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Hope for love, pray for love, wish for love, dream for love…but don’t put your life on hold waiting for love. #friendfin #nzdating #asiandating #onlinedating #penpal #russiangirls #womenseekingmen #freedating submitted by FriendFin to u/FriendFin [link] [comments]

2020.10.18 18:56 FriendFin The best relationships start off as friendships. #friendfin #nzdating #asiandating #onlinedating #penpal #russiangirls #womenseekingmen #freedating

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2020.10.17 06:05 FriendFin If you make me laugh Im already 89% in love with you. #friendfin #nzdating #asiandating #onlinedating #penpal #russiangirls #womenseekingmen #freedating

If you make me laugh Im already 89% in love with you. #friendfin #nzdating #asiandating #onlinedating #penpal #russiangirls #womenseekingmen #freedating submitted by FriendFin to u/FriendFin [link] [comments]

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2020.07.26 22:10 daves_opinion a real review a real review
Are you struggling with finding your partner? Are you tired of Tinder because you feel that it’s not the place for you? Maybe, your solution is In this article, I’m going to review the website, and I’ll tell you my opinion and my experiences. Let’s see!
Read more
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2020.07.18 17:12 Brave_Following_8107 Am I being catfished

So I have decided to try this site called Asiandating. Now as soon as I joined seemed like I was getting a lot of action right away and I soon started talking to a beautiful girl from China. She asked me to take offline on skype and to conversate there. After our conversations for first 2 days which went well she asked me to download app call bbkut which is translation app so she can understand me better. We have been talking for 5 days and getting closer, but my suspicions have been coming up. I sent her skype video's daily trying to introduce myself and she sent me one of her and her friend on there phone she sent it thru skype which was a very cute video. Then on bbkut she sent me some pictures of 2 pictures of her and one of only her friends at a hotpot. When I ask her to video cam she originally said her never had one and only had a microphone. So we skyped audio call and had an interesting conversation which was difficult to do but we both enjoyed it as it seemed like person is real and we can work around it with translation apps and what not. I keep insisting for video call as she is getting really lovey dovey with me and even saying things like she wants to ask her parents formally since she likes me to come here. She was asking me to send her a gift thru bbkut app which is a 4 clover lover token... She was being pretty insistent as well sending me picture guides on how to use the app.. So I told her before I go this far I need to see you on camera, she seemed like she got offended and said trust is important and now I am doubting her and she only wants to move forward in our relationship.. So then she literally tells me I am buying a video chat camera today...So now she messages me its not compatible with her old computer ...So she is saying she does talk on skype much as she doesn't understand the language and rather be on bbkut for translation.. yet she is always online on skype and does not always say hello to me there. Then I see her last online on dating app as we are in middle of conversation, while is asking me for love charm from online. When i insisted give me your address I will send there she keeps insisting for me to thru bbkut app and go to gift section and send her thru that as "it will be faster and safer" Also her one picture on asian dating does not fully match the minimum amount of pictures and video she is sending me. I literally called her out on this today, and asked her if you don't have video chat option, which is weird cuz almost the whole world has access with camera phones and technology ,to send me a live picture with her writing my name down and her in it...She has not responded yet and I hope she is real but I am worried here. At the same time she seems so down to earth and nice to me I am afraid what if I offended her with my blunt reaction... Did I over react?
I'm confused I feel like we had a connection as we have talked very personal even details and family names locations what not but when I ask for something live she insists on audio call. CAn anyone advise me ?
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2020.02.17 21:26 Carbeedoo Husband just finished setting this new bow front up. Getting ready to add our redeye TF, WA TF, Asiandics, and newts!

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2019.05.19 06:10 GangGang_Gang Mike, you have the IQ of a fucking ad.

Fuck you Mike.
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2019.05.15 07:39 seniordatingsites First Date Questions To Impress anyone!

First Date Questions To Impress anyone!
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first date questions
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2019.05.15 02:45 TeenGohanruto_SS2 MMW: and other racial dating sites will require proof of racial makeup to join their sites.

In the future, sites such as,,, and more, will require proof of your racial makeup to join and use their services. They'll partner with 23andme and AncestryDNA to allow you to upload your dna and ethnicity %.
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2017.08.03 14:56 goflipaburger NDad wants to go to china for love... should i talk him out of it?

Hi all. My dad is a narcissist and really poor. He's very abusive and recently kicked my mom out onto the streets. My sis and I got her an apartment, furnished it, etc so she is good for now! She still sees him a few times a week because they share the car and he watches the dog when she has to go to work
I've been avoiding my dads call for 2 months now. The last we spoke, he asked me for "urgent" money, said it would be $40 (which used to be normal because I usually help pay for bills like light/wateetc) so I sent him my credit card. He used it on and the charge got my credit card declined lmao.
Anyways, I told him off for that and I haven't spoken to him since. He wouldn't stop calling me and so I eventually picked up.
Long story short... he wants to move to China to go find a woman who loves him. he thinks hes gonna live the life out there. realistically he has no money for a trip, no money for even food. the only asset he owns is his car which is worthless. he doesnt have a penny to his name.
I didnt try to talk him out of it, as much as I hate admitting it... I kind of want him to go : I feel awful, but it would be so great to not have to worry that if I ignore him he will take it out on my mom by abusing her.
Anyways, should I talk him out of it... or should I buy him the ticket? lol or just leave it alone?
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2017.05.14 22:28 varsicus Trying to find this person's contact info

I was developing a relationship with this girl ( but the website shut down... can anyone figure out her email and tell me what it is
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2017.02.05 13:55 trancefan95_ Look at this disgusting shit...
"Yeah, come here white so luv you long time!! I open the door to asia, then i open my legs! just join asiansextrafficking asiandate and you can meet submissive azns like me!!"
I mean, my god, this bullshit is just so disingenuous. I've been banned a shit load of times, but hopefully one of the asianfeminism posters like notanotherloudasian or MsNewKicks can post it there. It's just sickening, though of course, this is hardly unique, nor is it the worst - ALL of these Asian dating sites play on these stereotypes. On porn sites, they're even worse. It's no wonder last year alone /hapas users found at least 15-20 cases of these Asian women getting murdered by white guys. Afterall, if you're a mentally unstable white guy who's too fucked-up to get a white woman, what a you gonna do? Yeah, import some Asian sex slave who you can kick around, someone who knows her place, someone who won't speak up and who is vulnerable in a new country
How this is legal, I'll never know. Afterall, effectively their website:
And yet, whites have the nerve to criticise 1 million Muslim refugees in Germany - 95% of which are already married to/will marry their own kind in future. What about the, I dunno, 8 MILLION yearly whites (mostly male) who go to Thailand? The sexpat crisis is just exponentially greater than the refugee crisis...
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2015.12.04 19:47 alwayzsuspicious Chinese Interracial Overseas

=========================Statistics America=========================
The total number of Chinese in America is 4,010,114 (includes 215,441 Taiwanese).
Demographics of Asian Americans
Released: April 4, 2013
Intermarriage rates for Asians. PEW Research Center, both male and female.
The Rise of Asian Americans
Updated Edition, April 04, 2013
updated as of Nov. 2011
PEW graph doesnt differentiate between male and female. The overall trend is consistent, but keep that in mind. To separate male from female go to asian Both the PEW (see bottom of image) and asian-nation (see satistical methodology) got their data from American Community Survey.
=========================Statistics Canada=========================
A portrait of couples in mixed unions by Anne Milan, Hélène Maheux and Tina Chui
Mixed unions in Canada
The proportion of mixed unions varied by visible minority groups
Some visible minority groups have a greater tendency to be in mixed unions than others (Table 1). In 2011, Japanese were by far the most likely to be in a conjugal relationship with a person from another group. Of the 32,800 couples in which at least one person was Japanese, 78.7% involved a spouse or partner who was not Japanese. Latin Americans (48.2%) and Blacks (40.2%) were the second and third most likely visible minority groups to form mixed unions.
In contrast, the two largest visible minority populations in Canada, South Asians and Chinese, had the smallest proportions of couples involving a spouse or partner from outside their group, at 13.0% and 19.4% respectively.
Size, demographic and ethnocultural composition, geographic distribution, number of generations and years spent in Canada, along with other characteristics, could all contribute to explain the variation in the mixed unions among visible minority groups.
=========================Statistics Australia=========================
For instance, whilst only six percent of Chinese males and 13 percent of Chinese females married outside their ethnic group within the first immigrant generation, 69 and 73 percent of those in the third generation did so (Khoo, Birrell and Heard 2009)
Of the 120,118 marriages recorded in 2009 about forty-two percent involved at least one partner who was not Australian born. Fifteen percent of Australian-born women, and seventeen percent of Australian-born men, married somebody who was not Australian-born. Women born in America (68%), Greece (62%) and Ireland (62%) were the most likely to marry and Australian-born man. The least likely women to marry Australian-born men were women born in India (12%), China (16%), and South and Central Asia (16%). American (63%), Lebanese (62%) and Irish-born (62%) men were the most likely to marry an Australian-born woman. Chinese (2%), 'other North Asia' (7%) and Vietnamese-born (8%) men were the least likely to marry an Australian-born women. Chinese-born men were the most likely to marry a woman from the same country (91%). Mixed Marriage…Interreligious, Interracial, Interethnic By Dr. Robert H. Schram
Marrying out: Comparing the marital and social integration of Asians in the US and Canada
Sharon M. Lee, Monica Boyd
Department of Sociology, Portland State University, Portland, OR, USA
Department of Sociology, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 3P5
Department of Sociology, University of Toronto, Canada
by SM Lee - 2007
Ethnic compositional differences in the Asian populations are expected to further contribute to lower exogamy among Asians in Canada as previous research have shown that some groups such as US Chinese and Asian Indians have lower intermarriage rates (Lee and Fernandez, 1998). Almost 80% of Canada's Asian population is of either Chinese (41%) or South Asian/Asian Indian (36%) origins (Statistics Canada, 2003).
Overall Rates
The majority of Asian couples are endogamous - about 80% of US Asian couples and 92% of Canadian Asian couples.
Fifty-two percent of US-born Asian wives are intermarried compared with 43% of husbands (comparable figures for the Canadian-born are 44% and 41%, respectively)
Percent intermarried by Asian ethnicity, nativity and gender, US 2000 and Canada 2001
Chinese All Husbands and Wives Total (US): 13.6%
Chinese All Husbands and Wives Total (CAD): 6.4%
Chinese Total Husbands (US): 10.3%
Chinese Total Wives (US): 16.8%
Difference: 6.5%
Chinese Total Husbands (CAD): 5.4%
Chinese Total Wives (CAD): 7.4%
Difference: 2%
Multivariate Results
Chinese and Asian Indians are less likely to intermarry (US)
Filipinos and Southeast Asians in Canada are also more likely to intermarry while Chinese, Koreans and South Asians are less likely.
Discussion and Conclusion
As previously noted, the Asian population in Canada is a larger proportion of Canada's population, is more concentrated geographically, and is dominated by two ethnic groups (Chinese and Asian Indians) that have lower exogamy rates than other Asian ethnic groups.
Models Explaining Exogamy- A Study of 1.5 and Second Generation Asian Immigrants in Canada
Pei Hua (Amanda) Lu, University of Saskatchewan
The results in Table 1 indicate that Chinese and East Indian immigrants show the highest percentage of endogamy among all 1.5 generation Asian immigrant groups (76.6% and 63.5%). One possible explanation may be that although Chinese parents can tolerate their children having a casual date with a Caucasian, it is still disapproved of, especially when marriage becomes a possibility (Weiss, 1970).
Both 1.5 and second generation Chinese immigrants appear to be the most unlikely group to choose exogamy in all models. Studies have found that when Chinese immigrant children are choosing a spouse, Chinese parents know that they cannot “impose their choices on their children, nor can they realistically expect to veto particular candidates put forward by their children, but they do continue to exercise the role of facilitator through their own social network” (Ikels, 1985, 258).
Openness to Interethnic Relationships for Chinese and South Asian Canadians: The Role of Canadian Identity
Richard N. Lalonde, York University
Ayse Uskul, University of Essex
A study by Lee and Boyd (2008) compared levels of endogamy for Asians in the United States and in Canada on the basis of the 2000 U.S. census and the 2001 Canadian census. Results indicated that overall rates of endogamy were about 80% for Asian American couples and 92% for Asian Canadian couples.
Whereas exogamy was quite high for the Japanese (41% in the United States and 49% in Canada, it was much lower for individuals of Chinese (14% in United States and 6% in Canada) and South Asian (9% in the United States and 5% in Canada) ancestries.
Milan and colleagues (2010) used data from the 2006 Canadian census and reported a number of statistics illustrating that the norm of endogamy is strong, at least along racial lines.
Among visible minority groups, the Japanese, particularly second-generation Canadians, were most likely to intermarry. Chinese and South Asians, the two largest visible minority groups in Canada, had the lowest proportions of exogamy, thus providing indirect evidence for a propinquity effect; given the geographic concentration of large numbers of Chinese and South Asian immigrant families in urban centres, they would have ample opportunities to meet a prospective partner from their respective ethnic groups.
Chinese Canadians who had spent more of their lives in Canada, therefore, were more likely to be open to the norms of that society, but they still maintained stable levels of identification with their heritage culture (see Cheung, Chudek, and Heine 2011).
HOOKED ON RACE: An Investigation of the Racialized Hookup Experiences of White, Asian, and Black College Women
A Thesis Presented to the Department of Sociology In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honors
By Nicole Chen
University of Michigan
April 2014
Group Size and Social Interaction: a Canada-US Comparison of Interracial Marriage
For Asians, in both the Canadian and US samples, we identify 7 subgroups based on self- reports to the census question on race: (1) Chinese, (2) Japanese, (3) Filipino, (4) Korean, (5) South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, etc.), (6) other Asian (mostly Southeast Asians and individuals who reported multiple Asian groupings); and (7) Asian-white mixed race.
Chinese and South Asians account for nearly two-thirds of the Asian population in Canada, but just one-quarter in the US.
Table 5 replicates Table 4 for Asians. As in Table 4, we do not find a cross-country difference in the prevalence of interracial union for Asians when cross-country differences in individual- and community-level factors are taken into account. There are large differences among subgroups of Asians. More precisely, Japanese, Filipino, and Koreans have higher rates of interracial union with whites than Chinese (the reference group in the model).
By the Numbers: Dating, Marriage, and Race in Asian America
Studies show that APAs have high “outmarriage” rates. But as always, there’s more to the story than just the headline.
Nov 19, 2012
Percentages of the Six Largest Asian Ethnic Groups who are Married to . . .
Chinese Americans:
Husbands - Chinese 77.6% Other Asians 13.0%
Wives - Chinese 72.9% Other Asians 11.9%
Filipino Americans:
Husbands - Filipinos 75.6% Other Asians 9.4%
Wives - Filipinos 55.6% Other Asians 6.9%
Korean Americans:
Husbands - Koreans 86.4% Other Asians 9.2%
Wives - Koreans 62.6% Other Asians 6.7%
Love Sees No Color? Chinese American Intermarriage
Jul 10, 2014
Editor’s Note: The following is a question and answer between reporter Karen Ye and Dr. Larry Hajime Shinagawa, Executive Director of New World Research Institute, a non-profit think tank focusing on research on new immigrants to the United States. Among his research areas are intermarriage, multiracial identity, and Asian American culture and community. He is former director of Asian American Studies at the University of Maryland at College Park and director of the Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity and Associate Professor of the Sociology Department of Ithaca College.
Q: So what are the patterns today?
A: Very few Chinese American men intermarry, and when they do, it is in the 2nd generation and beyond, overwhelmingly with white and Asian females. Every generation of Chinese American women has a substantially greater tendency to intermarry into the white population and other Asians. Very few marry racial minority men.
Q: Doesn’t that show that Chinese Americans prefer to marry whites?
A: Not really. If we control for population size, we get the probability or “preference” to marry someone. The figures show that Chinese American men and women are significantly more willing to marry another Chinese or Asian than a white.
AsianDate Helps Members identify the Difference Between Filipina and Chinese Women
Posted on October 28, 2014
AsianDate, the popular online dating service that helps single men from across the globe connect with beautiful and enchanting Asian women, has shared some fascinating facts about Filipina and Chinese women. The portal highlights the key differences between women from these two Asian countries so that single men trying to woo them online know what to expect.
“Apart from the different languages they speak, Filipino and Chinese women are poles apart in many other aspects,” says the Chief Communications Officer for AsianDate, Lawrence Cervantes. “Filipina women are comfortable with the idea of dating online and looking for a potential partner on the internet. Chinese women are more cautious when it comes to dating online and getting acquainted with men from the West.”
Chinese-Americans Find Love on Specialty Dating Site
Dec 18 2014
Founded in 2010, and modeled after JDate, a dating site for Jewish Singles, 2RedBeans is an online dating site for the Chinese diaspora or "Overseas Chinese." It boasts almost 500,000 members, of whom 70 percent use simplified/traditional Chinese as their default site language, 30 percent were born in North America, and only 2 percent are non-Asian. It also has an algorithm that weeds out "Asianphiles" and accounts for Chinese cultural values such as date of immigration and highest level of education.
Zhao came to the United States from China for graduate school in Electrical Engineering at the University of California San Diego. Despite a large social circle, she and her friends found it difficult to meet compatible men because of language and cultural barriers. Mainstream dating sites, she says, didn't work.
"Although these sites do provide a large pool of candidates, many of them are not of similar background, since most Chinese are not on these sites," said Zhao. "In the US, 85% of ethnic Chinese still marry other Chinese, but there is no good platform to connect this group of people."
The Chinese Question: Ethnicity, Nation, and Region in and beyond the Philippines
Caroline S. Hau
For instance, many Chinese elite families still practice endogamy (p. 259), thereby maintaining the boundaries between the Chinese and the Filipinos.
Amazon's Book of the Year 2014: Literary thriller US loves
Published 07/12/2014
Lydia herself has always been defined by difference. Born to an all-American mother and a Chinese-American father, she and her siblings, Nath and Hannah, are the only 'Orientals' in their entire school. This may not be all that surprising in 1977 suburban Ohio; however what does surprise is the extent of the prejudice this interracial family experiences on a daily basis.
For 60 years, America officially excluded Chinese people
Mark Roth Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 12:00 AM, Nov 28, 2014
The Chinese Exclusion Act, as it came to be known, was passed by Congress in 1882 and was not lifted until 1943, when politicians acted partly out of embarrassment over the fact that China was a U.S. ally in World War II.
In the 1920s, Yee said, it was common for Chinese families to send one son abroad to earn money to send back to China, and her father took on that role. Fung, who had grown up in Guangdong, catered to what Americans thought of as Chinese food in those years, mostly chop suey and chow mein. Only later did he add Cantonese dishes, egg rolls and other menu items.
One of his first hires was a waitress, Lorraine Kristoff, whose family was from Hungary, and “she said she knew two weeks after she met him that she was going to marry him,” Yee said.
White Parents, Becoming a Little Less White
By Jack Cheng April 15, 2015 11:41 am
A few years ago, in fact, my wife casually mentioned that she doesn’t consider herself 100 percent white any more. She has blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin, and as far back as anyone can remember, all of her ancestors have been Irish.
She was white when we were married. I know that because I’m Chinese and that made us an interracial couple. My wife jokes (I think she’s joking) that she married me in part because my increased melanin would protect her children from skin cancer.
Our children are proud to be Irish-American-Chinese-Canadian but most people just see their faces as Chinese. I’ve read about a number of studies that explain how human beings tend to internalize external reactions to their appearance. This is the reason racism can incur negative self-assessments among minorities.
Rich Chinese Men are Touring Russia to Find White-Skinned, Blue-Eyed Wives
Recently, five Chinese bachelors attended a meet-up in Novosibirsk, Russia’s third-largest city. The session was arranged by Elena Suvorova, head of a marriage agency called OSD Center. The bachelors, aged 25 to 46, came all the way from Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen. “All the girls who we invited are under 35-years-old. Initially, the men want to see brides with white skin and blue eyes. Funnily enough though, last year the girls who got into a relationship were brunettes with brown eyes.” Suvorova praised Chinese men for respecting women: “Chinese men treat women with respect. It is important for them that the woman is moderate, natural, calm, smiling, and not competing with the man.”
Middle-class Chinese men head to Russia and other Eastern European countries to find Westernized wives with local appeal
According to Yuan's observation, most of the Chinese men who go to Eastern European countries to find wives tend to be affluent and more familiar with the Western culture, lifestyle and value system. Yuan and his friends are an example of the current trend in China in which a growing number of Chinese men are marrying women from Eastern European countries. Earlier this year, a group of eight wealthy Chinese bachelors aged from 25 to 46 went to Khabarovsk in Russia for a group blind date with Russian girls. The date was organized by a local dating agency, and five of them found a match, according to a Daily Mail October 11 report.
When asked which ethnicities they would be willing to marry, more than 95 percent of both male and female Chinese students said they would be willing to marry fellow Chinese. Americans of European decent were the second most popular, with 45 percent of Chinese males and 43 percent of females willing to marry them. These numbers were 8 and 3 percent respectively regarding African Americans — the least popular potential marriage partners among those surveyed.
Those who have a partner, over 90% their partner is Chinese.
Those who are single, 96.3% would like to marry Chinese.
only females had spouses with Korean/Japanese or 100%. From the other chart though, Korean/Japanese make up 1.1% of those 371 in relationships. So the "100%" is basically referring to 4 people.
Another observation. the Pg. 17 table shows males around 10% higher for Chinese spouses that basically matches
Uganda is worried about the number of Chinese men marrying their women
Contractors, petty traders, investors, and entrepreneurs from China have been pouring into Uganda for the past decade. China is a top investor in the east African country, accounting for as much as half of total foreign investment between 2014 and 2015, according to the Uganda Investment Authority. But according to Ugandan immigration officials, there’s one major downside: an increasing number of Chinese men are marrying Ugandan women to gain residency and continue their business interests in the country.
Chinese student's willingness to marry a person from various racial/ethnic groups (survey)
Those who have a partner, over 90% their partner is Chinese.
Those who are single, 96.3% would like to marry Chinese.
More female students who study abroad are returning to China: largely because of the difficulty in finding a suitable marriage partner
Statistics show that 59.16 percent of female overseas returnees come home after finishing their studies, surpassing the number of their male counterparts.
The reason is mainly because it is relatively difficult to find a marriage partner in a foreign country.
China’s improved international image and more Chinese immigrants in the US create a trend of American-born Chinese marrying within their race
More ABCs are beginning to choose Chinese or people of Chinese origin as their ideal romantic partners because of their common language and cultural advantages. Experts say that an improved international image of China and more Chinese immigrants in the US are responsible for the trend.
Why did 300 Chinese fathers vanish from Liverpool in 1946 after wartime service in British merchant navy?
Kept secret by the British government, the disappearance of sailors who’d braved German U-boats through the second world war left many Eurasian children to grow up not knowing what happened to their dads. During the 1940s, about 20,000 experienced mariners were recruited in Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong to supplement the British merchant fleet and undertake hazardous convoy duties in the waters of the North Atlantic, infested with German submarines, and beyond. Liverpool was the de facto headquarters of this Chinese merchant navy. Many of the men, like Foley’s father, a marine engineer, met and fell in love with local women and settled in the city.
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2015.10.09 14:11 Fidesphilio this a real thing?

So this morning I woke up and checked my email as I always do, and see a message congratulating me on subscribing to This confused me because A. I didn't and B. I've never heard of the site or the company before, much less used them.
What really makes me think it might be a scam is 1. the invoice----which came with a tracking number and everything---didn't include any other account details nor explanation of what my $2.99 was supposedly paying for, 2. The company Xsolla is apparently stationed in Italy, and I know for a fact that my bank will refuse overseas transactions, 3. A quick check of my online statements reveals they haven't actually taken any money, and 4. the subscription email claims my account will be charged again on 8/11/2015-----in other words, August 11th of this year. The brighter among you may realize that since it's October, that deadline has passed. That bit is what's really got me thinking it's a scam. The question is, what can I do about it?
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2015.04.12 23:43 McNultysBarTab [INAN] Service connecting Western men w/women in Thailand/Vietnam/Philippines. Higher level of service than free for all sites (like but not full-blown matchmaking. Curated list, background checks, etc.

As the title says, I need a name for a company that will sit in between free-for-all dating websites like and the very expensive matchmaking services that are quite high-touch and review each match individually. Our primary target is Western men from 35-65 and Asian women who are interested in dating older men. We plan to launch in Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.
This isn't a sugar-daddy thing, and one of our founders has experience with this directly. He and his fiancé are the primary founders and advisors. We will conduct identity verification on all members and will keep a 2:1 ratio of women to men in order to provide a strong pool of potential candidates for our paying customers. The men will pay and accounts will be free for women.
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2015.02.12 23:35 keithbro My father is planning to cheat on my mother. Advice desperately needed.

Hi everyone,
This all started about a month ago. My father is a semi retired movie producer who has been working from home for the last 5 years. Before this time period, the farthest he every travelled for business was one state away. Out of nowhere, my father announced to our entire family that he is traveling to China to film a movie. When my mom and I asked him for the details, he wouldn't tell us who he was meeting with, how long he'd be gone, or really any important details about where and when he was going to do this. The whole idea seemed really half baked, and I had a feeling something else was going on.
About a week ago, my mom lost her patience with my dad's lack of a real plan and demanded to know who my father was meeting with. He disappeared into the other room to retrieve the information from "an email". Lucky for me, my dad is extremely careless and left his computer on without navigating away from the screen he was on. He didn't check his email. He literally googled "Chinese film producer", clicked the first link that showed up, and picked that name to tell my mom. That's when I noticed he had other tabs open. He is enrolled on "", and is talking to DOZENS of Chinese women, and at least one has agreed to meet with him in Beijing. He hasn't finalized his flight plans yet, but it seems to me that he's literally going to just sleep with as many women as he can and then come back home. My father and I already have a pretty strained relationship, but this has removed any last shred of respect I had for the man.
I need help on how to proceed from here... I'm extremely distressed and it's getting in the way of my work.
Also, I think it's important to note that my mother saw that he was on this dating site at some point, was angry and made some angry comments towards him and never spoke of it again.
What do I do?
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