, star, square, star [bottom]
· There’s no actual fighting in this section, but it is quite easy to get caught by Irons and lose 10-20 minutes of progress. Look at a YouTube video for a guide.

- Getting to the orphanage + next save point. [1Hr10min]

o I recommend only bringing your pistol, lots of ammo, 1x heal and the parking card with you. [You need around 50 pistol bullets total to get through the next area, if you don’t have enough ammo, take the SMG and some ammo with you]
o Go down the elevator and grab everything from the security room nearby. Slot the card in and run in a circle around the nearby police car to juke Mr.X. Just after the shutters to your right is a green herb – grab it.
o Get as close to the fence as you can to “open it”, and [a] leg stun the second zombie [very risky] or let him grab you and then heal to caution with the green herb you just picked up [safer]
o Go through the alleyway and leg stun Misty [the zombie], hope over the bin and kill the zombie dog. Hug the right side of the fence and you can kill another zombie dog. Be careful of misty, she can crawl over the bin. As you walk throu gh the fenced gate, a dog will hop on the car to your right.
o Go into the basketball court and grab the items. 3 dogs will spawn on the adjacent fence. (2 will get close and jump over, 1 is casually strolling on the other side of the fence)
o Grab the blue herb in front of the bus, and the grenade on the bus. Leg stun the zombie in the bus and run past. Kill the last zombie dog after exiting the bus and move through.
o Enter the orphanage. Go upstairs to the bathroom and pick up the First aid spray and SMG ammo. Go downstairs to “taxidermy girl” and go down the ladder. Sprint to the finish~
o After the cutscene, there is some SMG ammo nearby. DON’T DROP DOWN YET. Go into the save room and collect everything here.
o Bring a grenade, the pistol, 2x heals, and the SMG with you. Drop down and move through the sewer. There is a blue herb on the left, and some white gunpowder up ahead. There are no enemies yet, move on
o Go up the ladder but don’t go through. There are 3 zombies in the room: 2 on the right and 1 on the left? Throw a grenade through if you’re not comfortable, then enter the room and de-leg the rest. There are flame rounds in the left corner and some SMG ammo in the locker [SZF].

o Drop down the ladder and save.

----------SECOND SAVE--------- [Timestamp 1Hr10min]

King + Queen Plug

o Bring 4-6 self-defence items (+knife), some healing, and the pistol with you. Expect to be grabbed at least 4 times in the next area
o Get the crank and pick up the red herb. Go to the next area and drop a grenade at the bottom of the stairs. Kill the sleeping zombie as well.
o Go to the left path and go down the ladder and drop down into the pit with the G-adults.
o Thanks to u/snakeppt on how to deal with the first 3 G-adults you encounter >>> " Once you go down into the pit, the first G adult you see is "sleeping" and you should get close to him (as close as you can without aggroing him) and shoot him once (even 1 pistol round will do), wait 2 seconds, then run past him on the left side and you will be able to get past him without him grabbing you (if you shoot him then go straight away he will grab you - that's his "awaking" animation grab and by waiting 2 seconds you go after he's done it and is in recovery frames). Then from here on out you don't stop running. The second G adult will come running from the left, but don't mind him, just circle through his left and continue the path (but try not to touch him or he can grab you) and the third one comes from the pipe and you can easily run past him before he can do anything."
o Do the puzzle and get the Spark Gun, and the 2 plugs.
o On the way back, one G-adult will block your path. Equip the flash grenade and hug him. Proceed onwards –
o There’s a section where you jump into the sewer water (near where you got the green herbs / the dead zombie bodies). Move forward until you see the G-adult charging at you. When this happens, go onto the ledge to the right where the dead zombies are. The G-Adult will run past you, and you can just drop down behind him and go up the ladder.
o Pick up the sewer key.
o Go back to where the 3 dead zombies are, open the gate and pick up the grenade nearby. “Activate” the G-adult by running up to the sewer hole, then turn around and go back to the save room item box. If you have the space, grab the magnum upgrade [2 left, 12 right, 8left].

- Rook plug

o Drop the plugs and the spark gun – bring the pistol/smg with you, the STARs badge, sewer key, and the crank.
o Go back to the area with the 3 zombies, and open the path leading to the lift. Take it up. Beware there are like 6 zombies from here on out. 1 is on the ground currently. Throw a grenade through the door and de-leg the zombies from here on out.
o Take a left and open the first sewer door – take the large gunpowder
o Now open the other sewer door and get the SMG upgrade with the STARs badge.
o Come back down, take the rook plug, and go back to the save room. if you haven’t taken the magnum upgrade yet, do it now – you won’t have another chance [2 left, 12 right, 8left].

-Birkin G2 fight [Timestamp 1Hr30]

o The code for the puzzle solutions is as follows

o Take the pistol, G.Launcher with flame rounds, and some self-defence items with you for the fight – leave 1 inventory space free
o Head down to the generator. Grab the Green, Blue and Red Herbs. The code is 1,2,4
o As you try to leave, Birkin will slam the door in front of you. When that happens, hide in the corner as shown in the link (where all the bullet markings are) – you wont get hit. After the arm shows up 5 times, Birkin will start to open the door. When that happens’ move to the position in the second picture and run past him as he opens the door.

NOTE: There is a flash bang and knife in the boss room, you will need them if you don’t have any defence items left as Birkin has a one-hit kill grab move.

o As the you drop into the arena, press the button ASAP. Drop a flash grenade afterwards and start shooting the eyes on Birkin with your pistol and G.launcher combo.
o After a while, he will kneel down – when that happens push the crane button ASAP. If it looks like Birkin will get up and evade the crane hit, stun him with a flashbang/grenade.
o After the crane hits, push the button and repeat the process.

- Last Save point [Timestamp 1Hr40min]

o Pick up the items after the fight – knife, flashbang, pistol ammo, SMG ammo – and collect sherry from day care.
o Move towards the lab, drop sherry off at the other day care. Grab the flame rounds and save the game

--------LAST SAVE------------

Herbicide, Birkin G3 + G4.

- Lvl 2 Bracelet

o Drop everything in the item box except for the pistol and bracelet. Proceed to the cafeteria
o Upon entering the room; to your right is a grenade and to your left is spark gun ammo. Grab the grenade first and then the ammo, there is also some pistol ammo on the table to the right of the “chopping zombie”. Move towards the ladder.
o Take the Large gunpowder and knife. I recommend killing the zombie outright – he has full body armour and you can only damage his head. We’re coming back later so this is worth it.
O Take the spark gun condenser. Flame rounds and the lvl 2 bracelet.

- Lvl 3 Bracelet

o Proceed to the east wing. Bring a knife and pistol with you.
o In the first room with Ivys, just grab the white gunpowder and run past them both. The 2nd ivy is stuck in an animation and cant touch you while you run past him (hug the right wall just to be safe)
o Grab the flashbang on the table. The code to unlock the drug room and freezer is 3123 and 2067 (imagine keypads)
o Take the empty cartridge with you – move towards the drug room, and collect everything (frag, gunpowder?)
o Code is 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1
o When you exit the room and turn left, an IVY will appear in front of you. Shoot a bulb with a pistol (to stun it) and go down the ladder. Take the large gunpowder in front of you. Make acid grenades with the 4 gunpowders you find in this section
O In the next room, there are 4 sleeping zombies – throw a grenade and kill them all in one go, or use your pistol/knife combo and make sure they’re dead.
O Now run towards the door leading to the staircase. When the licker appears, don’t stop moving – run towards the left of it and you should dodge its attack.
o There are 2 zombies on the stairs. De-keg them with your pistol and move towards the oscillator device. Pick all items up, and pick up the oscillator device. Go back down the stairs to the lickers
o WALK promptly to the terminal, and input the code.
o Code is MURF - left knob is pointing right, right knob is pointing right]
o Now 180^ and promptly walk to the freezer. If you're fast enough, the licker’s wouldn’t have attacked you. If they’re getting really really close, back up and throw a flash – walk to the freezer.
o Freeze the herbicide.
o Now walk back to where you saw the lickers, there’s a save room nearby. Grab the knife, flame rounds and yellow gunpowder. Take the SMG as your only weapon here**.**
o Walk out of the room, go up the ladder, shoot the ivy bulbs and use the herbicide. Then get to the bracelet ASAP

- Birkin G3 [Timestamp 2Hr10min]

O [Mr.X does not show up here in Claire’s scenario] As you pick the bracelet up, Ivy’s will start getting up. There are a few on the way to the main hub – a few are in front of you, one is in the room where you injected the herbicide, and 2 are in the next room.
o Activate the bridge to the west wing – there’s a grenade on the body in front of you.
O The code for the oscillator here is OSS – left knob point up, right knob pointing bottom right
O Grab all items between here and the anti-virus serum.
O By now, you should have a shit load of flame and acid rounds: I recommending bringing the G.launcher w/30 rounds (20 acid, 10 flame), magnum (17bullets total), 1 stack of flashbangs, and one full heal.

If you brought those items into the fight, this boss is a joke. Here’s my take on the boss fight.

1. When the fight starts, use the magnum on his eyes.
2. Use the acid rounds to stun him, and use the magnum to shoot the eyes with this time.
3. Repeat rinse.
4. When his “heart” shows, use acid/flame rounds on them.
5. When he starts throwing shit around, shoot at him/hide behind some stuff.
6. When his heart is permanently exposed, use acid round/flame round combo, and magnum if needed.
- After the fight, ignore all the pistol ammo. Priority is sparkgun ammo, flashbangs, grenades (and healing if you don’t have many in the box)

- Collecting Sherry from daycare

- Head back to North wing, BUT DON’T COLLECT SHERRY YET.
- Grab the oscillator device from the nearby item box, and head to the nap room (where you got the lvl 2 bracelet upgrade)
- Bring your magnum / acid rounds and kill any zombies that you see.
- Code for oscillator is MUF – left knob pointing bottom right, right knob pointing bottom.
- Collect Sherry and move towards the train.

- Escape

- Take the elevator down.
- At the item box, take the G.launcher (both ammo types, priority on flame rounds for now) .
- 3 ivys will be at the bottom of the lift – sprint past them and move onwards
- Go down the ladder and jiggle the doorknob – this will start Sherry’s animation to unlock the door
- 2 ivys will drop down – take them out with the G.launcher.
- As you enter the room with the train, there is an itembox to your left.
- Drop the bracelet
- Bring the upgraded spark gun + ammo, Smg+ammo, all grenades, some healing – leave 2 spaces free.
- Grab the spark plugs from the train and use them in the security room.
- Grab the minigun on your way out.

- Birkin G4 [Timestamp 2Hr20min]

** Imagine the arena is a rectangle [____]. You want to avoid fighting Birkin along the length of the train. In other words, you want to abuse the short corridors along the corners.**

** Birkin will occasionally do a charge attack where he gets into the sprinter position, he can only go in straight lines with this attack, so abuse the corners when it happens*

- Use the grenade, minigun, and spark gun on him during his first 2 phases.
- When he starts climbing up, use the spark gun on him – when he drops down from the wall, he will aim for the train roof or for you - juke him if the latter happens.
- Eventually, he will start puking – finish him off.
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2018.11.17 01:22 ImJustaBagofHammers If you own a dog you are a fascist sympathizer.

It's well known that Hitler was a dog lover whose constant companion until the very end was Blondi, his adored female German Shepherd. This by itself would be of little consequence, just like the fact that Hitler was a vegetarian or hated smoking does not mean vegetarianism is terrible or that smoking is good.
However the Nazi state entire held very positive attitudes towards dogs, passing laws protecting them from harm, viewing German Shepherds as "Aryan" dogs of pure bloodline and taking over privately owned kennels as well as promoting and controlling the breeding of particular dog types. Dogs were used in the Wehrmacht as sentries as well as to torment and kill concentration camp prisoners. When concentration camp guards where photoed, it was usually with their faithful German Shepherds.
Indeed a scholar of Naziism has argued that "canines enjoyed supreme social status in the Third Reich".
Gal tries to re-think the differences between the human and the animal. The deeds of the Nazi dogs he describes, considered in conjunction with the status the Third Reich attributed to dogs, lead him to wonder about the extent of the validity of the cultural tendency to grant moral innocence to animals, or as he puts it: The thought of collaboration or political involvement by animals in acts of murder undermines the systems of classification and the conceptual attitudes that exist today towards animals.
Gal and other researchers have shown that beginning with the Nazis' rise to power in 1933, certain breeds of dogs were improved and trained for military needs. Moreover, laws for the protection of animals were passed, among them special provisions for dogs such as a prohibition on clipping their tails and their ears and an institute for the improvement and promotion of the German shepherd breed where the researchers tried to classify the breeds of dogs as Aryan and non-Aryan. In accordance with this classification, owners of certain breeds of dogs were denied membership in the kennel clubs German cities.
Historically dogs have been used by fascist governments against their own people, we've all seen images of riot police and dogs attacking political protesters. Even in democracies such as America, police dogs are their controllers are often accused of brutality - particularly against minorities - and drug-sniffing dogs are inaccurate and for whatever reason tend to falsely detect drugs more often on Hispanics (Chicago Tribune) -
The dogs are trained to dig or sit when they smell drugs, which triggers automobile searches. But a Tribune analysis of three years of data for suburban departments found that only 44 percent of those alerts by the dogs led to the discovery of drugs or paraphernalia. For Hispanic drivers, the success rate was just 27 percent.
Dog experts suggest that dogs are being cued by their handlers.
Dogs are associated with values such as loyalty, obedience and submissiveness - the exact values that all authoritarian regimes wish their citizens to internalize and adhere to. Indeed research has found dog ownership associated with the authoritarian personality style and "Social Dominance Orientation" (wiki) - the fundamental attitude that society should be hierarchical and layered, rather than egalitarian and equitable. Ironically, SDO has been described as the belief in a "dog-eat-dog" world. SDO is also associated with prejudice and racism since ethnic and other minorities are often groups of lower status and opportunity.
Are dog people more prejudiced than cat people?
An interesting and soon to be published new paper (Alba & Haslam, in press) presents an argument that complementary traits related to dominance can help explain whether a person self-identifies as either a dog or a cat person. Specifically, the authors argue that people with dominant traits prefer submissive animals as companions, whereas those who are not so dominant might place less value on submissiveness in animal companions. Because, dogs tend to be submissive and obedient to their owners, while cats are not, they theorized that dog people will manifest more dominant traits than cat people.
Dog owners also tend to be conformist and less open to new experiences.
Politically, dog ownership is more common in Republican states whilst cat ownership is the same in Democratic states - Dog State vs. Cat State? Pets and Politics
These numbers also line up quite neatly with voting performance, especially on the red-blue state divide. Cats are typically more popular in blue states, while dogs are more popular in red states. That led the Post to coin the terms, "demo-cats" and "re-pup-licans"
And contrary to their own expectations, researchers have also found that self-identified "dog moms" actually use more aversive, authoritarian methods in training their dog (cite).
Cole Morton's inflammatory editorial - 'All Dog Owners are Fascist' might sound like an outlandish troll, but I think there's more than a grain of truth in it.
We've all noticed that dog owners are becoming ever less tolerant towards those of us who don't share their personal love for Canis Familiaris. Indeed, this is just an example of an authoritarian contempt towards a minority group who does not share the values of the mainstream.
One part of authoritarianism is the belief that authority figures are always right regardless of their behavior and morality. In America, police brutality has become a controversial topic after police shootings of people, often members of minority groups. Another issue is the usage of police dogs and laws that criminalize the killing of police dogs, giving perpetrators sentences equivalent to that of murdering a human being. The very idea that an animal should be treated as of the same moral worth as a human being because it's a tool of the police is rooted in authoritarianism. Dog lovers applauded these laws.
Indeed a 23 year old man has been sentenced to 45 years in prison for killing a police dog and committing robbery. This is more than people get for murdering a human and far more than people get for robbery alone.
We've all noticed a swing towards the right in politics in recent years.. as well as a growing fanaticism and single-mindedness amongst dog owners, particular the subgroup of pitbull advocates. Are these two things related to each other? Maybe, maybe not. It's an interesting topic whatever your personal thoughts are.
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2018.09.18 09:07 JenniferKFreemann [PDF] Cross Breed (Breeds #23) by Lora Leigh

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It's been over a decade since she was introduced as an unforgettable eight-year-old in Elizabeth's Wolf. Now all grown up, Cassie is unique among the Breeds as a Coyote/Wolf mix. She has long known that her mate was somehwere out there, but he's stayed frustratingly out of sight and beyond her senses. Cassie has decided to make her move and her mate is ready to make his. The Breed world will be rocked to its foundation as dangerous secrets are revealed.

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2018.08.17 18:33 ourdogbreeds Dalmatian dog Breeds History, Traits, Health Care and Training

The Dalmatian dog breeds is a medium sized dog breed that is mainly bred to use as carriage dogs. The origin of this dog is in Croatia. Its name has taken from Dalmatia which is a historical region of the breed. These are now known for participating in various Kennel club competitions and are popular family pets around the world. These dogs possess excellent stamina, endurance and have a muscular body. These have served in various capacities like coach dog, circus performer, firehouse dog, and hunter.

Vital Statistics of Dalmatian Dog Breeds:-

Other names: Carriage Dog, Leopard Carriage Dog, Spotted Coach Dog, Firehouse Dog, and Plum Pudding Dog
Origin: Croatia
Male Height: 58–61 cm (23–24 in)
Female Height: 56–58 cm (22–23 in)
Coat: Short, smooth
Color: White background with black or liver spots
Litter size: 6–18 puppies
Lifespan: 10–18 years
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Vital Statistics of Dalmatian Dog Breeds:-

Dalmatian is the most recognized dog breed in the world with their regal carriage and unique spots. Anyone can easily get attracted to its dashing looks and their incredible energy levels. This breed is developed mainly to run along carriages for miles by helping to ward off highwaymen and to add a touch of flair to the vehicles in which upper-class people travel. These are wonderful companion dogs and love to spend lots of time with his family. They have an endless amount of energy and perfect for people who skate, jog or bicycle. They excel in canine sports like flyball and agility.
These dogs are highly active, both mentally and physically. To avoid their behavioural problems from developing, a Dalmatian should be trained when he arrives at your home as a puppy. Their headstrong nature demands a bit of consistent and firm training. They do not respond well to harsh and forced dog trainingmethods.

Highlights of Dalmatian Dog Breeds:-

Dalmatian Dog Breeds Care:-

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Dalmatian Dog Breeds Training:-

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2018.08.17 13:18 ourdogbreeds Best 11 Tips you Should know before buying a German Shepherd

Best 11 Tips you Should know before buying a German Shepherd Dog
Source from Google
German shepherd Dog Breeds is a medium to large sized dog breed that has its origins in Germany. The official name of the dog is “German Shepherd Dog ” in English and called as Alsatian in Ireland and Britain. These are working dogs that are developed for herding sheep. But people started using it for various types of work like search and rescue, disability assistance, military and police roles etc. American Kennel Club has registered German shepherd Dog as the second most breed and United Kingdom’s The Kennel Club registered as the seventh most breed. These are one among the best dog breeds in the world.
Read More:-German Shepherds Dog Breeds

Best 11 Tips Know Before Buy A German Shepherd Dog

Sometimes I feel like many people assume that a lab/golden retriever is just the default “dog personality” (e.g., gregarious, every person is their best friend). Obviously, this is not true for every German Shepherd Dog, but shepherds tend to be “one person” (or “one family”) dogs. Your shepherd doesn’t think that every person she meets is her best friend, and that’s part of her heritage. Shepherds are a bit suspicious of strangers. Also be prepared for your shepherd to pick someone to be her person in your family. (In my family, Pyrrhic unequivocally picked me. Guion almost doesn’t exist in her universe.) This can be saddening, but it’s also a trait of the breed.
German Shepherd Dog puppies have earned the moniker “land shark” for their mouthiness. It comes from somewhere deep in their herding heritage, I suppose, but these are very bitey puppies! For this reason, a German Shepherd Dog can be a trying breed with young children, who often become unwitting targets for playful biting. Start teaching your puppy right away that biting humans is inappropriate behavior and channel that mouthiness into heavy-duty chew toys and games that don’t involve tasty human hands.
Many GSD, especially American-line dogs bred for show/companionship, tend toward shyness and anxiety. If not addressed, this shyness can transform into fear-based aggression. For this reason, socialize that puppy from the minute he comes home with you, and don’t stop throughout his lifetime.
If you don’t like having a dog follow you everywhere, even into the bathroom, perhaps reconsider getting a German shepherd. These dogs are busybodies, and they want to know where you are and what you are doing at ALL times — in the event that your actions could compromise the security of the house and the family. They’re just doing their jobs, you know.
There’s a reason people call them “German shredders.” Enough said! German Shepherd Dog have a double coat, which equals twice as much fur all of your floor, your sofa, your clothes, etc. You also can’t win with your wardrobe; if you end up with a classic black-and-tan German shepherd, they have black, brown, tan, and sometimes white hair on them, so no color of clothing is immune!
Shepherds have a tendency to rough-house with both people and other dogs. They’re intense animals! They don’t have the “soft mouths” of retrievers or the delicate playfulness of smaller breeds. Dog owners with other breeds have told me that it took them a while to realize that our shepherds were playing with their dogs — and not trying to kill them. In my experience, even in play, shepherds like to go for the throat and get into some heavy-duty wrestling. Supervise their interactions with other dogs, and help your shepherd take lots of breaks and time-outs so that the play doesn’t get too overwhelming.
Thanks to the media, history, popular culture, and surely many mishandled dogs, German shepherds don’t exactly have the best public image. If it hurts your feelings that some people are automatically scared of your dog, a German Shepherd Dog may not be right for you. If you have a German Shepherd Dog, let this motivate you to make your dog a great breed ambassador and help change negative stereotypes.
German Shepherd Dog also have a tendency to be vocal. We’ve had some dogs who were just whiners; they whined for a variety of reasons (excitement, unbridled joy, stress, to get attention, to get food). Other dogs were more bark-y, especially at strangers walking past our fence or at other dogs. Pyrrhic is an uncharacteristically quiet German Shepherd Dog; but our little Eden loves barking, barking just for the fun of it! Barking can be a very difficult behavior to curb, especially if it’s woven into a dog’s lineage, as it has been with shepherds for a while now. Be aware of this issue, and be prepared to start training your dog when and how to be quiet.
German shepherds are famous for their litany of health issues. On a range from more benign (allergies) to life-threatening (osteosarcoma, hemangioma), shepherds seem to have them all. The breed even has predispositions to diseases that seem to occur exclusively within the purebred line (e.g., degenerative myelopathy, which was once called “German shepherd neuropathy.”) It’s heartbreaking, but it’s a reality if you want a shepherd. Find a good vet (preferably one with shepherd experience), and start taking measures to keep your shepherd trim and healthy.
Otherwise, you are going to have a little terror on your hands. German shepherds are large, active, athletic, and highly intelligent dogs. What this means is that if they get bored, you are going to seriously regret bringing this fuzzy monster into your house. A smart dog with no job to do = a mischief-making tornado. Try obedience classes, agility, flyball, schutzhund, herding, nose work, etc. Shepherds can excel at many canine sports and activities!
You may be surprised to learn that there’s a large difference within the German Shepherd Dog breed between dogs who are bred to work and dogs who are bred to win show ribbons. This can be a touchy subject for some, but in general, I feel that the bottom line is this: Working-line dogs are sounder and healthier, because they are bred to do a job. Show-line dogs are just bred to look pretty and meet the sacred “breed standard,” which has morphed into requiring these horribly exaggerated hocks and back lines, which puts strain on the hips and wreck the dog’s German shepherds, and it’s an excellent place to start. There’s also working-line breeder Christine of Blackthorn Kennels, whose shepherds even compete in herding. The downside of a working-line dog is that they are INTENSE, and they can be unsuited for a quiet urban or suburban lifestyle. Start researching now to determine what kind of German Shepherd Dog suits you and your family.
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2018.03.29 16:55 FreestyleKneepad Dog Fight: Boomer (Far Cry 5) vs Dogmeat (Fallout 4) vs D-Dog (Metal Gear Solid V)

This is a dog fight, but not a dogfight because why would you do that to these helpful pups?
Boomer info I guess?:
D-Dog info:
Dogmeat info:
Round 1: Within the context of their games, which dog is overall the most helpful to the player?
Round 2: Which dog would learn to navigate this agility course in the shortest amount of time, assuming they were being taught by a professional trainer? Note that this is specifically asking how fast they learn.
Round 3: Which dog would get the best time in the aforementioned course?
Round 4: Going by Westminster Kennel Club standards, which dog would do the best in a dog show? (Assume that all dogs are cleaned/scrubbed of radioactivity prior to judgment but otherwise presented as they are in the games.)
Round 5: Never mind standards, which dog is the most stylish?
Round 6: Each dog is paired with a single Navy SEAL armed with an assault rifle and pistol with as much ammunition as he needs. The dogs don’t get any extra gear or protection, just their teeth and claws. The SEAL understands exactly what the dog is capable of and how to work in perfect sync with the dog. The pair are tasked with clearing out a small town (the kind you’d see in Far Cry 5 or Fallout 4), which has exactly 15 enemy soldiers scattered throughout it. Can any dog clear out the town? Dogs are fultoned out of the battlefield like D-Dog if they get too injured, but the SEAL still has to complete the task alone without them, so the dog's ability to avoid getting hurt is still important.
Final Round: It’s finally time to pit the dogs against each other. ...If a picture of each dog at their cutest was posted on /rarepuppers, which dog would you anticipate getting the most upvotes?
Bonus dog
I hope you have a good day.
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2017.12.28 08:11 911bodysnatchers322 Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 235 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • Day 68.7. Without the 4th Amendment, We Are All Dredd Scott - YouTube
    • Day 68 this is part 7 and the great light of justice has spoken
    • Rudy Contreras
    • Rudolph Contreras the great Federal judge of the DC District Court has ruled
    • And he has said Mr Sweigert Mr. George Webb Sweigert do you need to respond until Feb 4
    • Now he doesn't know that my motions aren't getting entered into the court through paper
    • And so he did grant me electronic
    • (Sorry there's a little work going down here at the port of Alexandria)
    • But he did say that he wants to hear this case
    • He wants to know the facts of this case and he knows there has been a fraud on this Court
    • I don't know if he wants to say that right now
    • I think he wants that to be brought forward through litigation,through a plaintiff, to say "there has been fraud on this court"
    • Gregg Jarrett has mentioned this with Fox, and other commentators have mentioned this
    • That if you bring a pack of lies in front of the court, and you presented as fact, and you say, "oh I'm the FBI and now we're gonna engage in a illegal wiretap,"
    • And you subvert the court, if you lie to the court, if you do not present the facts of the court, and then gain a subterfuge on the court to do an illegal activity in the courts name: that is a fraud on the court
    • That is a disgrace on the court
    • That is a disgrace on Judge Contreras
    • This is a very important moment in time, because 702 is being re-evaluated
    • NDAA is being reevaluated
    • Smith-Mundt is being reevaluated
    • This whole parallel construction methodology and modus operandi is being re-evaluated
    • This is a key precedent
    • This is a key moment in time
    • And you will notice that Judge Contreras had four motions, which I had not got my responses of--responses in opposition entered
    • He did not say we grant your motion to dismiss
    • He said I want to hear I want to hear your responses in opposition to these four motions to dismiss
    • This is bigger than any one civil case
    • This is about using illegal surveillance to gain an advantage, and to attack dissidents, social groups, political groups, groups in opposition, undesirables, deplorables, what-have-you
    • And this is a key moment in American history
    • And as I said before: this will be Dred Scott
    • Every man is Dred Scott
    • If we do not have our fourth amendment: every man is Dred Scott
  • Day 69.1 Who Is Running a Criminal Network Really, Howard Dean? - YouTube
    • It's day 69 and here's the latest news Howard Dean, former head of the DNC, is accusing Trump of running a criminal enterprise out of the White House
    • This to me says the DNC is striking back
    • He is saying Mueller is going to show how President Trump is running a criminal enterprise out of the White House
    • Well that is very odd, because it's actually the DNC that's running a criminal enterprise out of our US Congress
    • And they're using a union--that used to back Howard Dean a great deal called SEIU
    • And they're using a union bank called Amalgamated Bank that runs that union
    • And they're hiring janitors as DEA agents to run game at major universities and high schools
    • All the way down to junior high schools, as well as recruiting criminal ratliners
    • So Howard Dean is probably the last person that should talk about running a criminal network
    • Now I like Howard Dean
    • And I do not believe Howard Dean was involved in running the DNC's game
    • But there is there are elements within the DNC that do run that game, using DEA agents, informants that have had drug territories for years
    • They also recruit their kill teams there, or their dog teams as they call them, out of there
    • And James Comey can tell you all about that
    • And this is outrageous hypocrisy
    • And normally I don't use those words, but Howard Dean--this is outrageous hypocrisy
    • And the more you continue to push the idea that a criminal enterprise is being run out of the White House, the more this is going to boomerang back on the DNC about the criminal enterprise that's being run out of the DNC
    • Now again, I don't want to sully the whole name of the DNC, but there is a criminal enterprise being run by SEIU janitors, under the color-of-law with Andrew McCabe and DEA Bruce Ohr, handing out these DEA franchises as I mentioned before, and I've said all through the series, under this color of law
    • And this Project Cassandra or this operation Cassandra proves it
    • And I've got lots of proof coming
    • So Howard Dean time to be quiet about that
    • Now people make fun of the fact that oh--in Brooklyn and SEIU headquarters over there, George was in trouble
    • Or maybe he wasn't in trouble he's just paranoid
    • Well, you go there you go there and say that their criminal network is being run out of the DNC and SEIU in Brooklyn
    • And see what happens to you
  • Day 69.2 Did I Just Figure Out SEIU Was Running Game Through the DNC? - YouTube
    • It's day 69 this was part 2 and this is your flashback
    • So people say how did you know? How did you know way back then that it was SEIU that was running the drugs
    • And how did you know it was amalgamated bank?
    • Well I didn't know it was Amalgamated bank, Brainy Blonde told me
    • And but I did know it was SEIU,
    • But I just wanted to go back to sixth a 69 one year ago today 2016 still
    • Trump's not president yet
    • This is their in the transition when even before Mike Michael Flynn General Michael Flynn is talking to the Kislyak right
    • It's happening right about this time last year what I'm gonna do is I short I'm shortening the videos to the most interesting part
    • And I'm just gonna squeeze the videos a little bit
    • But I'll give you a little flavor of this with Tyler Drumheller
    • Tyler Drumheller ran the union movement
    • They had union representatives presidents in every country
    • And this was the way he infiltrated Europe
    • And the person who worked for him didn't know about it
    • I don't believe Valerie Plame--she was working the arms side of it
    • So Tyler had the drum Drumheller had the drug side Valerie had the arms side
    • But I'll give you a little flavor of this
    • He's kind of acting as kind of a front for killer for bill that's are--during the impeachment people--he was one of the people who testified
    • This opposition information agent if you will
    • And I don't know if anybody remembers but they were trying to--kind of discredit Bush and maybe Jeb Bush was gonna run
    • In 2007 Sid writes this article that Bush knew that there was WMD
    • And he quotes two CIA agents in in the piece
    • Well the two CIA agents were Tyler Drumheller I remember that name the guy who gave said the plan to topple Libya
    • He's the station's the European chief of the CIA and the other one is if you remember Bush said it's Valerie Plame
    • These were the two CIA agents and this and this article is very famous article
    • And you can see here Valerie Plame meeting last year we got her boss
    • {{ 911bs and that plus her husbands activities were the reason for the Valerie Plame Affair (Bush outing of her (CIA) real identity, thus ending her career as a spy and putting her in great danger) }}
    • So what was she doing in your well it was the
    • So and that's and then the other pieces people say Oh ports
    • You're just picking up the ports
    • Now you're late to the game
    • You really don't you didn't really figure the ports out till recently until June
    • Some people say I didn't figure it out to the day I was did the parallel construction
    • I'll just play a little clip here
    • I just want to say to get this Army of Northern Virginia here yeah absolutely the governor in Virginia yes he has control of a ports of Virginia
    • So now the the general's wife, I believe, Grange's wife runs those ports port of Norfolk Hampton Roads all very storied--Confederate history Navy history kind of place
    • But that could be a gaping loophole for these guns to come back from Iraq
    • And the officers and agents said he wanted McCabe wanted in his quid pro quo for Iraq
    • He didn't want them for Haiti he wanted for Iraq
    • So there you go this is gonna keep coming back over and over
    • And this last year's group of videos and
    • Now we're almost up to 2,000 videos is kind of like file footage--for a newspaper or file footage for like television station now
    • Or a news organization
    • And I'm gonna just keep going back and and pulling clips and to show that this is the same the same operation happening in the United States with SEIU
    • With all the SEIU janitors
    • And the DEA agents who are their kind of handlers or Wranglers or whatever you want to call them
    • The whole thing being the Wranglers being recruited out of the reserve
    • The military reserves--it's going to be the military reserves here in DC, I believe, which is a joint reserve I believe
    • More on that later
    • But this is gonna keep coming back, because what I was talking about about back then never changes
    • Motive and modus operandi never change
  • Day 69.3 Worry Not Rod, We Will Always Have Cassandra - YouTube
    • It's Day 69 part 3
    • And here's rod Rosenstein and the guy standing behind them is the new director of the DEA DEA being a part of the Department of Justice
    • I would think everyone probably knows that Department of Justice DEA
    • But the interesting thing here is when people are talking about Horowitz Michael Horowitz the Inspector General, who's gonna supposedly come in and save the day
    • The changes that you're seeing--the leaks that you're seeing are not coming from Michael Horowitz
    • Or Michael Horowitz's fake investigation, that he supposedly has done over the last year
    • There's been one or two people that are over there in the closet, playing their radio very lowly--so that they could say they had an investigation going if this ever broke
    • But the real driver right now--the real driver right now of this whole investigation is Robert Patterson
    • And the reason I say this well I won't go into too many details but I'll just play a little clip
    • So you get to know him a little bit better
    • {{ClIP, INAUDIBLE}}
    • Before he speaks I just want to say that oh by the way the company that he used transport logistics up there to ship uranium around, (now talk about Rod Rosenstein right now) also had a DEA license, so I wonder if he cracked out on them
    • Now the other thing that the Rod Rosenstein got into a habit of doing was cracking down on a company like McKesson
    • And then Andy McCabe comes around and says, "oh by the way here's a way to get out of it"
    • And then everybody walks when the correct political contribution is made
    • Just kind of funny how that whole good cop/bad cop who has been working with Rosenstein and Andy McCabe a for quite some time and DEA
    • And there's a guy named Ohr over at Department of Justice, I think that's been kind of a middleman on that too, but here's Robert Patterson the guy was actually causing this change
    • {{ Clip continues }}
    • What he's saying there is very important, because what he's saying is we haven't really cracked down on the big boys
    • We've taken out a doctor here, a doctor there, especially whether competing against ours our guys right
    • I'm not saying these are Patterson's guys but I'm saying it over here
    • If there's a drug business where there's two or three we've been very good about taking out the ones that aren't ours
    • This is in those sixty five
    • What Patterson is doing is saying hey I've got this operation Cassandra this a huge huge drug operation going on in Virginia I live in Virginia
    • And my agents are coming forward out of the woodwork, saying, "why isn't this being investigated? And why are we focusing cracking down on doctors who gave three pills or two three pills too many or three pills too few? What the hell is going on with Cassandra?"
    • I could tell you right now Bob Patterson right here is saying Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra
    • Cassandra being the surviving daughter from Troy right
    • So this was going to be this Cassandra was going to be the survivor of
    • If any time the Troy would ever burn, right
    • If the feds ever came and burned down Troy, we would still have Cassandra
    • We'd still have our drug operation Cassandra
    • This is what I said before
    • You go get the little guys--you go get the cashiers
    • And Cassandra lives on to keep our business alive
    • It just can't go on anymore you went too far you went too far
  • Day 69.4. Reprisals and Virginia Missing Teens - YouTube
    • It's Day 69 part 4 and we had a lot of really great response Task Force did and she's done all this effort on her video yesterday about the missing kids
    • And we had five people five people come back five five five people come back
    • And this is not I mean, I kept asking Task Force over and over: "are you sure these are reprisals? Are you sure these are reprisals?"
    • I don't want to just write this story and say these girls are from reprisal families
    • And I think the big takeaway was mostly kids are not black--they're white
    • And she said look you're you're reporting something--but it's no it's mostly white kids
    • And that's the first thing that I didn't really know from the 387 that are out there
    • And then you've done a lot of work
    • And I put out a website this morning that had done a lot of work
    • But then also there these people are scared out of their minds!
    • TF: They're terrified. They've already had reprisals against them. Parallel construction--they're terrified.
    • G: And they are whistleblowers
    • I mean that is just the bottom line I I'm not trying to force this story--I had no idea
    • The reason I felt guilty actually about this not reporting this story is I've talked to these folks every night, with the Lyft drivers
    • And--there's all these murders and I'm worried about his spy ring in Congress
    • And I just started feeling like somebody should cover this story
    • It's really the last person to talk about it was--they had the DC girls in in March, for just a little bit of time
    • TF: They went totally dark
    • And now somebody the link I put out this morning showed the spike of how high Virginia is way off the chart way off the chart yours is--you you would agree with that right?
    • TF: per capita it's amazing the amount of children that are missing in Virginia for state this small
    • G: and so so Springfield the Springfield location becomes very important
    • This one two three which is I think is gonna be--sex drugs and rock and roll
    • The rock-and-roll being--that's the pay to play that we get after we we get them hooked on the sex
    • We get them on the drugs
    • And then BOOM--if we don't film them low light camera we'll get them OD'd or something
    • And this Cassandra thing I am almost convinced
    • Well I don't know I'm not tying this to cassandra yet
    • I'm not tying the five reprisals to Cassandra
    • But I think it's the drug business
    • It's the drug business if you talk
    • It's the drug business if you become a problem
    • TF: Right what I've heard over and over again. And what I've seen personally is that if you talk or are a whistleblower or become a problem for the system, one of the ways they can enact reprisals against you is to get CPS or someone else involved to seize your kids, they put them into the system, and you never see them again. That's one of the big ways that they...
    • {{ 911: See the last season of Homeland. Not only did they show FBI fakecrime and grooming, radicalizing, and entrapping muslim kids, it showed the reprisal against the main character trying to do a good thing by taking away her daughter }}
    • G: It's using the government, again, it reminds me of Doug Valentine and the Phoenix project, or DFS in Mexico first, and now DHS here is just use every government department to go after the individual
    • The claw the Falcon the CrowdStrike Falcon--that's just the way it is okay
    • So we're going to DC
  • Day 69.5. Relisha Rudd’s Dad Was An SEIU Janitor at DC General - YouTube
    • Here's a quick update and it shows you why Lyft drivers are a great resource
    • We actually got a Lyft driver
    • She'd never met a Task Force before, but she remembered me from three months ago talking about the Rudd case
    • And I was so angry because I couldn't remember the the husband or the boyfriend or maybe it was the father?
    • TF: it was the father
    • G: it was it was a father shot himself and it was one of those weird suicide Gary Webb type suicides
    • And I thought she said he worked at a hospital
    • He was a janitor at DC General!
    • And the and I told her I said there what what the modus operandi is there's 50 janitors--all honest
    • There's one guy the SEIU janitor and the union president says you got to hire this guy, he's got a drug background, etc, etc
    • And he takes bad half weight quarter weight drugs--just like unit 8 UNITAID in in Africa
    • Supplants those for the good stuff, and sells the good stuff out the back
    • And he was Aquatic Gardens--was he killed at aquatic gardens? right on the DC Maryland line
    • Aquatic Gardens and what was the Kenilworth Avenue
    • It's like Kenilworth like a kennel is worth a lot of money, that you have prized dogs at, but then an "i" instead of an "e"
    • TF: And the child just disappeared without a trace
    • G: Relisha Rudd
    • TF: Relisha Rudd
    • She was she was a girl that we put on the yesterday for the thing
    • And it just so happens we end up getting that the driver who remembered me from three months ago
    • And knew all about the case I mean {{ Shrug }}
  • Day 70.1 - Join the JTTF Deep Dive Surveillance Club, Mr President - YouTube
    • This is Day 70 and this is kind of the flashback quickly back to day 62
    • I said did McCabe target Eric Braverman, meaning did he do a deep dive 702
    • Maybe even added a little bit of human surveillance
    • Well I'm quite sure he did and this is after Braverman shows disloyalty to what Podesta thinks is sort of a code
    • And if you show disloyalty to the Don you get McCabe, you get surveillance, you get the deep dive, and you also get a little human human Intelligence gathering or what we call active surveillance
    • So I had said in this series going back this was a Christmas version last year, but all the way back from day one saying no McCabe's been doing this actually for 20 years for Hillary Clinton
    • And now the other guy I'm going to add to that is this guy named Bill Priestap
    • So for those who don't remember who Bill Priestap is he runs the Counterintelligence division
    • And this was a very famous encounter in March of this year talking about this
    • {{ clip -- what's the nsa doing to stop cyber -- }}
    • And that's where I believe they are lumping in Eric Braverman and sending stuff to WikiLeaks along with potentially Justin Cooper, sending stuff to WikiLeaks and they're calling that Russian interference in the elections
    • So it's a real stretch
    • So here's Mike Rogers now, who's no longer under the thumb of Comey, and maybe got a little bit of breathing now with Mattis, giving him some protection and
    • Now what you've really got is this battle between the FBI and the FBI is infrastructure which they can do their own wiretap
    • And the NSA which can do obviously do signal Intelligence
    • So this is kind of battle going on now and
    • Now we're really resting trying to wrest this capability from the FBI
    • And get it back to where it should belong in the NSA
    • And have the FBI go back to doing warrants, which is the law, rather than what's happened here
    • And if you don't believe that here is the FISA Court this is the famous Contreras 99 page thing--opinion about how the how they've done it
    • How the FBI and DOJ are doing and here they say in October 24th 2016 the government orally--didn't even write it--Apprised the court of significant non-compliance of NSA's minimization procedures
    • This is the masking of people's names like Mike Flynn's names, like my name, like Trump's name, like Mohammed Mohammed's name, going all the way back to 2010--the case I was involved in
    • So this is gonna be kind of the smoking gun
    • Now, in the testimony here Comey says they started this for the President and the people around the president of the 13 or 14 or however many they did a hundred deep dives they did
    • They started that July of 2016
    • Now you remember yesterday, I had talked about the chalupa
    • And I talked about it quite a bit on Twitter
    • I talked about the chalupa on August--late August--that got dropped in the lap of President Obama
    • And it was actually delivered by I believe Alexandra Chalupa
    • Now I think that's a fake CIA name
    • And what the the reason why they give somebody that name is dropping a chalupa on somebody's lap in industry parlance is: you let them know about something about six weeks after it started so they started this surveillance on a broad swath of all the people around Trump
    • And then you drop the chalupa on the person that you want to be you want to make an accomplice
    • Basically you put this hot sticky mess on somebody's--lap, and basically they have to go along with it, otherwise they embarrass the heck out of themselves by standing up and saying this is this is a problem
    • So I do believe the first FISA now was the chalupa drop
    • I do believe Obama did see it on August the 15th
    • Now there's a second chalupa drop, and this is gonna go back to here
    • There's a second chalupa drop, that's gonna happen here
    • Now did Obama sign off on that or not?
    • But this is the chalupa drop that--"hey just thought we'd let--that we're gonna do the transition team"
    • Now that Hilary if Hillary does lose, here's the insurance policy
    • We're going to now do Michael Flynn, and all these other national security people, and we're gonna surveil them
    • So this is the testimony regarding that
    • And you'll see Lindsey Graham ask
    • {{ Clip }}
    • So there is gonna be a record and that record is going to come out before it's all said and done
    • And I'm gonna go ahead and say that Sally Yates has, actually in testimony, wrote a record about how the National Security Division--I think this is going to be--I mean Glenn Simpsons almost acting as a part of the National Security Division with Bill Priestap
    • This name pre staff is going to become very very well-known
    • And this is gonna be I believe Strzok--as I've always said--is a fake
    • I just didn't know if it was Andy McCabe or an underling and
    • Now I'm gonna say it is it is Bill Priestap
    • So everywhere you find Bill Strzok I think is actually gonna be Bill Priestap--it says funny name for Bill Priestap being there
    • And this is going to come out just because you're in the national security of a division, doesn't mean you get this suspend the Constitution doesn't mean you get to suspend the fourth amendment
  • Day 70.2 Is the DNC and the SEIU a Moral Hazard? - YouTube
    • Its Day 70 this is part two
    • And yesterday we covered this Relisha Rudd
    • Talked to several people that were familiar with the case yesterday
    • But this is the most recent press article by a journalist talking about Relisha Rudd
    • And it talks about the disappearance and and relatives who have theories
    • And some relatives even appeared on the Steve Wilko's show, and said the mother was a bad mother, and the mother was giving the child out to this guy named Khalid
    • And I watched the whole thing, and they just basically thought that the mother was prostituting the child for in exchange for drugs
    • And then of course Khalil excuse me ends up dying here in this field not too far from where I'm where I am right now
    • A shot in the head, with his girlfriend also shot in the head,
    • And then no trace of the eight-year-old there
    • And this is Khalid right here
    • This is the SEIU janitor
    • So the point I'm trying to make through this series is he's the SEIU janitor at DC general hospital
    • They turned it into a homeless shelter
    • He's the SEIU janitor there
    • Now the problem is: is that if you start (it's right across the street from the DC prison as well)
    • If you start paying people for the leads if you start paying people to take your child away to walk them into hotel rooms and potentially be prostituted, you start paying people for leads on drugs, or say, "hey here's a here's a way you can make money on the side with drugs or here's what you can make money on the side if you can let us know if anybody's getting sick"
    • If there's an overdose and get them to our Hospital we'll pay you a finder's fee
    • All these things are moral hazards
    • What's known as moral hazards
    • Now I'm not saying the DNC is in the business of moral hazards
    • I'm just saying you don't want any system where you can make more money by calling in somebody who's about ready to die
    • Calling in an overdose and getting that ambulance to go to Georgetown and or MedStar instead of one of the other hospitals--
    • You don't want a system where you make money by prostituting out eight-year-olds
    • You don't want to make money by selling drugs rather than just being a good person and being a leader in the community
    • So that's the point here
    • Now unfortunately, there are times when political parties don't care
    • They just say I want the money {{ Obama: Trump is NOT going to be the next president }}
    • So one of the takeaways here with the DC missing girls is that there's a lot more white girls than black girls missing, which is something I did not know
    • And a lot of them may also be political reprisals--we're gonna go see a couple of them today
    • Some pretty amazing stories
    • But again, this is seeming like it's part of a system
    • It's not it I don't know if it's organ recovery
    • I don't know if it's prostituting these girls
    • I don't know what it is, but it seems like the numbers are 10x here over anyplace else in the country
    • Why? Well it is the nation's capital where there is the most pay to play
    • It is a nation's capital where there is the most political influence as well as judicial influence
    • So the reason why I pick on this case is because of the moral hazard and the SEIU janitor
    • Now's not the time to say I need to put my operatives into a operation
    • There's one bad janitor and there's 50 good guys
    • One bad apple destroys the barrel
    • You can't have a system where you encourage moral hazard, just for the political benefit of contributions to your party
    • What I really want to start doing now is drilling down on the NGP van system, and all the systems at the DNC in this discovery process
    • I want to find out about the system called CATALIST that was outside of the NGP van system it seemed to be focused on SEIU
    • Seemed to be focused on the SEIU operatives in different places in the country
    • Seem to be almost organizing--buses...but
    • But maybe it went beyond that, we don't know I need to find that out
    • And this guy named Harold X who I call an SEIU Beetle
    • This is the kind of the the encrustations on the Democratic Party, that just need to be lost
    • The old days of--throwing people off of roofs and stuff for union tactics are over
    • Maybe they're not, I don't know
    • But we kind of need to move to the to the next level
    • So from now on Khalid[sic]-- KHALIL TATOM you have become the face of the SEIU janitor
  • Day 70.3 If I Had These Conflicts of Interest, I Would Attack Trump Too Trump - YouTube
    • Day 70 your Capitol report the word of the day a phrase of the day is conflict of interest conflict of interest
    • Everyone knows about McCabe'a six hundred and seventy five thousand dollars
    • Was it a dollar for every email? Was it a dollar for every email?
    • Twenty-eight hundred those carefully selected--that small small slice of the pie of Huma' server that will be out a little bit later this afternoon--we'll find that out
    • Let's talk about Bob Mueller though for a minute
    • As far as the Mueller team is concerned, a few blocks away from here
    • Well let's see Bob Mueller himself has secret accounts in the Caymans
    • That's not good when you're in law enforcement: your wealth goes from 1 million dollars to 6 million or seven million dollars in eight years that you're the director of the FBI?
    • That's supposed to be a public servant position, not a public self-serving position
    • We all know about Comey and the whole DLA Piper scheme with his brother, for I guess it's called 'insulation'
    • We all know about US Enrichment Corporation, where all these folks are brought in from Russia and Uzbekistan to drive the trucks
    • What's that all about?
    • We now find that the officer that was so good enough to create a parallel construction on me in Zanesville, Ohio
    • Well it turns out, there's a down-blending plant--There's a uranium down blending plant in Lynchburg, Virginia
    • He didn't tell me he was from Lynchburg
    • He didn't tell me he owned a consulting firm in Lynchburg, Virginia
    • Mr. Pettijohn:
    • No, matter of fact he said he was from Cincinnati
    • Even doctored up a new story there in Cincinatti, to try to convince everybody's from the Cincinnati office
    • He's not!
    • He's from Lynchburg, Virginia
    • So a lot of these things are gonna come out and discovery
    • I can discover records like that
    • If you're a public servant: I'm not going to be able to discover secret records
    • But if you have a secret account in the Caymans, that is outside of the protection of the public privacy laws
    • You can't--unless there's some kind of operation being run, which is probably what they're going to say, you can't color-of-law every crime scheme that is imaginable, and then say well I was just trying to catch some crooks over a 20-year period, and I enriched myself by six million dollars in the process
    • Wouldn't look good if I didn't enrich myself--it doesn't work
    • US Enrichment Corp is not for public servants
  • Day 70.4. DEA HQ, Springfield, VA, Chantilly Lace On Cassandra’s Face - YouTube
    • Day 70 here's your judicial report (man it's cold let me tell you)
    • The Awans: their court date: Whoosht! Gone
    • So does that mean they're now enemy combatants?
    • Did Rogers get ahold of the terabytes going to Pakistan, and then unpack those with the hammer--with the hammer--James Clappers hammer?
    • We don't know
    • I it's kind of a quandary it's a question
    • There's nothing to change on the docket
    • So that's what's odd
    • The calendar changed but the docket didn't change
    • And normally you can't do law or court procedures in secret
    • So something has to hit the docket here pretty quick
    • Second: I've been taking a while to mention this but Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra
    • Where is the headquarters of the DEA?
    • Springfield, Virginia--it's about couple miles--about a mile from the 6313 Thomas drive home
    • {{ GOWDY MODE: }} it's extremely close--(Trey Gowdy would say over there) it's incredibly close
    • To Atif--remember Mohammed Atif--the three guys that went to three amigos that went to Johns Hopkins
    • So we'll have to check that out, as a matter of fact {{ Gowdying }} it's not very far--it's extremely close
    • To Chantilly to Chantilly
    • Where the DEA secret little Cassandra Operation [PROJECT Cassandra] was
    • So if you want to chart on a Google map from Falls Church, Virginia--the CIA car dealership, not my words--I didn't call it CIA car dealership--to DEA headquarters to Chantilly
    • It's a couple miles it's a couple miles
    • This is not going to go away
    • This is going to be discovered
    • The further Mueller goes in the better, because that means we get the more discovery of all the missing pieces
    • The questions are going to continue
    • Why didn't you investigate this eight-year--that doesn't sound like a sting operation to me, that sounds like a business
    • Eight year color-of-law operation with Operation [PROJECT!!!] Cassandra
  • Day 70.5. At the State Department or Is That Tenoe? - YouTube
    • It's day 70 and there is the State Department flag there
    • And there is the famous seventh floor
    • There is the famous seventh floor where Huma and Hillary came out for coffee breaks from the SCIF
    • The Mahogany Row is what they call it--Mahogany row
    • And then they would they would sync with whoever was right down here:
    • Anthony Weiner or whoever was whoever or Imran was driving the the laptop vehicle
    • That's actually how it worked I mean that's how she got the 650,000 emails on there
    • Who was it that had 50 accounts?
    • It wasn't me that accused her of having 50 accounts at the State Department--Huma I'm talking about
    • It was Doug Band from Teneo
    • Teneo you say Teneo I say today-oh
    • Yeah it was Doug Band at Teneo
    • A lot like Tenex
    • A lot like Tenio
    • A lot like TenAm
    • Those are the two Uranium One companies
    • TenAm was the American arm
    • TenEx was the export company
    • Teneo was the pay-to-play company
    • There was that gray line between does she work for the State Department
    • Or does she work for the Clinton Foundation
    • Or does she work for Teneo
    • We don't know we're a little bit topsy-turvy here
    • Today right now, within the next hour, we're gonna wait here, they're gonna go to the seventh floor
    • They're gonna throw out 2800 emails between Hillary and Huma
    • Now how many are there really?
    • There's really 33,000 we know that from FBI documents that said "that's just a small wedge of the Hillary Pie"
    • And of course if you want to talk about the human eye it's about 10 times larger
    • So it's a very very small carefully chosen set of emails to make you think it was just about yoga
    • But it wasn't just about yoga
    • It was about Teneo
    • It was about pay-to-play
    • It was about the Clinton Foundation
    • And we're gonna get to the bottom of it
    • We're not stopping at 2,800 emails
  • Day 70.7. Continuous Unauthorized Access For Nefarious Purposes - YouTube
    • It's Day 70 part 70[sic]
    • And Luke is just out with some interesting tweets
    • They talk about the title of the report for the caucus server
    • When the caucus server--the DCC, the D triple C's server is hacked, there's a report that goes to the house that says, "continued unauthorized access"
    • "Continued unauthorized access"
    • The same time that hack is occurring the hack to the DNC is occurring
    • So they are in the same building
    • So you would know a hack on one side of the house would be a hack on the other
    • It almost reminds me of a "plague on both your households"--{{ Gowdy false start }} "you have a plague on both your households you have a plague on both your households and it says the Awans were responsible"
    • So that I'm guessing that report came out in August or the summer sometime maybe around the time Theresa Gravenstein was looking at it
    • And here again, we're pointing the finger directly at Imran Awan
    • We're saying that there's continued unauthorized access and they state specifically nefarious purposes nefarious purposes
    • {{ FULL GOWDYMODE }} That's not seynding pictures! That's not sending pictures to Pakistan!
    • As Trey Gowdy would say, it's not
    • It's not sending pictures to Pakistan
    • "Nefarious purposes" sounds like Awan-Contra
    • Nefarious purposes sounds like guns for arms for drugs excuse me
    • It sounds like almost like funding terrorism
    • So I saw he copied Donald Trump Jr.
    • I hope Donald Trump jr. makes a big deal about this since they're going after you next Donald Trump jr.
    • And Jared let me just tell you
    • They're going after both of you
    • The best defense is a good offense and the best defense is the truth
    • So the quicker you get the truth out, and get these reports published continue this unauthorized access
    • As soon as you get that report out, the better we're all going to be
  • Day 71.1 Saturday Summary - 30 Watergates Now, 50 Later - YouTube
  • It's Day 70 This is part one.
  • How much news can you pack into one day?
  • First we had the continuous unauthorized access video last night
  • This is where we talked about Luke Rosiak actually quoting from the report
  • We're getting close now on this report for continuous authorized access for nefarious purposes
  • Just in the thumbnail tells the whole story that we need to know the number of pages we need to know the date
  • So pester Luke for the date
  • Pester Luke for the the number of pages
  • Pester Luke for the actual report title because that's what I'm asking for in Discovery
  • And every time you go in to a judge and you say I want the report titled such and such with such and such date right and
  • Now we can go into who saw that report and when
  • That will tell a huge story about the cover-up of the DNC of the DCCC hacks
  • Here we made it to the promised land
  • If you haven't seen this, Trump did say the word Awan {{ 911: incorrect. He tweeted "Pakistani guy who worked for DNC" }}, he did talk about the Pakistani hackers, he did talk about the two servers
  • Julian Assange tweet quoted it and tweeted it this morning
  • So this like I say before when you take thirty water gates, and you have a thirty Watergate story and you Dam it up, it becomes a 50 Watergate story
  • Eventually the floodgates open, and it becomes a 50 Watergate story
  • You hold it back further it'll be a 75 Watergate story
  • Then a 100 Watergate story
  • So the Democrats in the highest echelon Schumer and Schiff can make this into a 200 Watergate story by waiting
  • Cut the bleeding now, open the floodgates let the plains flood and cut your losses
  • That's my recommendation to Shivan Schumer and it's going to sweep them out obviously
  • We had the State Department story the Teneo State Department story
  • About six small children in the mall there across from the State Department
  • About six small children knew or believed this story that there was only 2800 emails and only 5 classified emails
  • About six small children we counted
  • >>>CONT
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2017.07.28 22:43 sexyrexywagner The Strange Disappearance and Murder of Camilla/Cam Lyman

I've been a longtime lurker on this sub and this is my first write-up so go easy on me. Because of the recent interest in transgender issues, I thought that this would be a pretty interesting mystery. I have also tried to use gender pronouns involved appropriately.
Camilla Lyman was born in 1932 to Arthur Lyman, a prominent wealthy Bostonian who spent thirty years in public service. Camilla had two sisters- Mary and Edith- and a brother named Arthur Jr., but she appeared to be Arthur's favorite as they had a mutual interest in dog breeding. Camilla quickly showed herself to be an excellent trainer and became well-known in dog breeding circles. She lived a typical upper class lifestyle and was "cute and perky" according to her sister Mary Margaret Goodale. However, she had no interest in marrying or having a family choosing rather to spend her time raising Clumber and Field Spaniels- her favorite dog breeds.
In 1968, Arthur Lyman died from lung cancer which reportedly devastated Camilla. She became more withdrawn from her family eventually cutting them off almost entirely. She grew more eccentric and began to make an unexpected change in her personal life. Beginning in the 1970s, Camilla started wearing men's clothing and legally changed her name to Cam. Standing at exactly six-feet, Camilla could easily pass as male and was said to resemble her deceased father. Now living as a man, Cam started taking steroids to get more masculine features and grew a mustache although, according to the Lyman family, he never took the step to get gender reassignment surgery.
Cam also began to associate with fellow dog breeder George O'Neil who increasingly started taking over Lyman's finances and became Cam's only confidante. It was O'Neil who convinced Cam to purchase a 40-acre estate in Hopkinton, Rhode Island where Cam would spend the reminder of his life in seclusion along with 58 dogs that he kept on the property. He was reportedly a cranky neighbor who rarely spoke to anyone else and left O'Neil to fed his dogs, bring him the mail, etc. Cam had the strange habit of hiding large amounts of cash around the house and kept a case filled with valuable jewelry at his side at all times. In 1984, Cam took the step of giving O'Neil power of attorney over his estate. Also Cam wrote out a will giving O'Neil the $400,000 Hopkinton property and $1.9 million but had to care for the dogs on the property, establish an exhibit for one of his dogs at the dog Museum in St. Louis, and scatter his ashes over Madison Square Garden during Westminster Kennel Club annual dog show.
Though Cam kept the rest of the world at arm's length, in 1987, three years after making George O'Neil his heir, he fell off the map completely. The last communication anyone had with Cam Lyman was on July 17, 1987 when he was speaking to George O'Neil. According to O'Neil, they were speaking over the phone when the line abruptly went dead. The next day, he went over to the Hopkinton property where he said he found the phone ripped from the wall. Despite this, he went 13 months before going to the police when Cam's brother Arthur filed a missing person's report.
O'Neil justified his silence by saying that Cam had been talking about going to Europe to have a sex change operation. The cash, case of jewels that Cam kept with himself at all times, and a few changes of clothes were missing from the property which seemed to suggest that O'Neil was telling the truth about Cam leaving for Europe, but his bank accounts and credit cards had not been touched since his disappearance. The police took O'Neil at his word and there was no further investigation.
However, Cam's siblings were worried that something far more sinister had occurred since they believed that Cam would have never abandoned his beloved dogs- especially his favorite champion dog Raycroft Sheriff- for so long. Even George O'Neil's own attorney Rosemary Healey believed that Cam might have died. The Lyman siblings hired a private detective Charles John Allen in 1988. After an extensive search throughout transvestite and transgender communities in Europe, Allen stated that there was no trace of Cam Lyman there or anywhere else. He also contacted George O'Neil and requested permission to search Cam's property, a requested O'Neil refused. Later, when looking over Lyman's finances, Allen noticed large amounts of money that had gone missing with no explainable cause. He submitted his findings to the police.
In 1995, after a four-year period required by Rhode Island law, the family went to probate court to have Cam declared legally dead. They also fought to keep Cam's estate from George O'Neil. In the end, O'Neil settled for the Hopkinton property while the family received Cam's estate. O'Neil quickly sold the property soon afterwards.
On September 24, 1997, a decade after Cam's disappearance, John Scuncio became the new Hopkinton police chief and reopened the case. He received permission from the new owner of Cam's property where a badly deteriorated body was discovered in a septic tank. Because of its condition, it took over a year for the body to be conclusively identified as that of Cam Lyman and his death was declared a homicide that most likely occurred at the time of his disappearance. Although, George O'Neil was the main suspect, he was never charged with murder. In 2003, He was, however, charged with embezzling $15,000 from Cam Lyman. He was sentenced to a year in prison and ordered to pay a $450 fine. He has made only one statement about Cam Lyman saying: "She's dead. I don't know anything about it." The murder remains unsolved.
My two theories:
1 George O'Neil murdered Cam Lyman and staged the scene to make it appear that Cam had suddenly left to go to Europe for the sex change. He had managed to make himself Cam's sole beneficiary so there is a motive for the murder. The fact that he was so dodgy during the investigation does make him reek of guilt and the fact that it took so long for the house and property to be searched would account for the lake of forensic evidence as he would have had more than enough time to clean up a crime scene.
2 This is an alternative theory I've come up with. Cam lived alone so when O'Neil wasn't on the property there would have been no one to defend him. An individual or individuals may have heard rumors about the large sums of money and jewelry that Cam had in the house and decided to rob him. Cam may have really been considering getting a sex change in Europe and O'Neil was telling the truth but Cam was murdered in a robbery gone wrong. This would explain why the money and jewels went missing and were never recovered since they took it themselves. They could have also taken the clothes to make it seem like he left to go somewhere to cover their tracks. They would have had a full day to clean up the scene. Since Cam was so reclusive, the police would only focus on George O'Neil exclusively since he had so much to gain from Cam's death.
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